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Why using Viber messenger instead of Whatsapp?
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Why using Viber messenger instead of Whatsapp?

viber messenger
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A conventional thing about communication was that you could SMS or call someone you need to talk to, which was of a charge. but nowadays Whatsapp is becoming a substitute for such traditional methods which is free of charge. But right now, Viber messenger, is becoming a real rival for Whastapp. in terms of number of users, Viber has the lower hand. Whatsapp users are about 1.2 billion users world wide while Viber messenger has over 800 million users. but this can’t be a factor for you to choose Whatsapp instead of Viber. Maybe in the rest of this post you will be persuaded enough to not to choose Whatsapp messenger instead of Viber.

Use Viber messenger intead of Whatsapp. Why?

Voip features

As we all know, both Whatsapp and Viber have the free call feature and that is great. but, by Whatsapp, can you call someone who is not using Whatsapp messenger? definitely not. However this is not something true for Viber messenger. Viber has a capability called Viber out which allows you to call someone across the globe with a real low payment. you only need to charge your Viber account call fee with a credit card or paypal. even in compare with Skype, Viber messenger is a real substitute option for making international calls.

Desktop version

Of course both messengers, supports Mac and Windows and you can chat or send emojies and stickers. but can you make a voice call on Whatsapp desktop version too? this is an issue which Viber only supports it. by desktop version of Viber messenger you can conveniently make voice and video calls to your contacts. Viber has also Linux version.

Hide your chats

Viber messenger is making it too easy to hide your chats from someone who you don’t want to see. to do this, you only need to tap on the name of the contact you are chatting with. then click on chat info and at last, hide this chat. in this step Viber asks you to set a password so that only you will have the access to the chats.

Public accounts and chats

An interesting issue about Viber messenger is that it hosts public accounts. you can access this option via the public button at the bottom of the app. one thing you should know about this feature is that you can’t have an interaction with public accounts. the only interaction that you have with them, is to like their posts. there are several accounts which allows you to send private messages.

In-app Gaming

This is an option suitable for smartphone gaming fans. it’s a little thing but still something which Whatsapp doesn’t have. inside Viber, you can find a list of games that allow you to play with your contacts. you can play these games even if you are not a Viber user.

Maybe these features of Viber messenger, convinced you enough to use Viber messenger instead of Whatsapp. as you read the benefits of Viber, perhaps it is time for you to switch to Viber and leave Whatsapp. However, this may not true for everyone.

What about the security?

Although Viber and whatsapp have end-to-end encryption feature, but news broke out that cyber hackers, have hacked Whatsapp and spied on Whatsapp users personal data. however, hackers could not spy on Viber this much easy. this is another pro of Viber messenger that can make its users convenient to use Viber with a high security.

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