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viber hidden features

As Viber social messenger is becoming more popular each day, knowing some of the hidden features of the app is seriously required, specially for those who are heavy Viber users. If you have Viber messenger installed on your android device, then you must know some Viber hidden features. These Viber features allow you to have a better experience when communicating with someone on Viber. To understand how to use these Viber hidden features, continue with the post until the end.

What are the Viber hidden features?

You may know how to work with Viber, but you may not be familiar with some of the hidden features within Viber. Well, it should be said that knowing these Viber hidden features will be a great assist to anyone who seek for having a better communication with their friends on Viber. If you are eager to use these features, then let’s take a look at these Viber hidden features.

Turn on smart notifications

On Viber, you will get notified each time you receive a new message as usual. But what if you could combine all the notifications in one? You enable smart notifications to enjoy this feature. follow the steps below:

  • Open the chat you want to turn on smart notifications for
  • swipe to the left side
  • Now, turn on “Smart Notifications”

Switch between conversations as fast as possible

One of the greatest Viber hidden features, is the ability that allows you to switch between chats very fast. You can use this feature according to the steps below:

  • Slide to the right side in a chat-room, then you will see a list of conversations you can chat in
  • Select each one of those, that you want to chat in

You can hide your online status

It may have happened to you many times when you didn’t want anyone to know if you are online or not. Viber has made it possible for users to hide their online status and you can see how to do it in the steps below:

  • Open “Settings” and choose “Privacy”
  • Now, disable “Seen” option

Also for hiding your online status on Viber, you can follow these steps:

  • Open “Settings”
  • Tap on privacy, then disable “Share Online Status”

Hide your chats

There are many times when you don’t want other people to sneak into your private or group chats. You don’t need to be worry about this as Viber offers a great feature to you. You can hide your chats within Viber to prevent others from seeing your private chats. To know how to use this Viber hidden feature, act as following methods:

  • Open the chat you want to hide
  • Choose “Username”
  • Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the page
  • Select “Hide This Chat” and set your password

Viber hidden features have been told and now you can have a great Viber experience when communicating with your contacts online. Use these Viber tips if you are a Viber heavy user.


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secure viber messenger

Viber can not be in the category of hard-to-use messengers, but not all people know about how to work with them and how to use settings for having a better Viber experience. It should also be mentioned that Viber desktop is available and its android version too. This can be the reason which users must get to know how to work with this popular messenger. Working with Viber messenger seems pretty easy and becomes easier if you are familiar with some of the tips and tricks of the app. If you do care about your Viber security, then this is the right place for you. You can secure Viber messenger by the tips we have provided for you in this post. Let’s have a deeper look at these tips.

How to secure Viber messenger

You may have tried many different methods to make Viber messenger secure on your android device but  you have failed. If you truly follow the tips and tricks below, then you are guarantied with experiencing the maximum security on your Viber messenger.

Do not show your online status to your friends

Perhaps, it happened to you that you have opened your Viber messenger and you just wanted to check the previous pictures that have been sent to you or you only wanted to check your chat history. These can be the moments which you don’t like anyone to see you are online. To hide your online status, open the settings, then select privacy and uncheck “share online status”. By activating this option, nobody will be aware, if you are online or not.

Hide your profile photo from contacts you don’t know

Finding someone on Viber messenger by names and family names, would be a little hard. So if anyone desire to find you on Viber, he/she will try to search for you by seeing your profile photo. If you want to hide your profile photo on Viber, then just go to Viber settings, and tap on “Privacy”. Then choose “Profile Photo” and select “Nobody”.

Hide seen status form your contacts

It may have happened to you that your friend sent you a message and the double tick appeared under that message. Your friends may take it as something inappropriate. So to prevent this, go to Viber settings and select “Privacy and Category”. Then “Uncheck seen Status” form there. Now, if you have read the message or not, your friends won’t realize that.

Lock your Viber messenger by a password

Another great method to secure Viber messenger on your device, is to set a strong password for that. In case, If your smartphone was in the hand of other people, then setting a password will definitely be a suitable way to secure Viber messenger. Viber messenger does not have a locking feture by itself, but you can install a secondary app to prevent people from accessing it. For example, you can download “App Locker” and install it to lock your Viber messenger on your smartphone. Also if you have a smartphone that has Fingerprint feature, you can easily secure Viber messenger by setting a fingerprint lock for your Viber messenger.

Use Underspy hacking tool to secure your Kids on Viber

Maybe you are wondering with how to secure your youngsters on Viber messenger. Other people also care for the safety of their children on this social media. But you don’t need to be worried anymore, as Underspy hacking tool will secure Viber messenger of your kids from any online harms. You can use Underspy tool to hack Viber messenger of your kids and monitor them online. Also, working with this monitoring application, won’t be too hard as once you install this monitoring app on your device, you will have online support for a convenient use of the app.


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viber desktop

Viber social messenger is an application that always was in hurry to become the best. it can be considered as an app which connects thousands of people together from around the world and make it easy to message or start a video call for users. with over 950 million registered users world wide, Viber has been and is doing several interesting things to keep its users satisfied. its developers, has been always trying to release updates and new features of the app which can make the app great for user experience. as an example. one of these fantastic options, is Viber desktop application. that is new for Viber, however other messaging apps and social applications. let their users to use desktop version.

This Viber new feature, allows users work with Viber even if they can’t access their android or iOS Viber on their smartphones. Whatsapp, Telegram and Signal also have provide their users with this astonishing feature, but in this post, we want to focus on how we can use Viber desktop application.

How can we use Viber desktop application?

First and for most, you should know that you have to download Viber desktop application from Viber’s official website. once you download it, open it and you will see that Viber asks you to enter your cellphone number to keep the app updated.

After a while, Viber will send you an activation code which you later have to enter it to the desktop app. once you do that, your number will be verified, then it will automatically sync all of your contacts which is available on your mobile app and it will separate your Viber contacts and your mobile phone regular contacts. you can then choose from these available contacts to start a new conversation on Viber desktop application.

On this desktop version of Viber, you can also start a video call and enjoy all its features while you are placing a video call with someone.

Viber desktop application also provides you with a keypad that makes you able to call and text Viber mobile phone contacts.

How would it be like to use Viber desktop application?

Viber is an application that allows you to connect to anyone in the world, whether through video calling or text messaging. for its video calling feature, Viber can be a suitable substitute for Skype video communication app. generally speaking, it can be a nice choice for just anybody who has an android or iOS phone or even a computer.

How the security is like on Viber?

As Viber is of those applications which has the end-to-end encryption option, most people trust to use the app, but no one can forget that the app was a target for hackers sometimes before, specially kids Viber account. if you are among those parents who really care for their child’s safety on this social messenger, you definitely need to take some serious measures. one of those measure can be downloading and installing Underspy hacking tool on your smartphone. you can then use this tool to spy on Viber account of your youngsters and control them online. you can even track them online to watch what he/she is doing on this social application.

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viber features

As located in the category of applications with the best call quality, Viber now is becoming more popular across the world. with Viber’s new update, update 4.0, which looked quite stunning, many new features has been added and several bugs were fixed, however we could see some other bugs added to the new update. for having a better experience on Viber, there are some hidden Viber features and tips that allows you be connected to your contacts more than ever. in this post, we want to explore these Viber features and tips that helps you a lot with being more connected to your contacts.

Whats are these Viber features and tips?

Use Viber on two different devices

One of the coolest Viber features on Viber update 4.0, is that you can use this social application on two devices. for example, you can run Viber on PC, mobile or Tablet. to install Viber on two devices, download the app and install it on the second device, and then an activation code for your primary device will be sent. enter the code and enjoy having Viber on two devices.

Enjoy free stickers

Stickers are something common for all social apps, but only the type and variety of those differ. in Viber’s update 4.0, you can have thousands of free stickers from sticker market and enjoy using them.

Use push-to-talk option for faster instant messaging

In many other social applications, recording a 20 second voice message will take you about 1 or 2 minutes to send. but this is not the same thing with Viber. sending a voice message on Viber platform, is more like using a Walkie-Talkie and it’s a lot easier.

To use push-to-talk feature, tap on microphone icon on the right side in any conversation, then press the big button to start recording your voice. by the way, you have a recording time limit which is up to 30 seconds.

Customize conversations

Another great feature of Viber is that you can change your conversation room background. if you become tired of your old, ugly chat background you change through the following method: settings > default background and here you can select any of thousands of backgrounds you like to set.

How about Viber’s safety?

It is true that Viber have secret chat function and it has some other security options with itself, but still, it is not considered as a safe social media for you, specially for your children. so for the sake of your child’s safety and security on Viber, you can download Underspy hacking tool to provide a secure environment for your kids on these social networks. use this tool, to monitor Viber profile of your kids and track them moment by moment online.

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viber messenger

A conventional thing about communication was that you could SMS or call someone you need to talk to, which was of a charge. but nowadays Whatsapp is becoming a substitute for such traditional methods which is free of charge. But right now, Viber messenger, is becoming a real rival for Whastapp. in terms of number of users, Viber has the lower hand. Whatsapp users are about 1.2 billion users world wide while Viber messenger has over 800 million users. but this can’t be a factor for you to choose Whatsapp instead of Viber. Maybe in the rest of this post you will be persuaded enough to not to choose Whatsapp messenger instead of Viber.

Use Viber messenger intead of Whatsapp. Why?

Voip features

As we all know, both Whatsapp and Viber have the free call feature and that is great. but, by Whatsapp, can you call someone who is not using Whatsapp messenger? definitely not. However this is not something true for Viber messenger. Viber has a capability called Viber out which allows you to call someone across the globe with a real low payment. you only need to charge your Viber account call fee with a credit card or paypal. even in compare with Skype, Viber messenger is a real substitute option for making international calls.

Desktop version

Of course both messengers, supports Mac and Windows and you can chat or send emojies and stickers. but can you make a voice call on Whatsapp desktop version too? this is an issue which Viber only supports it. by desktop version of Viber messenger you can conveniently make voice and video calls to your contacts. Viber has also Linux version.

Hide your chats

Viber messenger is making it too easy to hide your chats from someone who you don’t want to see. to do this, you only need to tap on the name of the contact you are chatting with. then click on chat info and at last, hide this chat. in this step Viber asks you to set a password so that only you will have the access to the chats.

Public accounts and chats

An interesting issue about Viber messenger is that it hosts public accounts. you can access this option via the public button at the bottom of the app. one thing you should know about this feature is that you can’t have an interaction with public accounts. the only interaction that you have with them, is to like their posts. there are several accounts which allows you to send private messages.

In-app Gaming

This is an option suitable for smartphone gaming fans. it’s a little thing but still something which Whatsapp doesn’t have. inside Viber, you can find a list of games that allow you to play with your contacts. you can play these games even if you are not a Viber user.

Maybe these features of Viber messenger, convinced you enough to use Viber messenger instead of Whatsapp. as you read the benefits of Viber, perhaps it is time for you to switch to Viber and leave Whatsapp. However, this may not true for everyone.

What about the security?

Although Viber and whatsapp have end-to-end encryption feature, but news broke out that cyber hackers, have hacked Whatsapp and spied on Whatsapp users personal data. however, hackers could not spy on Viber this much easy. this is another pro of Viber messenger that can make its users convenient to use Viber with a high security.

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