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How to send Facebook message without Facebook messenger
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How to send Facebook message without Facebook messenger

send facebook message
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As the largest social media at the current time, Facebook is even becoming greater than ever. Over 1.7 billion active users have chosen this network for their communication. Communicating with someone is also too convenient and you can send different types of messages to users. Facebook is mainly based on sharing photos and videos. There are also video calling and voice calling features within the app which seems to be awesome. You can place video and voice calls in order to talk to someone either inside your region or abroad. You can also send text messages to your friends through Facebook on your android or iOS device. But the only way to send Facebook message, is using Facebook messenger app. It means that the only way you can send Facebook message, is that you must use a third party app called Facebook messenger.

This can be sometimes annoying since you have to switch between applications in order to send Facebook message. Many people think that this can not be necessarily done, because Facebook must have an in-built feature of messaging.

There are actually two methods that can help you solve this problem. By doing these methods, you no longer need to install Facebook messenger application and you will be able to send Facebook message directly within Facebook itself. Let’s have a closer look at these methods.

Use these methods to send Facebook message without using Facebook messenger

There are two ways which can lead you into solving this problem of Facebook which are as follow:

Use Facebook desktop version to send Facebook message within Facebook

As you know, Facebook android and iOS version was available until now, but there is also Facebook web-based version which has made it easy for those who only own a PC. Using Facebook desktop version can be a great solution for users to send Facebook message without Facebook messenger application. Just open Facebook on your web browser, sign into your account and click on messaging icon in the top bar. This is how you can send Facebook message without using Facebook messenger third party app.

Use a third party application to send Facebook message

You may think that by now or words are becoming paradoxical, but there is a reason for saying that you should use a third party app. In fact, there are many people who may not like Facebook messenger as a third party application and they don’t adore it. So in this case, they can use another application which is called “Friendly”. You can download for both iOS and android platforms. If you are also searching for another third party application, we suggest you Facebook messenger lite. The app is easy to use and many users have preferred this application over other third party apps.

In a conclusion, which of the methods above is better?

The answer lies in your need. If you are not OK with installing another android application on your mobile device and you don’t want to make your storage full, then you can try Facebook web-based version. The desktop version of the app, is also too easy to use and you are not required to do anything special. In the other way around, you may feel like to using Facebook messenger application to send Facebook message, because you are more comfortable when using the third party android apps. In general, we can say that using Facebook desktop is the easiest way to send Facebook message to your friends. But it requires you to have a PC or laptop. We also suggest you to use Facebook desktop as it was always a good way of not only sending Facebook messages, but an easy way of communicating to Facebook contacts.

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