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To be fair, Whatsapp is one of the giants of social media world which many people have nowadays joined it. Whatsapp is almost the most easy-to-access social application that you can find no difficulties in working with it. Simple interface and being user-friendly, is a quite good reason for users to choose Whatsapp as their favorite messenger. Not only Whatsapp offers messaging, but voice call and video calls are in the category of its services. You can also find story feature within the app. Whatsapp is also a great application in terms of security matters. But there are some hidden secret tricks that take this high security under question. What if there is a way which allows you to spy on Whatsapp account of others? What if you can monitor Whatsapp account of someone remotely?

Whatsapp does not offer such feature directly, but there is a method that helps you to monitor Whatsapp account of someone remotely. This is a quite great fantastic ability which if you give it a try, you will be able to spy on Whatsapp accounts remotely. to know how you can do this, follow the steps below.

Spy on Whatsapp account of someone else

To spy on Whatsapp account of others, you should follow the section below:

  • Borrow the mobile device of the person you want to spy on, for just a minute
  • Head to Settings > About Phone > Status > WiFi Mac Address
  • Write the Mac address of the device you hold in your hand
  • Now, on your mobile pone, uninstall Whatsapp
  • Write the Mac address of the device you want to spy on, in your own Whatsapp account by spoofing Mac
  • Now, download and install Whatsapp on your phone. By doing this, Whatsapp will send a verification code to your friend’s Whatsapp account
  • At this moment, enter that verification code in your own Whatsapp
  • Now you have the copy of the device you want to spy on. From now on, whatever he/she does, you can track and monitor

This is a great and handy tip for parents and lovers. It will allow them to monitor who ever they want, for parents, their children and for lovers, their cheating or suspected partners.

There is also another way to spy on Whatsapp account of other people. You can easily spy on Whatsapp by using a functional monitoring app which will be further discussed.

A good monitoring app for hacking and spying

As you have face a good way of spying on ones Whatsapp account, now we want to introduce you to a new monitoring method. Underspy monitoring app, as a pioneer hacking application will allow you to monitor Whatsapp account of your kids or let’s say cheating partners and you can track them online. By this hacking tool, you will be able to provide a safe environment for your kids and a track your partner’s actions online. This is a great quality as no other application offers such ability to users. Just give it a try and you will see how useful it is!

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transfer files

transferring important files between different devices, has always been an important thing to do for many people. There are actually different ways of doing so and there are thousands of third party applications that can help you with that. Transferring files is an important thing since it allows you to have copy of something important on your mobile device and laptop at the same time. As just mentioned, many methods to transfer files between laptop and android exists, but which one is the most convenient one? Well, in the case of convenience, we have provided a method which seems to be the simplest in File transferring.

There is a trusted way which makes you able to transfer files between your android device and PC so easily and we have mentioned that in this post. To know how you can transfer files between your PC and android, keep up with the section below.

A useful method to transfer files between android and PC

To know exactly how you can transfer files between android and PC, follow the steps further steps:

  • Download and install Wifi File Transfer
  • Connect your android device to the same network that your laptop is connected
  • Now, launch WiFi File Transfer on your mobile device
  • You should now, tap on the “Start” option to start transferring files
  • From your laptop, enter the IP address and port number which is displayed on the android device as well

Now that you have done all the steps above, you will face WiFi File Transfer interface displayed on the web browser. You can manage your android device internal storage and transfer files between your android and laptop.

Is it secure to transfer files between android and laptop?

In the case of security, it should be mentioned that this method is secured. But there are sometime when your child owns an android device and he wants to share something from his android device to his laptop. Wellm it would be easy for just any cyber criminals and pedophiles to harass your child or hack his device and access to his personal data. In this case, parents should be on alert, because the security issue is too much important and they need to take some strong measures. For you to provide a safe environment for your kids on android, you should download and install Underspy hacking tool. This monitoring application will help you to monitor android device of your kids and track them online. This would also give you the ability to control your kids actions and take care of him online. In fact, by the access panel that you are provided with, you can just do anything on your kids android device.

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connect facebook to skype

Two of the most powerful social applications, which allow you to connect your friends and loved ones, are Facebook and Skype. In terms of starting a fast and secure communication, these two applications, are pioneers. In a comparisson, Facebook is much like a social platform which can be used mostly for sharing posts, videos and photos, while Skype offers high quality international video and phone calls to users around the world. The only thing which may vary in these apps, is the population of users. With over 2.7 billion registered users across the globe, Skype can be considered as a subordinate social application. Still, both of the apps, has done pretty well. You can also use features within these applications if you connect Facebook to Skype. Have you ever gave it a thought that you can connect Facebook to Skype? You may have, but still, don’t know how to do it.

That’s the point. In this post, we have exclusively focused on a way to show you how to connect Facebook to Skype. It would be wonderful if you can stay connected with your Facebook contacts by Skype. By following the steps below, you will know how to connect Facebook to Skype account of yours.

How to connect Facebook to Skype

What an incredible thing if you can connect Facebook to Skype account. You may think it would be pretty difficult doing so. But we have provided you with an awesome simple Skype tip, that will help you with staying in touch with your Facebook friends on Skype.

Before getting started, notice that this tip, is only applied to Skype PC version.

To connect Facebook to Skype, click on “Contacts”, then select “Contact List” and choose “Facebook. Once you do this, you will see the option of “Connect To Facebook” which appears at the bottom of your contact list. This way, you have successfully connected your Facebook account to Skype.

This was too simple and by just a little concentration on the way provided above, you are able to connect Facebook to Skype. You can have your Facebook contacts on your Skype account and chat or call them online.

Is it secure to import your Facebook contacts to your Skype account?

In terms of security, both applications have just enough level of security, although there were a record of hacking for both of them. If you care for your youngsters security on Skype, then we abso bloody lutely suggest you download and install Underspy monitoring application. Use this too to hack Skype profile of your kids and monitor them online. You can also track them and by an access panel, you can see what they do on Skype online environment.

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