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Viber features and tips for having a nice Viber experience
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Viber features and tips for having a nice Viber experience

viber features
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As located in the category of applications with the best call quality, Viber now is becoming more popular across the world. with Viber’s new update, update 4.0, which looked quite stunning, many new features has been added and several bugs were fixed, however we could see some other bugs added to the new update. for having a better experience on Viber, there are some hidden Viber features and tips that allows you be connected to your contacts more than ever. in this post, we want to explore these Viber features and tips that helps you a lot with being more connected to your contacts.

Whats are these Viber features and tips?

Use Viber on two different devices

One of the coolest Viber features on Viber update 4.0, is that you can use this social application on two devices. for example, you can run Viber on PC, mobile or Tablet. to install Viber on two devices, download the app and install it on the second device, and then an activation code for your primary device will be sent. enter the code and enjoy having Viber on two devices.

Enjoy free stickers

Stickers are something common for all social apps, but only the type and variety of those differ. in Viber’s update 4.0, you can have thousands of free stickers from sticker market and enjoy using them.

Use push-to-talk option for faster instant messaging

In many other social applications, recording a 20 second voice message will take you about 1 or 2 minutes to send. but this is not the same thing with Viber. sending a voice message on Viber platform, is more like using a Walkie-Talkie and it’s a lot easier.

To use push-to-talk feature, tap on microphone icon on the right side in any conversation, then press the big button to start recording your voice. by the way, you have a recording time limit which is up to 30 seconds.

Customize conversations

Another great feature of Viber is that you can change your conversation room background. if you become tired of your old, ugly chat background you change through the following method: settings > default background and here you can select any of thousands of backgrounds you like to set.

How about Viber’s safety?

It is true that Viber have secret chat function and it has some other security options with itself, but still, it is not considered as a safe social media for you, specially for your children. so for the sake of your child’s safety and security on Viber, you can download Underspy hacking tool to provide a secure environment for your kids on these social networks. use this tool, to monitor Viber profile of your kids and track them moment by moment online.

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