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Line vs Whatsapp

Line and Whatsapp are both apps used for sending text messages, photos and videos and they have different pros and cons. You might be wondering which one is the better app to trust and use so we are going to describe their features and flaws to see which one is the winner of Line vs Whatsapp competition.

Line vs Whatsapp price

Both are free and available on iOS and Android and Windows so you can easily download them if you have an internet connection.

Line vs whatsapp rate on Google

Line 4.2

Whatsapp 4.4


Line vs Whatsapp features and flaws

Whatsapp shows the last time a user was last active while this option is not available on Line application. Also Whatsapp can be personalized but Line can’t be so. It’s possible for you to appear offline without logging out on Whatsapp but not on Line.You might also face some problems trying to start Line application which can be fixed by updating the app or restarting your device.

You can be notified when someone has opened your message and also have a two-way video chat on both apps. It’s important to know that Line has brought more fun to group chats by allowing people to send stickers and emojis.

You can’t ignore security flaws  because the safety of your information could be your first priority and when it comes to this matter people definitely wonder which application could win the Line vs Whatsapp contest. We all know that Whatsapp has recently added end-to-end encryption to every conversation. But researches have found a serious security vulnerability, that could let hackers spy on whatsapp and slide into your group chats. This flaw indicates that a person who controls the Whatsapp server can break the transport layer security. This security flaw also means that encryption would not protect the users who don’t check the group info and so they can’t unaware that their group has been infiltrated.

In the end we are not telling you which app to use and which not to use, we only had a small comparison between the two apps (Line vs Whatsapp) so that you can see which one is better for you.


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line secret chat

Line messenger, always had surprises for users just as any other social applications did. Its latest update is the feature by which you can recall Line message for deletion. That is new and exciting as users had a problem with sending messages on Line. There are also many other features on the app which causes users satisfaction. One of the most iconic features of the app, is the Line secret chat which allows users to set a specific time for their messages to be deleted. In this post we want to show you how you can use Line secret chat feature and how to delete messages on a specific time.

Tips to use Line secret chat

If you are familiar with Line messaging app, then you must know that Line is in the group of those applications which support secret chat feature. So you can enjoy having this feature if you have Line messenger installed on your android or iOS device.

You may sometimes didn’t want anyone to view your messages on your messenger. Generally speaking, it is not an appropriate thing to sneak into someone’s private messages. But in case, if it happened, you can start Line secret chat instead of a regular chat. By using this feature, you are able to set a time for your chats you want to have with your friend on Line messenger.

To start Line secret chat, commence a conversation with one of your contacts and tap on his name. Then select “Hidden Chat”. A symbol of padlock will appear next to your contact’s name. That symbol emphasize that you are having a private conversation with your contact. By tapping on the “Timer” option, you can set a time for messages deletion from 2 seconds to 1 week. Once your contact see the message, the timer starts counting. If also the recipient don’t see the message you have sent, the message will be deleted after 2 weeks.

What else can we do to be more secure on Line?

Kids security on messengers like Line, is the parents greatest concern. They usually are nervous when their youngsters start to chat on Line messenger. Also enabling Line secret chat, does not seem to be a well choice for children safety on Line. So what is the remedy? Underspy hacking tool as a monitoring app, is the best choice for parents who care for their children safety on social messengers like Line. By installing this app on your smartphone, you are allowed to monitor Line account of your youngsters and track them online. This would be a great monitoring tool for those who are willing to provide a secure environment on Line.

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unsend messages

It was known that in Line application you can not unsend messages. the app didn’t have the availability of this feature, until recently which was added and came as a surprise. from now on, you can unsend messages of your Line application. however, you can only delete messages that was sent in the past 24 hours. It’s great news for those of us who’ve hastily sent the wrong giant sticker with too many hearts and end up flirting with acquaintances. Oh, that never happened to you before? Never mind. we are just saying, there are a lot of super flirty stickers in the Line sticker store.

unsend messages in other applications

Whatsapp that is owned by Facebook, has released a similar option at the end of october. it allows you to delete and unsend messages sent by mistake. However, the feature doesn’t prevent people from immediately spotting the message when you first sent it, and it will still tell the recipient that you’ve deleted something you’ve sent — so the awkward factor doesn’t entirely go away.

by this feature, it is good to say that Line app, is becoming more complete, because the new option makes it more easy for users to utilize the app and have some careful conversations with their contacts. with newer Line updates to come, you can even have a greater experience of using Line.

such issues in Line application is making this app more usable and functional. however, we must consider that some security options must be added to increase its safety too. the question arises that is it safe to use Line application? well, the answer lays in using underspy hacking tool. if you are too worried about your youngsters usage of Line app, you can simply download and install underspy hacking tool to track their Line account  and watch over their actions on these social medias.

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