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Telegram messenger has gained much popularity since it offers various types of features and options to its users. You can do a great things with those features and you can also start fun and secure conversations within the app. There are many Telegram tips that makes users able to have convenient chats and easy phone calls. But have you ever thought that how can you have secure chats within Telegram? If you haven’t, then we offer a method that helps you to lock Telegram chats.

This is a great quality that Telegram offers such a security and privacy feature, since not many social applications offers such an option to users. If you are eager with knowing how to lock Telegram chats on your phone, this is the right place for you.

A method to lock Telegram chats on your device

There were many times when you didn’t want anyone to enter to your Telegram application. You may also doesn’t want anybody to sneak into your chats within Telegram. By the method below will be able to lock your Telegram chats and prevent strangers from seeing your personal chats in Telegram.

To lock Telegram chats, first you need to go to Telegram settings then hit privacy and security and enter to passcode area. From here, enable your passcode and lock Telegram chats on your android device. Then enter a passcode which is easy to remember and hard for others to guess.

Another thing that you can do, is that you can set an auto-lock time that will automatically lock Telegram chats when you are away for a specific time. You can also set a password manually by selecting the lock icon on the homepage of the app. you lock chats through tapping on the lock icon on Telegram’s homescreen as well.

How to experience a secure chat on Telegram?

You may have noticed that if you lock Telegram chats on your device, you will have more privacy on Telegram. But have you ever thought that do your kids have privacy on Telegram? or even are they safe on Telegram? well, we answer that if you install Underspy monitoring application, you can let your children experience a safe environment on Telegram. You can download and install this hacking tool to monitor Telegram account of your kids and track them online. You are also able to prevent any online harms from your youngsters. Use this tool, as it will be a way for parents to give care to their kids when they are using Telegram social messenger.

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telegram tips

Telegram as a private and group messaging application, is nowadays doing pretty well in the world of social applications. since it was created and officially released for the public, it shined as a great star among other social apps. Telegram has always did something great for its users and release updates each month. Telegram latest update was released on November 15 which includes several great abilities that made users fascinated. there are millions of users across the globe who use this application but not all of them know tips and tricks of Telegram. if you are reading this post and you are wondering how to use these Telegram tips, you can keep up with the rest of the text to get all necessary information about these tips.

Telegram tips to become a pro user

In this post we want to show you some Telegram tips and tricks that allows you to become a Telegram professional user. let’s have a deeper look at these tips.

disable message preview

There may have been several time when someone else wanted to look at your messages and you didn’t want this to happen. by turning off message preview, you may no longer have this concern, because the messages notifications which appears on your smartphone, only includes the name of the sender and no other extra information about that message.

to enable this option, head to Settings > Notification and Sounds and turn off Message Preview.

You can hide your last seen for specific people

This option is also available on Whatsapp messenger too, but in Telegram you can hide your last seen for some people you like while in Whatsapp you can hide your last seen only for everyone. when you hide your last seen for some specific users, they can only see the approximate last seen time of yours, like last seen recently, last seen within a week or last seen within a month.

Self destructing secret chats

This option can be the only advantage of Telegram over other social applications. this provides the feature of end-to-end encryption for Telegram users which means a high security environment. this option within Telegram will remove all of your chats in the specified time.

to enable this feature, hit the three dot button in a secret chat and tap Set self-destruct timer. now, select the time after which you want the messages to destruct. once you have done this, your chats within the specified time, will be omitted.

You can lock your chats

There may be an occasion when you want to lock your chat rooms. if you want to have this privacy feature, go to Settings>Privacy and Security->Pass-code Lock and enable it. by doing so, no one will ever access your chat history on Telegram.

Telegram security measures

Telegram, as mentioned above, has the ability of end-to-end encryption which means it can provide a high security for users, however hackers could spy on Telegram user accounts sometimes before and breach into those accounts. this is a bad news but there is a remedy for this. if you want to secure your lower age users from any online harms, you can download Underspy hacking tool to control your kids on Telegram.

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In our world today, messengers has become too functional and usable for instant messaging. According to the latest gatherings, Whatsapp is one step ahead of other applications like Wechat, Telegram an Messenger because of its billions of active users around the world. In this post, we will put Telegram and Singal in a comparison and their features will be perused.

Telegram claimed that it has used standard encryption and Whatsapp also did the same. they can not be investigated for any flaws, however, Telegram encryption has been tested in a security match that didn’t show any signs of flaws. today,it is known that Telegram can not be easily hacked telegram is considered as the most secured social platform and while its clients are opensource, its encryption standard is not.

in the other way around, Signal is open about everything right from its codebase to its encryption protocols and implementation – which in essence, is the beauty of FOSS freedom.

differences of Telegram and Signal in this comparison

Telegram is a secured messenger and it will have a back up of your chat history in it’s servers for speed and security. every message of yours, is highly encrypted and secured and if you are suspicious, there is secret-chat option available which will omit all of your chats without logging your convo on their server.

Signal then again, doesn’t log your data in any way (except those locally stored) – it basically provides a secure medium through which your messages are transmitted and nothing is stored on their servers.

For that, Signal doesn’t log your data in any way (except those locally stored) – it basically provides a secure medium through which your messages are transmitted and nothing is stored on their servers. Signal’s service is completely free to use and it’s main source of income is donations of users while Telegram’s, is financially supported by it’s founder, Pavel Durov. (his source of income is from which is a social network common in some parts of Europe and Russia

In the issue of functionality, Signal isn’t as extensive as telegram, but you will get the most basic benefits of a secure platform which is being able to send your SMS/MMS sand make calls securely without a third party/ISP interfering or intercepting.

Install Signal on your smartphone and PC

In a further comparison of Signal and Telegram, Signal doesn’t have a native client for Linux or any other desktop platform for that matter but can still be used effectively via the official Chrome app (currently in beta) available on the Chrome Webstore.

First and foremost, you’d have to download the Android app from the Play Store after which you’d register with your phone number and import your SMS/MMS from the default messaging app on your device and replace Signal as the new messaging client on your smartphone (if you so please). Next proceed to download the Chrome app from the Chrome Webstore open it and follow the prompts and you should be set up and ready to go in no time.

It is a con of Signal desktop that it doesn’t support the secure call function and it will only work in sync with your Android device; iPhone owners won’t be able to enjoy this feature at this time….but they shouldn’t worry, iOS support is underway so you can check their GitHub regularly for updates.

Also, Signal on the desktop will not sync your old chat history on your smartphone before the time you had it installed on your PC and it’s recommended that you use the Chrome browser or its open source cousin Chromium. On the other hand, Vivaldi works equally well — since it based off Chromium.

In a nutshell, it can be said that we can not choose one of these applications as the best. actually, every one of them have their own pros and cons, however the number of pros and cons, may differ.

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who viewed Telegram profile

Telegram is a famous messenger which is gaining more and more popularity these days. Not only it offers many versatile and cool features, but it is very safe and secure as well. Telegram is among the most secure messaging apps by offering the secret chat feature and this is exactly why people love to use this app. Like any other instant messenger, Telegram allows you to choose a photo for your Telegram profile. But you can’t see who viewed Telegram profile . If you have the question “who viewed my Telegram profile picture” this guide will tell you if it is really possible to find out who views your Telegram profile.

Who viewed Telegram profile app

There are applications which claim they can give you the name of people who view your Telegram profile picture. Some of them even claim that they can tell their users who saves their profile picture. But is it really possible? Is there such an app capable of telling you your Telegram profile visitors?

considering the fact that the focus of Telegram is security, the existence of such an application (which actually works) is highly unlikely. Such an app should of course benefit from a security bug. But if such bug really existed, Telegram developers would definitely take actions against it.

So the conclusion is that there is no such thing as “who viewed my Telegram profile iOS” or “who viewed my Telegram profile app”. If you come across any of such apps, you should know that they are mostly scams or even some of them are designed to hack telegram account! So beware and never pay money for such apps. Also, never enter your username or your Telegram activation code in such applications.

Who checked my Telegram profile bot

As I was doing a research about the topic of this article, I came across people who claimed that there is Telegram bot which tells you who viewed Telegram profile . It starts with asking you to invite 9 people as an activation process. But remember not to be misled with such marketing tricks. There is no such bot capable of doing that. In fact, this bot forces you to invite your friends and then it shows a report based on the friends you have invited.

the bottom line is that looking and paying for a Telegram profile visitors app or bot is a total waste of time and money. If you are so interested to find out who checks your Telegram profile picture , you should definitely wait until Telegram comes up with this feature.

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It is unarguable that WhatsApp messenger is the most popular instant messaging app worldwide. But many may worry about its security. Of course, privacy is a big deal for internet users as you may be sharing much more information than you think and you may worry if WhatsApp is really as secure as you think it is. This Facebook-owned messenger uses end-to-end encryption for text messages and two-step verification for users but you can use a more secure WhatsApp alternative. In this Article I introduce a secure WhatsApp alternative for the ones who feel uncomfortable using WhatsApp messenger.

When it comes to a secure WhatsApp alternative, undoubtedly Telegram is the one. After the news of Facebook buying WhatsApp, many people chose to move to Telegram. But how and why Telegram suddenly became so popular? is it really better and more secure than WhatsApp? Should we move to Telegram? If you wish to find out the answers and you would like to find a secure WhatsApp alternative, read the following.

WhatsApp and Telegram similarities

WhatsApp and Telegram share the same basics. Phone number is used for identification in both messengers and they share the same user interface and both of the are perfect for sending text messages and files. However, there are many differences when it comes to other features. Let’s see what makes Telegram a great competitor of WhatsApp.

Telegram as a secure WhatsApp alternative

What is unique in Telegram is the “Secret Chat” feature which provides users with a super secure chat environment. When the a screenshot is taken from the chat, the user is notified. Also, you can’t forward a message from a Secret Chat. You can set a self-destruct time for messages as well.

Telegram is based on MTProto Mobile protocol and is open-source so that anyone can check its source code, API or protocols to find any security flaws. Actually, Telegram has offered $200,000 for anyone who would hack their protocol. On the other hand, WhatsApp is prone to hacks and attacks. You may also be super careful about your Telegram security code as there are ways to sneak into Telegram acoount using the security code.

WhatsApp Vs Telegram: Which one to choose

While Telegram’s user base is growing quite rapidly, WhatsApp boasts 1 million active users per month. On the other hand, Telegram features some unique experiences such as, Secret chat, Telegram bots, super groups, editing and deleting messages, etc. which are not available in WhatsApp.

in conclusion, if you are looking for a secure WhatsApp alternative with lots of super fun features and qualities, Telegram is the best option.

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