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Practical secrets for using BBM and its tips you definitely need to know
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Practical secrets for using BBM and its tips you definitely need to know

using BBM
Practical secrets for using BBM and its tips you definitely need to know
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Blackberry Messanger which is known as BBM,is an Internet-based messsanger and videotelephony application that allows messaging and voice calls between BlackBerry, iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile users.Using BBM is simple.In this article I am going to provide some useful information for it.

Using BBM was first in 2005.Exchanging messages is possible to a person or via discussion or chat groups.In addition to text-based messages, usingBBMhas  also allowed users to send pictures,audio recordings,files and stickers.

UsingBBM was very popular in 2000 before losing out to its rivals like WhatsApp.

 12 Main Features of Using  BBM are as follows:

  1. It can send and receive messages with unlimited length.
  2. It can share photos,videos and more with multiple contacts at once.
  3. BBM users can create,like and or comment BBM chanels.
  4. Groups can have upto 250 contacts.
  5. Users can send files such as documents, photos, music, videos up to 16MB.
  6. Users are able to share location.
  7. It provides free calls for users over Wi-Fi.
  8. It sends messages with time viewing limit.
  9. It adds contacts by scanning QR codes,using NFC technology or sharing PINS.
  10. Users can choose a personal BBM icture and status.
  11. Usres can send some free stickers.
  12. It has fully encrypted messages.

Using BBM for Android

Runnig with BBM device is easy.Here is some useful steps to get started:

  • First you will need an Android device to install BBM.
  • Go to the Google Play Storeand download BBM for free.
  • Once installed, tap on the icon to start the BBM service.

Adding contacts

  • Tap the overflow icon (3 dots)
  • Tap Invite to BBM
  • Choose the method by which to invite a contact
  • Enter any info as needed.
  • When the contact accepts your request they will be added to your contact list

Sending Messages

  • To start a new chat, tap the BBM icon in the top right corner (the one with the + sign)
  • Search for or choose a contact from the list
  • Tap the contact, enter your message and choose Send

Multiperson Chat

  • To start a multiperson chat with more than one contact, tap the overflow icon (3 dots) then tap Start Multiprson Chat
  • Enter the contacts to which you want to send your message
  • Enter you message and tap Send


  • To access the settings menu, tap the overflow icon (3 dots) then choose Settings
  • Here you can change things such as notification tone, contact list layout, update options, chat history and more


  • To create a group, tap the Groups icon on the bottom of the screen
  • Tap the overflow icon (3 dots) then choose Create New Group
  • Enter a group name, photo and description
  • After your group is created, tap the group icon to open it. From here use the overflow menu (3 dots) to change settings, invite contacts, add photos, add lists, add events and more.

Quick Tips

Here are half a dozen BBM best practices to help ensure that you get the most of your BBMusing experience while avoiding any potential trouble.


Add New Contacts Sparingly

BBM users add new contacts in a few ways: 1) You can share your unique PIN with others and have them invite you, or vice-versa; 2) you can add new contacts by sharing e-mail addresses associated with your BlackBerry smartphone; and 3) you can “scan” other BBM users’ unique PIN-barcodes with your BlackBerry’s camera–assuming you’re using the latest BBM version (5.0).

Iam onlyusing BBMto connect with colleagues, family and friends who I want to be able to communicate with instantly, at any time. And when I connect with someone on BBM, I mostly expect him or her to respond to my message as quickly as possible. And I know most of them expect the same in return.

So, to the point: Do NOT share your BlackBerry PIN or barcode with just anyone; Do NOT post your PIN or barcode on your public Twitter account or any other social network; Do NOT include your BlackBerry PIN or barcode in your fixed e-mail signature.

Backup BBM Contacts Regularly

As with any computer or handheld, it’s a very good idea to backup your BBM–and your entire BlackBerry–regularly. If your smartphone is associated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), your device and BBM data may automatically backup to your organization’s servers.

To backup your BBM contacts manually, open BBM and hit your BlackBerry Menu key, located directly to the left of your “trackball/trackpad.” Scroll down to the Contact List section and open the box next to “Save a copy of your contact list.” Next, choose whether you want to backup your contacts locally (on a memory card) or remotely to RIM’s BBM servers. (Note: You’ll need to associate your BBM account with an email address to access the remote-contact-backup feature.)

Accept File Transfers from Only Trusted Contacts

If you follow the advice stated in the first section, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern, since all, or most, of your contacts should be “trusted.” But if you already have many BBM associates who you don’t really know, or by chance, you choose to pay no attention to my initial suggestion–shame, shame!–you’ll want to be cautious of the files that you accept by using BBM.

Additional Privacy and Security Safeguards

BBM offers a number of additional privacy- and security-oriented features that you might find worthwhile. For example, you can choose to enable a security question on BBM invites, for an added layer of protection when adding new contacts. To do so, launch BBM, open your Options via the BlackBerry Menu key and ensure the “Display security question on invitation” option is checked.

On the same screen, you may want to “uncheck” the “Auto-accept voice notes” option, to avoid unknowingly downloading potentially offensive or harmful audio files.

And you can keep your location and current time-zone information private by opening up your BBM profile and ensuring the “Show my location/time-zone information” box is empty, as well. Open your profile by launching the app and clicking on the bar atop your display–the bar with your avatar image, if you’re using one.

Avoid Using BBM Broadcast Messages…Please

UsingBBM 5.0 lets you send the equivalent of an e-mail blast to all of your BlackBerry Messenger contacts thanks to the “Broadcast Message” feature. You simply open the app, hit your BlackBerry Menu key to show the options menu and choose “Broadcast Message.”

In theory, this sounds like a novel idea. But in reality, it proves to be incredibly annoying and obtrusive, mostly because some folks tend to overuse the feature.

Like BBM Groups, I won’t tell you to never use BBM Broadcast Messages…but you probably shouldn’t. Okay, okay, it’s acceptable every once and a while, but please do so with some restraint. I know I’m not the only one who cringes when I see that purple Broadcast-Message-text in BBM….

How to Monitor and Spy on BBM Messages

Are you a parent that wants to know who your children are talking to, where they are hanging out, and what they are saying on their BlackBerry device? Are you a business owner that needs to ensure your employees are not harassing co-workers, reveal confidential information, or wasting time on their phone? With a variety of monitoring and tracking services, you can see exactly what your children or employees are doing on their BlackBerry or saying through BlackBerry Messenger.

One of the best services is monitoring apps like Underspy app which is a perfect tool  to spy on BBM who want to keep their children safe and business owners that need to protect their employees and brand.

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