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Secure Viber messenger by these tips - Underspy Phone Spy App
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Secure Viber messenger by these tips

secure viber messenger
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Viber can not be in the category of hard-to-use messengers, but not all people know about how to work with them and how to use settings for having a better Viber experience. It should also be mentioned that Viber desktop is available and its android version too. This can be the reason which users must get to know how to work with this popular messenger. Working with Viber messenger seems pretty easy and becomes easier if you are familiar with some of the tips and tricks of the app. If you do care about your Viber security, then this is the right place for you. You can secure Viber messenger by the tips we have provided for you in this post. Let’s have a deeper look at these tips.

How to secure Viber messenger

You may have tried many different methods to make Viber messenger secure on your android device but  you have failed. If you truly follow the tips and tricks below, then you are guarantied with experiencing the maximum security on your Viber messenger.

Do not show your online status to your friends

Perhaps, it happened to you that you have opened your Viber messenger and you just wanted to check the previous pictures that have been sent to you or you only wanted to check your chat history. These can be the moments which you don’t like anyone to see you are online. To hide your online status, open the settings, then select privacy and uncheck “share online status”. By activating this option, nobody will be aware, if you are online or not.

Hide your profile photo from contacts you don’t know

Finding someone on Viber messenger by names and family names, would be a little hard. So if anyone desire to find you on Viber, he/she will try to search for you by seeing your profile photo. If you want to hide your profile photo on Viber, then just go to Viber settings, and tap on “Privacy”. Then choose “Profile Photo” and select “Nobody”.

Hide seen status form your contacts

It may have happened to you that your friend sent you a message and the double tick appeared under that message. Your friends may take it as something inappropriate. So to prevent this, go to Viber settings and select “Privacy and Category”. Then “Uncheck seen Status” form there. Now, if you have read the message or not, your friends won’t realize that.

Lock your Viber messenger by a password

Another great method to secure Viber messenger on your device, is to set a strong password for that. In case, If your smartphone was in the hand of other people, then setting a password will definitely be a suitable way to secure Viber messenger. Viber messenger does not have a locking feture by itself, but you can install a secondary app to prevent people from accessing it. For example, you can download “App Locker” and install it to lock your Viber messenger on your smartphone. Also if you have a smartphone that has Fingerprint feature, you can easily secure Viber messenger by setting a fingerprint lock for your Viber messenger.

Use Underspy hacking tool to secure your Kids on Viber

Maybe you are wondering with how to secure your youngsters on Viber messenger. Other people also care for the safety of their children on this social media. But you don’t need to be worried anymore, as Underspy hacking tool will secure Viber messenger of your kids from any online harms. You can use Underspy tool to hack Viber messenger of your kids and monitor them online. Also, working with this monitoring application, won’t be too hard as once you install this monitoring app on your device, you will have online support for a convenient use of the app.


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