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Secure WhatsApp Alternative - Underspy Phone Spy App
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Underspy Application

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Secure WhatsApp Alternative

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It is unarguable that WhatsApp messenger is the most popular instant messaging app worldwide. But many may worry about its security. Of course, privacy is a big deal for internet users as you may be sharing much more information than you think and you may worry if WhatsApp is really as secure as you think it is. This Facebook-owned messenger uses end-to-end encryption for text messages and two-step verification for users but you can use a more secure WhatsApp alternative. In this Article I introduce a secure WhatsApp alternative for the ones who feel uncomfortable using WhatsApp messenger.

When it comes to a secure WhatsApp alternative, undoubtedly Telegram is the one. After the news of Facebook buying WhatsApp, many people chose to move to Telegram. But how and why Telegram suddenly became so popular? is it really better and more secure than WhatsApp? Should we move to Telegram? If you wish to find out the answers and you would like to find a secure WhatsApp alternative, read the following.

WhatsApp and Telegram similarities

WhatsApp and Telegram share the same basics. Phone number is used for identification in both messengers and they share the same user interface and both of the are perfect for sending text messages and files. However, there are many differences when it comes to other features. Let’s see what makes Telegram a great competitor of WhatsApp.

Telegram as a secure WhatsApp alternative

What is unique in Telegram is the “Secret Chat” feature which provides users with a super secure chat environment. When the a screenshot is taken from the chat, the user is notified. Also, you can’t forward a message from a Secret Chat. You can set a self-destruct time for messages as well.

Telegram is based on MTProto Mobile protocol and is open-source so that anyone can check its source code, API or protocols to find any security flaws. Actually, Telegram has offered $200,000 for anyone who would hack their protocol. On the other hand, WhatsApp is prone to hacks and attacks. You may also be super careful about your Telegram security code as there are ways to sneak into Telegram acoount using the security code.

WhatsApp Vs Telegram: Which one to choose

While Telegram’s user base is growing quite rapidly, WhatsApp boasts 1 million active users per month. On the other hand, Telegram features some unique experiences such as, Secret chat, Telegram bots, super groups, editing and deleting messages, etc. which are not available in WhatsApp.

in conclusion, if you are looking for a secure WhatsApp alternative with lots of super fun features and qualities, Telegram is the best option.

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