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Hike tips

About Hike

Hike messenger has nowadays become one of the most popular messaging apps in the globe. As the matter of fact, it should be noted that most of it’s users live in India. its founder Kavin Bharti Mittal, has released this exciting IM in the early 2012 which was welcomed by millions of users and this seemed promising. however, some of the rivals are stepping ahead of this famous social network. but generally, the app is becoming more usable and more useful not only in India, but around the globe. in this post we have focused on some Hike tips. further we will discuss them.

The security in this app is in a good level, specially that Hike has nowadays presented its SSL 128 bit encryption. that’s huge and awesome. but we should say that there are some issues about the youngsters Hike usage and that perhaps, it may lead into insecurity. insecurities like fraudulence or chatting with the wrong person. so parents should now shoulder the responsibility and control their children. for this cause, if you would like to monitor your kids Hike usage and hack their Hike account, we highly recommend you to use underspy hacking tool which is great assist to controlling them.

7 secret Hike tips

Now let’s take a look at these Hike tips below:

1- Hidden mode

You can chat secretly with your loved ones by hiding your chat, or if sometimes you need to hide some personal information that only visible for you but not for others anyway. In such situations this Hidden mode will be most useful. To get started with the Hidden Mode of Hike Messenger do the below steps:

– Tap on the Hike (hi) icon at the top of the chats window.

– Enter the Password Key.

– Confirm the password created in the last step by Re-entering it.

– To hide a chat, long tap (Tap and Hold) on the specific chat and select Hide Chat.

2- text messages

If Hike messenger detects that the other person is offline, then it sends a text message other than Hike’s regular message. The text message will be delivered to the mobile number that is registered to the person’s hike messenger.

3- Use Hike messenger without internet:

This can be the best of Hike tips that you must be aware of. you can use this messenger app without Internet. you can use this feature by Hike Direct. To enable hikedirect, you need to start a conversation with your friend. then choose Hike Direct from the menu on top right of the Messenger Screen. Finally, it pairs up with the other phone and will let you chat with your friends without the Internet.

4- Stickers

Send the Exciting Stickers using Hike Messenger to your Social Apps like Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, Facebook Messenger and Telegram friends. Here is the process, lets start using Sticky, you just need to Enable Stickey in Hike settings, that’s it. Now Open the Messenger app (Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger etc.), a floating Hike icon appears at top of the screen. Now tap on that ‘Stickey’ icon to start sharing Stickers. That’s it. Enjoy.

5- Make video call

Select the chat thread of a friend you want to connect with. Tap on the call button on the top right that prompts you to further select Voice or Video and start off your call.

Stories, live filters and in-app camera, are another interesting Hike tips

Recently Hike IM app, introduces its new features like live filters, stories and in-app camera.  This Messenger will now let you take photos, add Emojis and Doodles on them, Similar to Snapchat. If you posts a Story, then you can see how many of your friends are ‘Viewed’ that particular Story. Hike now gets its own in-app camera button that makes taking a photo even easier.

Coming to the Live filters, there are 12 Live Filters available. Let’s see them, Black and White Sunglasses, a Turban and a Moustache and many more. The app also has a filter that changes your face to the actor Ranveer Singh and Prime Minister, Narendra Modi ji. Hike Messenger planning to update these filters Every week.

we hope you enjoys these new Hike tips so that you can make the most of them and have exciting conversations with your friends.

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listen to cellphone conversations

Let’s say you’ve been worrying about your kid too much lately and you want to know what they are up to. How would it be if you could listen to their cellphone conversations or turn their cellphone into a microphone to listen to whatever they are doing? May be your teenager coming back home late keeps you awake all night and you may worry that what’s going on between your kid and those new friends he has been going out with lately.

Imagine you have the power to push a button and turn your kid’s cellphone silently into a microphone and be able to hear whatever that is going on in their surroundings. This would also be a perfect tool in situations where your kid needs your help.

Why would you need to listen to someone’s cellphone conversations

Your teenager might be staying out all night lately and you probably have started to worry. Being able to monitor their calls and listen to every cellphone conversations would be of great help to ensure their safety. As a wise parent, you need to make sure they are not falling into the trap of bad friends.

Your spouse might be acting weird lately and you might have been observing the signs of a cheating spouse in your relationship. By intercepting their phone calls you can find the truth about your relationship once and for all. By being able to spy on their phone, you can find out if infidelity is what your relationship is being held back by.

As an employer, you might want to find out if your employees are talking to costumers as they are supposed to. Tracking their location and listening to their phone calls will allow you to find out if they are where they are supposed to be and they are saying the things that they are expected to say.

How can you listen to cellphone conversations remotely

Thanks to spy applications, it is no longer impossible to intercept calls. Monitoring applications allow you to listen to every single phone call on your target device. The first thing that you need to do is to make a wise choice among the available applications. Then, you have to install the spy app on your target device and start the remote monitoring. Most of such applications run in hidden mode. So you don’t need to worry about your kids finding out.

Best app for intercepting calls

If you are looking for an app to bug a cellphone, here’s one that can help. Underspy is a professional monitoring tool. It provides you with top-notch monitoring features.Underspy call recorder allows you to record every incoming or outgoing call on your target device.

Call recorder is only one of Underspy cool features. Visit Underspy website to find out what else you can get from this terrific app.

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