what is Trojan horse malware?

Trojan horse malware

Trojan horse malvare

Today with the extension of technology, there is nothing left to do manually. Paying bills, creating bank account, investing money, registering for institutions or university. booking hotels and …. , all of them are going to be done by the great and vast technology. Something that is important to care is the hackers. We all know hackers as some people who hack the passwords of social apps. In this article, we get you know with the a professional Trojan horse malware which enters your system hidden and won’t let you know until a big or small disaster depends on what you do will happen.

History of Trojan horse

During the war between Greeks and Trojans, the Greeks pretended to leave the land of Trojan and sailed away. In fact, they made a wooden horse and hided the forces in that. They sent the horse as a sign of triumph to Athena, the god of war. Trojans entered the horse in their land and started to celebrate the victory. The Greek forces came out and opened the doors to enter the rest of the army and finish the war. This Trojan horse is known as a trick for the people. A trick which enters the privacy hidden and destroys everything.

How does Trojan work?

Trojan is like a virus which enters your system very professionally. This virus is not something to create by ordinary hackers which anyone can remove the virus easily. The social engineering make these virus in an innocent form of an attached link or a free file to download. When the users visit any website, they will face with some relevant links or relevant files which are to download. The only thing you need to do is press on the links. The malware (malicious software) enters your system and the hacker access all your data and also remove the antimalware software that can recognize the malicious code. After accessing to the data, Trojan may delete itself from the system or continue to be active.

The sorts of Trojan

There are some kinds of Trojan which are created for different usage. Once the hackers pierce the victim system, use different Trojans to receive different data.


One of the common Trojan is the “remote access Trojan” (RAT). As long as this Trojan enters the system, the attackers have a complete access to device where ever you go. This Trojan mostly is a result of changing and creating components.

Tiny banker

Another one which can be dangerous is “Tiny banker” that allows the attacker to steal the financial information.

Fake AV

The third sort of Trojan is the “Fake AV Trojan” which hide itself in the official looking links and alert you about the virus. They want you to click on the link to enter more malicious codes.

Magic lantern

The forth one is “magic lantern”. This virus can access all the keyboard stroke. It means that whatever you type like the important passwords and even the personal letters and so on is completely visible for the attacker. This equipment was made by the FBI.


Zeus is the financial Trojan that allows the hacker to make his own Trojan horse. By using this Trojan, attacker has accessible to the bank services.  This is still the most dangerous virus of the banks in all over the world.

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