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Nowadays every child and teenage is equipped with a cell phone and they spend most of their time playing games or chatting with their friends. The fact that children are more tech-savvy than their parents is undeniable. But should parents leave their children on their own and let them use the internet however they want? If your answer to this question is positive, you probably aren’t aware of the dangers of the virtual world. child phone monitoring is now a must and every wise parent should do that. But how is that possible?

This article will show you some of the dangers that lies in the world of smartphones. Being aware of them will help you to protect your kids against them. also, you will learn how child phone monitoring would be possible.

Dangers of mobile phones for kids

if you have decided that your kids have the right age for having a cell phone, now you need to monitor their mobile use. Spending too much time with mobile phone can turn into internet addiction and this sort of addiction can harm them physically and mentally. Teenage depression is now becoming so widespread and it is mostly caused by misuse of smartphones.

Teenagers might also get involved in sexting by uploading inappropriate photos or videos. The consequences of uploading selfies might not be evident to teenagers. But parents must be aware and warn their kids.

In addition, your kids might become a victim of cyber bullying and this is a real danger to their mental health and safety. Being aware of such dangers will allow you to safeguard your kids against them.

How is child phone monitoring possible

You might ask yourself that how is it possible to track kids cellphone and know where they are and what they do. Well the new technology has found a solution for this problem. Kids monitoring software allow you to track calls, track messages, spy on instant messengers such as imo, Telegram, or Whatsapp, track their location, etc.

Best child phone monitoring app

One of the most professional cell phone monitoring apps is Underspy. This advanced monitoring software allows you to take full control over your target device once you install it.

You will be able to:

  • Monitor calls and text message
  • Track location
  • spy on instant messengers
  • block inappropriate websites
  • listen to their phone conversations
  • and a lot more


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how to detect spyware on your phone

Do you suspect that someone has installed a spy application on your smartphone? Has your device been behaving strangely and feel that something is going on? Do you have an overly jealous spouse who would be willing to spy on your device? If you are struggling with such issues, this guide will help you to detect spyware on your smartphone.

Why would someone use a spyware

All the spyware are not designed for malicious purposes. There are spy applications in the open market which are actually used for legitimate purposes. For example, parents may use a spy tool as a parental control application. It allows them to monitor their internet activities or block inappropriate websites for them.

Employers can also use an spyware such as a GPS tracker to monitor their employees. They can also point out inefficient employees and keep an eye on them even when they are not in the office.

While there are positive aspects to a spyware, there are always people who misuse a service. For example, doubts about loyalty among partners may become worse if they use a spyware to spy on a spouse.

How to detect spyware

detect spyware

detect spyware

The first thing you need to know about a spyware is that you need to install it directly on your target device. So if no one has physical access to your phone, the chances for existence of an spyware on your phone are eliminated. Now, if others have access to your device and know your passwords, here are the signs of a spyware:

Battery drains

One the signs of spyware on your device is higher battery consumption. You are probably well familiar with the battery usage pattern of your device. If things are getting out of pattern, it could a be sign of a spyware.

Random reboots and shut downs

If your device is updated and there are no applications on your device which are misbehaving but it keeps rebooting for no reason, then your phone must be virus or spyware infected.

Strange behavior

Most of the spyware run in the background and they may cause some out of ordinary behavior on your smartphone. Here are some of them which helps you to detect spyware

  • Your phone crashes often
  • Your phones sends and receives strange text messages, usually some numbers
  • Unusual noise or sounds during phone calls

Higher data usage

Spyware use internet connection to send information from the target device. So the best way to detect spyware is to keep an eye on your data usage. Out of ordinary data consumption can be a sign of spyware.


If you notice any of these signs on your smartphone, the first thing is to keep calm and not panic. Sometimes smartphones behave strangely simply because of some applications on your phone. Battery drains might be because of your long gaming hours with your device. So, first try to cross out all the reasons other than a spyware. An remember! no one can spy on you without direct access to your device!

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social media monitoring

Nowadays kids have access to internet more than ever. And it is not only limited to the times they are at home. Internet access on mobile phones is now so ordinary and allow kids to carry it with them wherever they go. Concerns regarding family safety on the mobile devices have brought about social media monitoring issues. The potential dangers of social media dangers such as cyber bullying has created the urge for parents to start monitoring and spying on their kids.

Social media monitoring – yes or no

There are always ways to maximize social media safety for kids but some parents think that they are simply not enough. Parents nowadays are faced with this dilemma: Should you monitor where your kids go? Should you spy on visited websites? or, should you let let have their own privacy and find ‘good’ and ‘bad’ on their own?

If you think that your kids are gonna be alright on their own, you probably aren’t aware of the dangers that lies in social media networks. Establishing rules, talking to kids, warning them, are all good but they are not the most effective methods of prevention. Having kids, you are well aware of how curious kids are. You are also well aware of the fact that internet is borderless and full of inappropriate content.

So, if you think that social media networks need no supervision and social media monitoring is not a must, you may need to think twice

How parents can monitor their kids on social media networks

There are ways to restrict your kids’ access to internet. the problem with them is that your kids will find out that you have blocked their internet access. You may ask yourself the question that is it really possible to monitor every single activity on your kids’ mobile devices? The concept of full mobile monitoring is now not a far-fetched idea thanks to parental control applications. Parental control apps now equip parents with abilities to monitor every single activity, sent and received texts, call logs, location updates, along with social media.

What is the best parental control app?

There are a number of inexpensive parental control apps in the market that you can choose from. But you need to choose one which provides you with a collection of professional monitoring features. One the best monitoring applications is known to be Underspy. Underspy mobile features are quite unique. These unique features makes Underspy the perfect monitoring tool for parents.



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Free kids monitoring android apps

These days most families can’t take care of their children in World Wide Web! In this wide web there are many content that your kids shouldn’t follow them! In these article we are going to introduce you some free kids monitoring android apps that are worth trying!

Free kids monitoring android apps

The only solution for these families are to using Parental Control application that allows them to monitor all their kids online activities.

With these kind of apps families can monitor all their child text messages, call logs, contacts, GPS locations, etc.

Kids Place – Parental Control

Kids Place is a free parental control app.

This includes a customized home screen showcasing your trusted apps only, the ability to prevent your kid from downloading new apps as well as a time feature to specify a schedule for using the smartphone.
In addition, it’s also can block incoming calls and disable all wireless networks.

When you install and use the app for the first time, you have to first set a PIN for security purposes.

You can download Kid Place free parental control app from Google Play Store

Screen Time Parental Control

We can guess from this application name, it lets you manage how much ‘screen time’ your kids get.

Free kids monitoring android apps

Free kids monitoring android apps

But this application is just about time duration that your kids can access to their device and not other main features of a complete parental control application.

You can download Screen Time Parental Control app from Google Play Store

Underspy Parental Control application

At the end of this article we are going to introduce you very useful and professional monitoring application that makes your life easier!

It is a some kind of spy app for android devices or better to say it’s a comprehensive monitoring application that gives you following features.

and many many more!

Visit for more informations.

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