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android applications

Let’s clear the fact that there are many applications and social networks which doesn’t have the end-to-end encryption option. in fact there are many android and iOS applications that can not be considered to be put in the list of secure android applications. for example, Beetalk messenger doesn’t have the end to end encryption ability, in contrast, Whatsapp have that feature and it is among the most secure applications.

Although, there are insecurities in some social applications that must be an alert to us to be thinking about a good and valuable choice. many choices to avoid this, exists, but which one to trust? Underspy hacking tool, as a reliable tool to control your children’s social application, is the best option for anybody who didn’t try this before. by using this tool, you can spy on your kids android applications to protect them from any harms on online networks.

We have provided a list of secure applications with the ability of end to end encryption below. let’s take a look.

Four top secure android applications


A billion users around the world is using this social application and its security has made it the best of applications. that’s why are examining this application first. this application security is quite good since by default, it protects all messages with end to end encryption capability. hence it prevents any illegal entries from reading chats. there is an individual security code for each user which gives you the possibility to identify other users identity. however, this feature need to activated manually. this security code, protects you from any cyber attacks on your account.


An excellent social app among the secure android applications, is Signal. this app, has been created by a security expert whose name was Moxie Marlinspik. this is a great thing for Signal users since it gives them trust to believing that Signal is in the list of secure android applications. in this android application, you can verify contacts by checking safety numbers or scanning QR codes. however, Signal can’t back up messages in cloud. in Signal you can have group chatting, voice messages, voice calls and also you can send audios, videos, emojies and stickers as well. these are the things that a normal user expect. it also features adding text and drawings on images before sending them.


Telegram now has 100 million users world wide and it is free messaging app. Durow brothers has developed this application in 2013. they are also the founders of VKontakte social network. This social android application, offers opt-in end-to-end encryption and the option that messages self-destruct after a certain time. it can be said that the security of chats and other matters withing Telegram, are pretty nice.

Facebook messenger

this application is a must-need app for Facebook social network on smartphones which if Facebook users want to see their messages on their smartphones, they have to use Facebook messenger application. this messenger, is the second most used application across the globe. This messaging app is mentioned in this list only because it started offering end-to-end encryption using the Signal Protocol last year as well.


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VK social network

VK messenger, may be a strange name to most people, but not for social application fans. it is a fact that it might be few people who have heard of this name. although, this is not true for Russian people. in contrast with several other asocial networks, VK social network, has done pretty well and it can be considered as a rival for some giant social networks like Facebook and Twitter. in this post, we will examine some of the incredible facts about VK social network.

Facts about VK social network

Rare change in VK social network web design

In fact, based on VK’s current website design, you might assume you were on Facebook a few years ago. While new Facebook updates are constantly occurring in an effort to keep up with other social media platforms such as Snapchat, VK is much more content to maintain an familiar interface design.

You can share media files on VK

Not only you are able to share photos and videos, but also third party music and videos. Naturally, this kind of free file sharing is considered to be illegal, but no significant steps have been taken against these functions at this point in time. This is part of what initially set VK apart from other sites like Facebook – at a time when Facebook was mostly focused on profile pages and status updates, VK was essentially functioning as a Facebook-Spotify hybrid.

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VK is better than Facebook, as Russian users said

It’s not just that VK is more commonly used in Russia – according to a study done at Germany’s Henrich Heine University, VK users consider it to be the superior social media platform overall! A survey conducted on people who used both VK and Facebook found that VK was considered to be more fun, easier to use, and more trustworthy overall.

Lower age users are in love with VK

As nowadays the lower age users of VK social network and also other online networks are growing in number, there must be some security measures to be taken to control these kids and teenagers on these spaces. of course there are thousands of measures and methods to monitor them, but in fact, the most reliable method, is to use Underspy hacking tool. you can utilize this tool to spy on VK account of your kids and track them online.

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VK social network, has been recently hacked

There were some security issues with the app in June of this year, when a hacker offered to sell 150 million accounts (including names, logins, plain text passwords, and phone numbers) on the dark web. It’s thought that the security breach occurred in 2012 or 2013, and it’s been hypothesized that it is related to the LinkedIn security breach reported earlier this year.

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wechat features

Wechat is in the category of some of the best online communication services that until now, it gathered hundreds of thousands of users and fans. by this messenger, you can send voice and text messages to your friends and contacts. it is available for iPhone, Android,windows phone and Symbian platform on online shops. this social application has over 600 million active users inside China and 70 million out of this country. also this application has got a lot of interesting and fantastic features that we want to take a closer look at. let’s see what are those Wechat features.

Important Wechat features you must know

Memorable moments

Imagine you took a journey across the Qanari Islands and you are eager to share your remarkable moments with your friends. you can simply do this thing by sharing your moments on Wechat story option. a good about this feature is that you can customize who can see your pictures and videos on Wechat story option. you can do this by selecting the name of contacts you want them to see your status.

Voice chat

WeChat also provides the voice chat feature,It turns your smartphone into a walkie-talkie which is brilliant .You can use that feature under the chat window by simply switch “send message” into “hold to talk.” When you finish a sentence, simply release the “hold to talk” button to send your voice chat message.

Video call

WeChat allows users to make face-to-face video calls by simply press “+” and select “video call” icon under the chat window. The process is just like dialing your contact in your cell phone’s contact book.Whereas no other social text app WhatsApp or Hike Providing yet.


Among all Wechat features, this feature is realy adorable because it allows user to chat with friends between smartphone and computers. According to the description on official website of WeChat, you can “click on the magic wand icon at upper right and select ‘Web WeChat’” to start cross-platform chatting.


The feature of customizing emoticons is one of our favorite feature in every Messaging App & it’s neccesary too.Besides a huge number of emoji collections that WeChat provides, users can also add their own emoticons by simply download from Website, or choosing you’re your own photo album.


Want to get some new friends on WeChat but don’t know where to start & how to start ??Here’s the proper guide for our lovely readers-: Shake your phone and see who are also shaking too at the moment locally and around the world. “Shake” is an interesting way to discover new users and corporate accounts by just few shake of your smartphone.

Look around

If you are a newbie in WeChat, you don’t necessarily need to use ‘Shake’ because maybe you feel uncomfortable talking to people globally. perhaps you want some local friends just like What Laddoo does.” That’s totally fine. this Wechat feature works like this that you need to first Select “Look Around” under the “Social” tab to see who are nearby, and then send your greetings by simply one click.

Social connectivity

As we all know that app created in China, it’s really cool that Tencent(Wechat’s company) has the vision to support the international social network giant – Facebook/Twitter. WeChat also integrates the biggest social network in China – QQ.

What about Wechat security

Aside from Wechat features, the security of this application is important too. according to what the developers has said, texts within this social application, are encrypted and you can have a safe conversation. however, you should always be on alert, because hackers are waiting for your want to experience a safe and secure environment on this online media, or if you are worried about your children security on Wechat, you can simply download Underspy hacking tool to make your account safe or spy on Wechat account of your children.

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Instagram videos

Some Instagram problems

Instagram has become a popular social application since it released its astonishing new update. however, no problem is not a good phrase to using about this social media. of course some there are  several main problems with this app. one of them is the low security. as the news of Selena Gomez Instagram account hacking was broke out, the trust toward this famous application, has been lost. so with this low safety, we recommend you to download Underspy hacking tool to provide ,more security for your kids and lower age users. use this tool to spy on Instagram account of your youngsters and track them online. although, we mostly focus on Instagram videos saving problem in this post.

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Another obvious problem of this application, is that you can’t save videos on your device internal memory. this is a bad issue since your favorite Instagram videos can not be saved on your smartphone. in this post, we have provided a method by which you can save your favorite videos on your device.

How save Instagram videos

To download Instagram videos, go to your phone’s file manager and then go to Data > > Cache > Videos. After that you just need to change the extension of one of the files to MP4 and then you will have videos on your phone.

Also there are some third party applications that you can save Instagram videos through them. applications like video downloader for Instagram. This is great as you can download or repost videos from Instagram with a single push of a button. The content is then added to your phone’s gallery app so you can watch the videos you want at any time.

Also PostGraber is a great application if you want to save time and download all pictures and videos that are related with a single Instagram post. Most third party tools are able to obtain one piece of content per post; but with PostGraber you can download ALL the photos and videos from a single post (such as a gallery of videos posted on Instagram).

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whatsapp safety

Whatsapp is one of the fastest instant messaging apps which nowadays, has gained a considerable fame. secured texting, video calling, voice calling all and all are just few options of this instant messaging application. as there are some tips to improve security in several social applications, whatsapp safety is no exception. in fact, if you want to increase your Whastapp safety, you should take some necessary steps to keep your whatsapp account safe. below, there is a list of five crucial tips to improve your Whatsapp safety. let’s see what they are.

Whatsapp safety tips

Check encryption for sensitive conversations

Even though WhatsApp encrypts all chats by default, sometimes you want to double-check. It’s good practice to do that while sharing sensitive information like a credit card number with a trusted contact. To verify the encryption, start a conversation with that contact. In the chat window, tap the contact’s name, and then tap Encryption. a 40 digit pattern will show up which is security code. You can verify this code manually by comparing the digits, asking the contact to scan that QR code, or scanning your contact’s code with the “Scan Code” button.

Turn on security notifications

When a new phone or laptop accesses an existing chat, a new security code is generated for both phones. And WhatsApp can send a notification when the security code changes. This way, you can check the encryption with your friend over a different messenger, ensuring its security. o turn on security notifications, go to WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Security > Show security notifications and flip the toggle to green, as pictured above.

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Enable two-step verification

If a service supports it, you should be using two factor authentication (2FA). This adds a periodic passcode to WhatsApp, and also ensures your data isn’t accessed by someone else. To activate 2FA, go to Menu > Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable. Follow the steps to create a six-digit PIN code that you can easily remember. Importantly, add your email address to retrieve that code in case you forget it. The periodic checks for the passcode are randomized, so it’s not exactly the same as password-locking your chat. But that’s not 2FA’s purpose anyway. The purpose is to stop someone else from accessing your WhatsApp account without your consent.

Disable cloud backups

The end-to-end encryption is awesome, but there’s one loophole: WhatsApp backs up chats to Google Drive or iCloud. That way, if you reinstall it later, you can retrieve your old messages. But this backup isn’t encrypted. So if you really care about your privacy, then that’s something you need to disable. Remember, storing your data with Apple and Google might not protect you against eavesdropping by governments.

Protect your privacy on Whatsapp

WhatsApp isn’t the most private messenger out there, but it gives users at least some control. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy to see everything at your disposal. You can control who can see your Last Seen, profile photo, about, status, and live location. You can also turn off Read Receipts here, so the blue check marks are switched off.

Underspy hacking tool, an enhanced security method

Most of people in today’s world, worrying if their wives are cheating on them. they also may worried if if aren’t in a safe online area. so we recommend you to use Underspy hacking tool to spy on your cheating wives on Whatsapp or provide more security for your youngsters.

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