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transfer files

transferring important files between different devices, has always been an important thing to do for many people. There are actually different ways of doing so and there are thousands of third party applications that can help you with that. Transferring files is an important thing since it allows you to have copy of something important on your mobile device and laptop at the same time. As just mentioned, many methods to transfer files between laptop and android exists, but which one is the most convenient one? Well, in the case of convenience, we have provided a method which seems to be the simplest in File transferring.

There is a trusted way which makes you able to transfer files between your android device and PC so easily and we have mentioned that in this post. To know how you can transfer files between your PC and android, keep up with the section below.

A useful method to transfer files between android and PC

To know exactly how you can transfer files between android and PC, follow the steps further steps:

  • Download and install Wifi File Transfer
  • Connect your android device to the same network that your laptop is connected
  • Now, launch WiFi File Transfer on your mobile device
  • You should now, tap on the “Start” option to start transferring files
  • From your laptop, enter the IP address and port number which is displayed on the android device as well

Now that you have done all the steps above, you will face WiFi File Transfer interface displayed on the web browser. You can manage your android device internal storage and transfer files between your android and laptop.

Is it secure to transfer files between android and laptop?

In the case of security, it should be mentioned that this method is secured. But there are sometime when your child owns an android device and he wants to share something from his android device to his laptop. Wellm it would be easy for just any cyber criminals and pedophiles to harass your child or hack his device and access to his personal data. In this case, parents should be on alert, because the security issue is too much important and they need to take some strong measures. For you to provide a safe environment for your kids on android, you should download and install Underspy hacking tool. This monitoring application will help you to monitor android device of your kids and track them online. This would also give you the ability to control your kids actions and take care of him online. In fact, by the access panel that you are provided with, you can just do anything on your kids android device.

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hide android applications

The more growing smartphone user population will be, the more the need to know about android tips and tricks. for example one of those tips is to know how to charge faster your android device or maybe how to make your android device more secured, as hackers could sometimes hack android devices around the world. or even tips to know how to hide android applications on your smartphone’s screen which we want to discus it in this post.

We need to know about these tips since smartphones are becoming more crucial in our lives. knowing how to hide android applications are an important thing to know because of the reason that we have stated. let’s see how you can hide android applications on your device.

How to hide android applications

Hiding applications is an important thing as we have mentioned previously, but not on all of mobile brands can you do this stuff. the method that we want to tell you to how to hide your apps, only works on Samsung mobiles. there is a list for you below to see how these methods work. let’s see what they are.

Method 1 (you can use this method only on Samsung devices)

As you may know, Samsung has provided hiding apps functionality. this makes it easy for users to hide apps from their menu without using any other applications. see the steps below for application hiding.

-Tap on the “Menu” option.

-You can now see a three dotted option on the top right corner, tap on it.

-Among the options appear for your, select Hide apps.

-Now mark each application you want to hide, then tap on Done on the top corner.

-You will see a list of applications you wanted to hide.

-Now to make the apps shown again, select the same “three dotted option”.

-Then tap on the “Show Hidden Apps” option.

-Remove the marks from the apps you want to use and then tap on “Done” on the top.

-Now you can see your apps and you can use them again.

Method 2 (some other applications by which you can hide your apps)

There are two applications which if you install, you can hide android applications from your device’s menu. the first one is Hide-app which is now available on app store and you can easily download it and install it on your device.

second one is X app hider that is available on online app shops. although you have to root your android device to use the app, but doing so, is really worth it.

Now it’s over. although some of methods are hard, but if follow these steps, you can easily hide android applications from your device’s menu.

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android phone

Each year android new updates are coming out and some of those updates are regarding to android security. there were sometimes when hackers breached into android based devices  and have stolen users personal data. they are also reports that hackers are searching for a method to spy on android phones this year. this may be one of the problems, but another considerable problem of android phones, is their battery life spam. most users are concerning that if their android phone battery can survive for a full day or not and if they can somehow charge their cellphones faster. however there are some ways by which you can make your android phone battery life longer. some tips below, have been provided for you to try and see whether you can have an android phone with a faster charging speed or not. let’s see what they are.

9 ways to making your android phone battery life, longer

Close unused apps

First thing’s first, closing all unused apps, will really help your android phone battery to survive more. whenever you need to charge your phone faster, try this way, as it will assist you a lot.

Do not use your android phone while charging

Another step for making your cellphone charge faster, is not using it while charging. this is often overlooked and most of people use their phone at the middle of its charging time. by doing so, you will make your cellphone charge a lot faster.

Turn on airplane mode

Network signals, is the most determining factor in your android phone battery draining. if your cellphone receives a poorer network, your cellphone’s battery will be drained faster. the easiest way to prevent this, is to simply enable your airplane mode. by this way, you are charging your android phone, by 25% faster. you can enable your airplane mode by swiping down the notification bar and select airplane mode icon. there is also an alternative way. you can hold power button of your device and by the time the airplane mode appeared, tap on it.

Use a powerbank

It may have sometimes happened to you that you must head to somewhere and your android phone needed charging. in this case, powerbank seems to be a nice assist. you can use that even when you are on your way to somewhere.

Enable power saving mode

Most Samsung devices have this mode and other cellphones as well. instead of turning on airplane mode, you can try this way, because turning airplane mode on, will disable all your networks and power saving mode is an advantage over airplane mode. do this method as it is a great way to speed up your android phone charging.

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android applications

Let’s clear the fact that there are many applications and social networks which doesn’t have the end-to-end encryption option. in fact there are many android and iOS applications that can not be considered to be put in the list of secure android applications. for example, Beetalk messenger doesn’t have the end to end encryption ability, in contrast, Whatsapp have that feature and it is among the most secure applications.

Although, there are insecurities in some social applications that must be an alert to us to be thinking about a good and valuable choice. many choices to avoid this, exists, but which one to trust? Underspy hacking tool, as a reliable tool to control your children’s social application, is the best option for anybody who didn’t try this before. by using this tool, you can spy on your kids android applications to protect them from any harms on online networks.

We have provided a list of secure applications with the ability of end to end encryption below. let’s take a look.

Four top secure android applications


A billion users around the world is using this social application and its security has made it the best of applications. that’s why are examining this application first. this application security is quite good since by default, it protects all messages with end to end encryption capability. hence it prevents any illegal entries from reading chats. there is an individual security code for each user which gives you the possibility to identify other users identity. however, this feature need to activated manually. this security code, protects you from any cyber attacks on your account.


An excellent social app among the secure android applications, is Signal. this app, has been created by a security expert whose name was Moxie Marlinspik. this is a great thing for Signal users since it gives them trust to believing that Signal is in the list of secure android applications. in this android application, you can verify contacts by checking safety numbers or scanning QR codes. however, Signal can’t back up messages in cloud. in Signal you can have group chatting, voice messages, voice calls and also you can send audios, videos, emojies and stickers as well. these are the things that a normal user expect. it also features adding text and drawings on images before sending them.


Telegram now has 100 million users world wide and it is free messaging app. Durow brothers has developed this application in 2013. they are also the founders of VKontakte social network. This social android application, offers opt-in end-to-end encryption and the option that messages self-destruct after a certain time. it can be said that the security of chats and other matters withing Telegram, are pretty nice.

Facebook messenger

this application is a must-need app for Facebook social network on smartphones which if Facebook users want to see their messages on their smartphones, they have to use Facebook messenger application. this messenger, is the second most used application across the globe. This messaging app is mentioned in this list only because it started offering end-to-end encryption using the Signal Protocol last year as well.


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android problem

About android problem

Android is becoming bigger and growing faster than other system platforms. However, it has some update challenges that causes users displeasure. android problem is becoming more iconic than before.

according to a new analysis which is carried out by hardware engineer Dan Luu, it is proved that android late update patch is becoming worse by time. this is the biggest android problem.

The analysis, by hardware engineer Dan Luu, uses data from Google’s developer dashboard to look at the figures for outdated Android devices between 2010 and today. He found that the proportion of devices that are the most outdated is even greater today than in 2014. Additionally, in 2014, Google had only just passed one billion active monthly users, which rose to 1.4 billion by mid-2015, and as of May 2017, that stood at two billion. And since the analysis looked at market share, that portion of devices running outdated Android — between the 80th- to 100th-percentile mark on his graph — is also now much larger in absolute terms.

As he notes, one obvious reason for the existence of more devices running older versions of Android is that some active devices are now a decade old. Presumably, these are the ones responsible for keeping Gingerbread, released in May 2010, and Ice Cream Sandwich from October 2011 still on Google’s Android version distribution chart.


But Luu’s graph also shows that uptake of new versions of Android appears to be slowing down. This phenomenon could be due to Android growth slowing, relatively fewer people upgrading to new devices, or that fewer devices are receiving updates. His graph also highlights that there are now more than a billion devices that are two years out of date.That estimate roughly matches Google’s most recent Android distribution figures, which were updated a few days ago for the week ending on Nov. 9. Two-year-old Android Lollipop and below now account for about half of all Android devices.

As Android Authority noted this week, adoption of the latest version of Android has been slowing with each new version for the past few releases. One reason is people reportedly holding on to their existing devices for longer. Meanwhile, vendors are still launching new devices with pre-Oreo Android.

Underspy hacking tool

If you care about your youngsters security on android devices, you can install underspy tool on your  device and hack your kids android device to track his/her location or watch over what they are doing on their smartphones.

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