lock telegram chats

How to lock Telegram chats

Telegram messenger has gained much popularity since it offers various types of features and options to its users. You can do a great things with those features and you can also start fun and secure conversations within the app. There are many Telegram tips that makes users able to have convenient chats and easy phone…

telegram update

What’s on the newest Telegram update?

The newest Telegram update Telegram is the greatest and most functional communication application in the globe, which was officially released on 8/14/2013 by┬áPavel Durov. every week or better say, every month, the company releases some of it’s new features and options. this social application, which is more popular in countries like, Iran and Russia, and…


comparison of Telegram and Signal

In our world today, messengers has become too functional and usable for instant messaging. According to the latest gatherings, Whatsapp is one step ahead of other applications like Wechat, Telegram an Messenger because of its billions of active users around the world. In this post, we will put Telegram and Singal in a comparison and…

child phone monitoring

child phone monitoring

Nowadays every child and teenage is equipped with a cell phone and they spend most of their time playing games or chatting with their friends. The fact that children are more tech-savvy than their parents is undeniable. But should parents leave their children on their own and let them use the internet however they want?…