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WeChat vs WhatsApp: A close comparison - Underspy Phone Spy App
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WeChat vs WhatsApp: A close comparison

WeChat vs WhatsApp
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WeChat is a social media software. It is a Chinese messaging app. It is one of the most powerful apps. It was released in 2011. WeChat provides text messaging, voice messaging, video conferencing. It also has video games and location sharing. WeChat has over 889 million users. WeChat supports different messaging methods. These are text message,  walkies talkie and stickers. Users can send saved or live pictures and videos. WhatsApp is an instant messaging app too. The application can send voice calls, text messages, video calls, images and other documents. In this article, I am going to explain WeChat vs WhatsApp features and compare similarities and differences.

What is the similarity between WhatsApp and WeChat?

Both of them use messaging. Another similarity is their simple interface.

What are the differences between WhatsApp and WeChat?

WeChat connects to everything. The different things you can do with WeChat include: reading news, playing games, booking a taxi and ordering food delivery.

WhatsApp has 1.3 billion users  in Europe, North and South America whereas WeChat has 963 million users in China.

WeChat has group messaging. WeChat users can add up to 40 users in each  chat.Furthermore,users can link WeChat to their Facebook account.

WeChat supports a complete video call function but media sharing is limited in WhatsApp.

Another WeChat vs WhatsApp feature is the way users locate folks.  WhatsApp users must understand the handle they enter but WeChat users can search people more easily.

WhatsApp has no gimmicks but WeChat users can use pictures and transfer them into emoticons.

Wechat vs WhatsApp: Other differences

WeChat has a net program which is the best aspect of the program. WhatsApp does not have this option.

WeChat requires no annual subscription while WhatsApp needs subscription after the first year. The subscription fee charged is $0.99 each year.

WhatsApp is less secure as compared to its counterpart. WeChat users need to send requests to their friends but WhatsApp does not offer this secured feature. Instead, the app user can send a message to other friends in his contact list.They do not need any approval.

Is WhatsApp better than We Chat?

WhatsApp is still number 1 in the world in terms of users while WeChat is the number 1 in china.

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