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Social media monitoring for parents - Underspy Phone Spy App
Underspy Application
Underspy Application

The most professional monitoring app for kids, employees, etc.

Reports on social media networks such as, Facebook, Instagram, LINE, etc.

  • Monitor instant messengers such as, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Line, Kik, Telegram, Skype, WeChat, Tinder, Imo, Hike, KakaoTalk, Yahoo messenger, Hangouts, etc.
  • Record calls and environment sounds along with monitoring phone gallery
  • Access and monitor visited websites
  • Instant GPS tracking and location monitoring for kids and the elderly
  • Manage and monitor Contacts, Calls, Messages, etc.
  • And lots of other monitoring features tailored for your needs.

Social media monitoring for parents

social media monitoring
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Nowadays kids have access to internet more than ever. And it is not only limited to the times they are at home. Internet access on mobile phones is now so ordinary and allow kids to carry it with them wherever they go. Concerns regarding family safety on the mobile devices have brought about social media monitoring issues. The potential dangers of social media dangers such as cyber bullying has created the urge for parents to start monitoring and spying on their kids.

Social media monitoring – yes or no

There are always ways to maximize social media safety for kids but some parents think that they are simply not enough. Parents nowadays are faced with this dilemma: Should you monitor where your kids go? Should you spy on visited websites? or, should you let let have their own privacy and find ‘good’ and ‘bad’ on their own?

If you think that your kids are gonna be alright on their own, you probably aren’t aware of the dangers that lies in social media networks. Establishing rules, talking to kids, warning them, are all good but they are not the most effective methods of prevention. Having kids, you are well aware of how curious kids are. You are also well aware of the fact that internet is borderless and full of inappropriate content.

So, if you think that social media networks need no supervision and social media monitoring is not a must, you may need to think twice

How parents can monitor their kids on social media networks

There are ways to restrict your kids’ access to internet. the problem with them is that your kids will find out that you have blocked their internet access. You may ask yourself the question that is it really possible to monitor every single activity on your kids’ mobile devices? The concept of full mobile monitoring is now not a far-fetched idea thanks to parental control applications. Parental control apps now equip parents with abilities to monitor every single activity, sent and received texts, call logs, location updates, along with social media.

What is the best parental control app?

There are a number of inexpensive parental control apps in the market that you can choose from. But you need to choose one which provides you with a collection of professional monitoring features. One the best monitoring applications is known to be Underspy. Underspy mobile features are quite unique. These unique features makes Underspy the perfect monitoring tool for parents.



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