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Skype chat tricks

Skype tips

Skype is an application software which provides video chats and voice calls  between computers,tablets,mobile devices and smartwatches via internet and telephones. Moreover, Skype provides instant messaging services.Users can use texts and video messaging.Video conference call is another capability of Skype.Much of the service is free.Skype needs a mobile phone number for subscription.Skype allows users to communicate by a microphone, a webcam and instant messaging.Skype has over 34 million users around the world.There are some nice Skype tips and tricks.In this article, I am going to explain them to you.

Record Video Messages

Skype is awesome for video calls, audio calls and text-based messaging,but you can still do more!You can record video messages.It is useful for those times when you and your friend can not be online.Right-click on a contact and choose “Send Video Message” to start your recording.

Check the public parts of your profile

Every user has a profile.Some of the information can become” Edit profile” in the “My account page and look at the labels on the right.They show which fields are private and which are not.

Set a password on a group chat

If you don’t want any guests in your group,set a password!

Answer calls automatically

Why should you use this option?Because it is comfortable.Also,you can spy on your home when you are at work.pen up the Tools menu, choose Options and switch to the Calls tab. Under the advanced options is a setting that lets you answer calls automatically.

Other Skype tips are as follows.

Check how you look on screen

You can preview how you look on the camera.To do this, go to the Tools menu,choose options and click on the Video setting.You can click webcam setting for brightness and color levels.

Other Skype tips :add your Facebook friends

You can add updates from your Facebook friends .Choose account setting and link your Facebook profile.Also,you can start video calls with your friends.

Make calls on the web

you can install “Call plugin” for windows.After that, you can find options for calling numbers.

Transfer files over the web

Open a folder in File Explorer and drag a file into the conversation window.Pictures come at once,but you need to accept other files.

Configure your Caller ID

If you call regular mobiles from Skype and you want others to know who is calling,click on your Caller ID.

Use chat commands

You can type commands to control the program.Type “show places” to see all the devices you sign in on.

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