Text Message Monitoring – Why and How

Text message monitoring

Text message monitoring

Nowadays there are many options to communicate with others, some of this options are common and some are extincted, but text message (SMS) is the oldest and most common way to communicate with. Text Message Monitoring

So if you want to monitor your kids activities, you should consider to monitor text messages too.

Underspy – Best way to monitor text messages

By using Underspy app you can monitor your kids smartphone or tablet text messages easily!

After installing Underspy app on your kids device you have full Access on his/her text messages even if he/she deleted them.

Why you should spy on text messages ?

Teenagers may view inappropriate pictures and video, and talk to people you don’t want to or it’s bad for them just by using text messaging. When you spy on text messages, you become a proactive part of your child’s life.

How to spy on text messages ?

First of all sign up in Underspy system by using Registration link.

  1. Choose a subscription plan
  2. Download Underspy Applications
  3. Install them on your child device
  4. Sign in to your client area by Sign up link
  5. Now you can explore in data you received from your child device

Features of text message monitoring

By using Underspy app you get many Features for spy on text messages.

  • Set keywords to take screenshot from child device screen
  • Block Numbers so they cant text your kid
  • Read all incoming and outgoing text messages
  • Get the names and numbers of all text message’s received and sent
  • Get the time and date stamps of each text message
  • Archive and export all text messages in file
  • Get text messages even if they are deleted

These information are available across many platforms and anywhere so you can safely relax and watch and control your kids!

You can read more about Underspy features on Underspy.com Website.

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