How to spy on Tinder the most popular dating app

spy Tinder

spy Tinder

Today by developing the technology, there are hundreds of dating applications. These applications are designed for the nerds or to say better for the ones who are shy enough to propose in person. Now, technology has solved this problem by creating the dating applications. One of the popular dating apps that has millions of users is Tinder. Although all the dating applications have rules for the age of the users and they have to be more than thirteen years old, some younger people lie about their age as they want to register. This technology has made many parents worried if their child access to this application or not. In this article, we are going to introduce some ways to understand if your child has installed Tinder or not. And if they have, how to spy Tinder and how to prevent them from using.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is one of the most popular dating applications for the nerds who don’t dare to propose face to face, or afraid of getting negative answer. This application is totally free. After registration, users have to answer some personal questions and set a picture for their profile. The app automatically finds other users who are suitable for your age and are balanced with your character and your features according to the information you have entered. Another feature of Tinder is the separate chatroom which users are able to chat and make new friends. Another important thing about this application is that Tinder is able to find you partner base on any type of relationship you want. It means that, if you are straight, bisexual, gay or lesbian, the app will find other users with the same tends.

How to use mSpy application?

MSpy is one of the best and most popular monitoring application. The main purpose of this application is the parental control. In order to get started with this application, you need to pay money and buy a license for a limited period of time. Then, you have to visit the website and register by a username and your purchased license. After the registration, the downloaded files are ready for you to install them on the target phone. At the next level, you can go to the website with any browser you want and open your control panel. As long as you have entered the control panel, you can access to all the activities your child does on his/her cellphone.

How to spy Tinder with mSpy application?

By the time you have installed the app on the target phone successfully, you can check your control panel. MSpy application provides you all the activities on the target phone. This application has different parts for different activities. So, you can go through the installed apps and first of all make sure if your victim has installed it or not. If yes, click on the Tinder and view all the done activities. You can check all the chat conversations with the exact details such as the contacts’ name. date and time. To spy Tinder, it enables you to see the matched partners and the secret conversation with them. The good news is that mSpy allows you to block and uninstall any application you want. So, if you have found this application inappropriate for any reason, press the “Block” button next to the installed app. Another good point is that mSpy is not limited to spy Tinder, but you can check all the other dating apps like OkCupid or Cuddli.

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Other features of mSpy

As mentioned above, mSpy is one of the worldwide monitoring application for parental control after Underspy. But the great features of this application has made the app useful for employers or spouses who want to find the cheater.

Text messages

By the time you install the app on the target phone and enter your control panel, you will see the the part for the messaging. This part shows all the sent and received text messages with exact details such as the contact name, phone number, date, and time.

Call history

You can also see the whole contact list and the call history. Any incoming or outgoing calls that the victim makes will be reported to your control panel. So you can view the exact time and date and also the call duration. Another perfect thing is that mSpy is able to record the calls to allow you listen to the conversations.

GPS tracker

This can be a great option whose children are far from them. GPS tracker helps you to know where exactly your child is. You can also set a specific location that anytime your child or the phone enters that place, this feature is going to alert. In addition, mSpy is able to record the surrounding voice.

Social network

MSpy is able to track all the social network such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber. You can see all the sent and received messages and also the shared images, videos or any other files.


This is one of the features that you can find rarely in any other monitoring apps. This feature enables you to know everything your child types. Also it helps you a lot to understand the set passwords for everything on the target phone.


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