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How to Secure Snapchat Account from Hackers easily
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How to Secure Snapchat Account from Hackers

secure Snapchat account
How to Secure Snapchat Account from Hackers
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You may want to know how to secure Snapchat account from hacker and how to protect Snapchat from theft and hacking. What you need to know is that you can do this by identifying the privacy settings and protection provided by the official Snapchat application. In this article, I will show you how to modify the privacy of your photos and account data, how to control people who can see your snaps, where to save unpublished photos, and protect snaps from hacking. In this article I will discuss a lot about Snapchat settings, privacy and security, and dealing with Snapchat in its latest updates.

Why you need to secure Snapchat account

Snapchat is one of the most used applications in the world now, especially among young people always who prefer to share pictures, video clips and various imaging experiences, especially with the number of filters and additions provided by the application. Due to the recent risks of exposure to account theft, we will explain some steps that can help you secure and protect your Snapchat account and protect it from theft and hackers who want to hack Snapchat account.

Snapchat keeps you informed about everything that is going on around the world through its features and services. The most recent and latest feature is Snapchat Snaps which lets you learn about the life of people and cultures from all over the world.

There is no doubt that social media applications are fun and amusing. But it is also very important to keep our privacy on these apps. If you are into using Snapchat, you can learn more about its privacy features and secure Snapchat account easily.

Snapchat security settings

The Snapchat settings menu contains all the features that control the form of your account, its system,, and control the path of the images or snaps that you have captured and saved in the list of memories. The new feature provided by Snapchat is to facilitate the privacy of users by providing self-destructing images. Here all will explain how you can use these different features to safeguard your Snapchat account.

Secure Snapchat account from hackers

Here are the steps you need to take in order to secure Snapchat account from hackers:

Step 1 – The first step in protecting Snapchat account is to enter Snapchat settings by touching on the gear icon.

Step 2 – After entering the settings, you will see a list of your account settings in a simple way, such as the name you can change whenever you want and the username that appears to your friends when they add you. You will also find the phone number which enables you to find people and add your account through the mobile number. You can control the possibility of adding you to Snapchat through your phone number.

Step 3 – You will now see a complete list of Snapchat privacy settings.

  • Change password: Password can be changed and you can put a strong word to secure Snapchat account.
  • Login Verification: To increase security on your account and protect it from hacking. If someone else tries to sign in to your account with another device, Snapchat will send you a verification code or a secret code to ask you when you sign in from another device other than your current device.
  • Snap Cash: If you want to add your credit card number and make use of it through advertising and marketing campaigns you can do it through this option. Otherwise, you can cancel it.
  • Memories: One of the latest additions to Snapchat, which gives you the possibility to save the images that you captured instantly from Snapchat camera. You can choose where you want to save images in it by pressing the Save button after taking the picture.

Step 4 – In Snapchat settings menu you will find a set of commands under which you can control many things that make it easier for you to use Snapchat and share your moments with your friends.

  • Contact me: Through this option, you can choose who can call you through. By clicking on the item you will be able to select who can contact you. Your friends or public.
  • View my story: This option allows you to identify people who can see the content you publish on your account’s Story.
  • See me: This feature determines if you want your account to appear in certain places such as having a friend in common for a particular person.

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