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How to use Viber desktop application - Underspy Phone Spy App
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How to use Viber desktop application

viber desktop
How to use Viber desktop application
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Viber social messenger is an application that always was in hurry to become the best. it can be considered as an app which connects thousands of people together from around the world and make it easy to message or start a video call for users. with over 950 million registered users world wide, Viber has been and is doing several interesting things to keep its users satisfied. its developers, has been always trying to release updates and new features of the app which can make the app great for user experience. as an example. one of these fantastic options, is Viber desktop application. that is new for Viber, however other messaging apps and social applications. let their users to use desktop version.

This Viber new feature, allows users work with Viber even if they can’t access their android or iOS Viber on their smartphones. Whatsapp, Telegram and Signal also have provide their users with this astonishing feature, but in this post, we want to focus on how we can use Viber desktop application.

How can we use Viber desktop application?

First and for most, you should know that you have to download Viber desktop application from Viber’s official website. once you download it, open it and you will see that Viber asks you to enter your cellphone number to keep the app updated.

After a while, Viber will send you an activation code which you later have to enter it to the desktop app. once you do that, your number will be verified, then it will automatically sync all of your contacts which is available on your mobile app and it will separate your Viber contacts and your mobile phone regular contacts. you can then choose from these available contacts to start a new conversation on Viber desktop application.

On this desktop version of Viber, you can also start a video call and enjoy all its features while you are placing a video call with someone.

Viber desktop application also provides you with a keypad that makes you able to call and text Viber mobile phone contacts.

How would it be like to use Viber desktop application?

Viber is an application that allows you to connect to anyone in the world, whether through video calling or text messaging. for its video calling feature, Viber can be a suitable substitute for Skype video communication app. generally speaking, it can be a nice choice for just anybody who has an android or iOS phone or even a computer.

How the security is like on Viber?

As Viber is of those applications which has the end-to-end encryption option, most people trust to use the app, but no one can forget that the app was a target for hackers sometimes before, specially kids Viber account. if you are among those parents who really care for their child’s safety on this social messenger, you definitely need to take some serious measures. one of those measure can be downloading and installing Underspy hacking tool on your smartphone. you can then use this tool to spy on Viber account of your youngsters and control them online. you can even track them online to watch what he/she is doing on this social application.

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