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Instagram, the leading application in the social world of photo sharing, now is trying to expand its options. Instagram’s latest version has recently been released and some sort of useful options were found on it. Facebook messenger is also doing the same and it is trying to widen the range of its features. these two social well-known applications have started to corporate with each other in the matter of contact import. as the title of this post contains, from now on, you can import your Instagram contacts to your Facebook messenger. we can have a closer look into this matter in the part below.let’s take a look at it.

Import your Instagram contacts to Facebook messenger

Facebook and Instagram is testing a new feature which allows you to import your Instagram contacts to your Facebook messenger. this is the latest corporation of these two social applications which completely belongs to the user’s experience. by this new feature, you can also open Instagram app, directly within you Facebook messenger.

Each time you launch your Facebook messenger, you can update your contact list. once you do this, your Instagram contacts will appear in your messenger’s contact list.

What has changed on Facebook messenger?

On messenger newest update, there is a new option named as “Connect to Instagram”. this will allow you to add your Instagram contacts to the list of your friends on Facebook messenger. in the messenger sign up section, you can also add your Instagram contacts if you are a new user.

Messenger and Instagram integration in general

This new option, is really useful due to the increase in the user population of Instagram. it was reported that 375 million people, have registered on Instagram social application by this April. so because of this increase, you may happen to talk to your Instagram contacts on Messenger too.

Facebook is trying to strengthen its functionality and increase its popularity through this new option. this will keep its users interested in using Messenger as result. after all, we should know that not all Instagram users are Messenger users.

Facebook and Instagram didn’t announce this new option officially but we ourselves understand that this testing has begun, and perhaps this may be announced soon by Facebook and Instagram authorities.

About Underspy hacking tool

As mentioned above, Instagram user population is increasing in large numbers and this may arise the question that how can we secure our child’s Instagram account from cyber criminals. the answer is simple. you can easily install Underspy hacking tool on your device to monitor your child’s Instagram account and protect him from hackers and online criminals.

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instagram business profiles

About three days ago, a news was broken out by Instagram official which was regarding to Instagram Business profiles. according to the news, Instagram business profiles, are becoming 25 million users across the globe. this would be a great news for business owners since it can be a great opportunity for them to compete and have a more successful business on this social network.

Instagram business profiles are even growing more

First, we should attention on Instagram’s update that are functional and fantastic. at first place, Instagram new updates are the reason for user number increase. this could be a great opportunity for Instagram to add some more options to rise its popularity. by increasing its user population, Instagram has become an icon among other social network apps.

According to Instagram newest announcement on September, 800 million non-business active profiles and 500 million daily active users were reported. but Instagram Business profiles increase, seems even more considerable, because business owners, have found Instagram as a way to boom and boost their business and connect to their customers through Instagram. Instagram has also announced that over 80 percent of its users, are following a business profile and 200 million users are visiting an Instagram business profile each day.

Although it sounds impressive, Instagram stated that two thirds of users just visit a business profile, and they don’t follow those profiles. an Instagram authority said that one way to improve the business section of Instagram, is to realize that where exactly visitors come form. however, it may sounds hard to do.

Should we also care about Instagram scams or hacking?

By the growing of Instagram’s business section, we should also be on alert for any hacking or scam, as it happened about a month ago that hackers, tried to hack Instagram profiles and they succeed. this sounds terrifying since they could breach into millions of Instagram profiles including many business profiles. by taking some security measures o your profile, take care of your personal data and also be aware of any Instagram scams.



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instagram latest version

Instagram is a social media which allows its users to enjoy fascinating and astonishing updates.  there are some negative issues with Instagram video saving and its security though. 6 million Instagram accounts has been hacked and that includes some of the most well-known celebrities like Selena Gomez. another negative issue with Instagram, is that you can’t save videos, however there are some applications by which you can download Instagram videos. but having all these, Instagram is still one of the most popular social networks exists. Instagram latest version, brought us a new fantastic feature that below we will take a deeper look at it.

Instagram latest version

Instagram has recently released a new update which allows you to edit a photo sent to you as a direct message by your friend. you can use stickers or custom texts and doodles to edit the photo and send it back to them with another photo of yourself. by doing so, you make your friend’s selfie as a part of your own adhered scene. another cool thing is that you can choose how many times your friend can view the photo. you can choose between one view or allow reply options when sending. it may sound a little confusing but if you install Instagram latest version and try this update by yourself, you will see what do we mean.

This is a great quality since we live in the world of photo communication. when we want to chat with someone on social applications, we use texts and also we use emojies and stickers and sometimes photos. this makes us to use special social networks which have the ability of sending photos with special changes. this will surly be one of the coolest features of Instagram and by downloading its new version you can enjoy using new options.

Instagram announced that newer and cooler updates are on way and the only thing that we all can do right now, is to wait.

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