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unsend messages

It was known that in Line application you can not unsend messages. the app didn’t have the availability of this feature, until recently which was added and came as a surprise. from now on, you can unsend messages of your Line application. however, you can only delete messages that was sent in the past 24 hours. It’s great news for those of us who’ve hastily sent the wrong giant sticker with too many hearts and end up flirting with acquaintances. Oh, that never happened to you before? Never mind. we are just saying, there are a lot of super flirty stickers in the Line sticker store.

unsend messages in other applications

Whatsapp that is owned by Facebook, has released a similar option at the end of october. it allows you to delete and unsend messages sent by mistake. However, the feature doesn’t prevent people from immediately spotting the message when you first sent it, and it will still tell the recipient that you’ve deleted something you’ve sent — so the awkward factor doesn’t entirely go away.

by this feature, it is good to say that Line app, is becoming more complete, because the new option makes it more easy for users to utilize the app and have some careful conversations with their contacts. with newer Line updates to come, you can even have a greater experience of using Line.

such issues in Line application is making this app more usable and functional. however, we must consider that some security options must be added to increase its safety too. the question arises that is it safe to use Line application? well, the answer lays in using underspy hacking tool. if you are too worried about your youngsters usage of Line app, you can simply download and install underspy hacking tool to track their Line account  and watch over their actions on these social medias.

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Tango app

Nowadays, probably, one of the most iconic and useful social applications, is Tango app. this app, has a lot of interesting features and the most eye catchy feature of that is video calling and sending voice messages. Tango is available in 14 languages including Arabic, Chinese, and Turkish. it also  caters to more than 200 million users which is forming the base of a social network among its users.

Having all these positive options and features, a question will arises which is “is Tango app safe?” for answering this question, we should consider some factors that will be discussed below.

What is the Tango app?

Users of Tango app, can make video and audio calls. they can also send and receive texts, stickers, photos, videos, and location messages. Like Instagram and Snapchat, Tango has filters, Masks, stickers, games, and avatars that can be used during video calls. you can group contacts together for group messaging. Users can also use Tango to live-stream videos. Tango app also has a social network where users share photos, videos with their followers and see updates from users they follow. in this app, To sign up, users either use their Facebook account or phone number and email address.

Parents should care!

It should be said that any application which encourages users to talk to strangers is very dangerous, especially if the app uses geo-location. furthermore, Users can contact people through their phone’s contact list or strangers who are using the Tango app nearby. adding to this, Tango encourages unhealthy screen time habits by urging users to constantly check the app. This can be detrimental for tweens and teens. There are plenty of opportunities to make in-app purchases, so your children can make the mistake of making several purchases without your knowledge.

Download underspy

What can parents do?

Parents should consider several positive methods to avoid their teenagers from any insecurities. they can  Teach their children to never share their location on social media and to use geo-location services wisely. they should Remind their children to keep all of their social media posts Light, Bright & Polite, even if the posts are private.

There is a very useful and trusted way, by which you can hack Tango account of your child  and monitor his/her actions. it’s the most powerful spying tool which if you use it, then you can provide more security for your child in these social, online spaces.

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android problem

About android problem

Android is becoming bigger and growing faster than other system platforms. However, it has some update challenges that causes users displeasure. android problem is becoming more iconic than before.

according to a new analysis which is carried out by hardware engineer Dan Luu, it is proved that android late update patch is becoming worse by time. this is the biggest android problem.

The analysis, by hardware engineer Dan Luu, uses data from Google’s developer dashboard to look at the figures for outdated Android devices between 2010 and today. He found that the proportion of devices that are the most outdated is even greater today than in 2014. Additionally, in 2014, Google had only just passed one billion active monthly users, which rose to 1.4 billion by mid-2015, and as of May 2017, that stood at two billion. And since the analysis looked at market share, that portion of devices running outdated Android — between the 80th- to 100th-percentile mark on his graph — is also now much larger in absolute terms.

As he notes, one obvious reason for the existence of more devices running older versions of Android is that some active devices are now a decade old. Presumably, these are the ones responsible for keeping Gingerbread, released in May 2010, and Ice Cream Sandwich from October 2011 still on Google’s Android version distribution chart.


But Luu’s graph also shows that uptake of new versions of Android appears to be slowing down. This phenomenon could be due to Android growth slowing, relatively fewer people upgrading to new devices, or that fewer devices are receiving updates. His graph also highlights that there are now more than a billion devices that are two years out of date.That estimate roughly matches Google’s most recent Android distribution figures, which were updated a few days ago for the week ending on Nov. 9. Two-year-old Android Lollipop and below now account for about half of all Android devices.

As Android Authority noted this week, adoption of the latest version of Android has been slowing with each new version for the past few releases. One reason is people reportedly holding on to their existing devices for longer. Meanwhile, vendors are still launching new devices with pre-Oreo Android.

Underspy hacking tool

If you care about your youngsters security on android devices, you can install underspy tool on your  device and hack your kids android device to track his/her location or watch over what they are doing on their smartphones.

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telegram update

The newest Telegram update

Telegram is the greatest and most functional communication application in the globe, which was officially released on 8/14/2013 by Pavel Durov. every week or better say, every month, the company releases some of it’s new features and options. this social application, which is more popular in countries like, Iran and Russia, and apply an end-to-end encryption to itself, just released its newest update today. this Telegram update would be great and in the next paragraphs we are going to have a look on it. Let’s see what Telegram has brought us!

What’s new on this telegram update

Telegram’s new version which just today released, is Telegram 4.5 that is consist of the following new features and options:

Grouped photos

from now onward, you can send and share your photos multiply. This is also true about videos as well. you are enabled to choose the exact order of media you send. this telegram update seems a good change since we have not seen such new option before on Telegram.

Saved messages

by this feature, you are allowed to save your favorite massages within Telegram. you can bookmark your messages by forwarding them to saved messages. from settings or chat list, you can have an access to this option.

Better search

this seems quiet good since in the older version we had a difficulty with this. in this new version you can have a faster and better search of bots and friends by typing their titles in the search bar. definitely, popular bots and channels are shown first. among all of the new features, this seems more iconic than the others.

Pinned messages

This new option was earlier available on the other unofficial Telegram’s like applications like,  Mobogram, Farsigram and so forth. but now it is available on Telegram official update. by this new option, if you are a channel admin, you can pin messages to make your channel’s members focused on an important announcement.

Apart from these new Telegram update and features, there is another option which you can use it to your own benefit, specially parents can use this. as nowadays that so many youngsters are using this fantastic application, we have provided a useful and functional spy tool, which is underspy hacking tool, that allows you to monitor your youngsters telegram account. this tool will assist you a lot to make more safety for your children.

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new updates

Let’s get to know about Skype

In the category of the best video communication social apps, Skype has a huge name. its great fame has caused only by its user’s satisfaction. it’s a new trendy application which always surprises its users by fancy and exciting updates. though, it was reported for sometimes that Skype was hacked too easily. so we should always be alert of cyber attacks and dangers. Also if you are worried about your child’s safety on Skype, you can download underspy hacking tool to spy on your kids on Skype. in this news, we will see what are Skype’s new updates

Skype’s new updates

Skype today is adding another copycat-like feature to its app: photo stickers. The company says it’s introducing new “Photo Effects” (as it’s calling these stickers), which include things like face masks, decorative borders, witty captions, and more. However, unlike the photo stickers you’ll find in other social apps today, Skype will actually suggest the stickers to use based on the photo’s content, day of the week, and other options. The new updates are based on technology Microsoft introduced earlier this year in a silly camera app called Sprinkles.

The Sprinkles app leverages Microsoft’s machine learning and A.I. capabilities to do things like detect faces in photos, determine the subject’s age and emotion, figure out your celebrity look-a-like, and suggest captions. It then lets you swipe through its suggestions – for example, various props to add to your photo, funny captions, and stickers displaying its guess about your age, among other things. Similarly, Skype will suggest its photo effects automatically with a press of a button.

To use the feature, you’ll first snap a photo then tap the magic wand icon at the top of the screen to access the photo effects. As you swipe right through the suggestions, you’ll be prompted to add things to your photo like a smart face sticker, the weather, your location, a caption that references the day (e.g. “turn that frown upside down, it’s taco Tuesday!”), face masks, a celebrity look-a-like, or even a mystery face swap.

Microsoft says these photo effects will change often – like on different days of the week or holidays, for instance. The resulting image can be shared with Skype friends in a conversation or posted to Skype’s new Highlights feature, which is the Instagram/Snapchat Stories clone introduced earlier this year. Like Stories on other platforms, Highlights are somewhat ephemeral. But instead of lasting a day, they’re available for a week. They’re also not shared with your entire Skype network – only those who have opted to follow your Highlights directly.

Highlights remains a mobile-only feature for now. When Skype’s revamped interface launched to desktop users in October, Microsoft told us Highlights was not a priority for desktop integration at this time, based on user feedback. However, the company insisted it still aims to bring Highlights to the desktop in a later release.

The addition of Photo Effects is arriving on Skype for mobile users in the latest update. Skype’s release notes list Photo Effects as “upcoming” in Android version and iOS This version began rolling out on Monday, but will gradually release to the install base over the next week.


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