How to remove the virus from computer?

remove virus

how to remove virus

If you lend your laptop or any other devices to someone, you have to expect for virus. It happens a lot that you connect others’ flash drivers to your device or you ask others to send you some files. Virus is not something to call you and show itself. When you open “Folder option”, there is an  alternative which is “show hidden files”. This option has been deactivated by virus. Anytime you activate it, it will back to its first mode. That’s an effect of antivirus which once has eliminated the viruses.Some other antiviruses can’t recognize the viruses like IPhone antivirus and android antivirus.In this article we help you to remove virus from your device even when antivirus can’t recognize it.

How to understand the device has virus?

When you open “my computer” and right click on the drivers, you will see an option with an unclear language. On the other hand, when you click on the drivers twice, the content of the driver will be opened in new tab. Otherwise the windows of “open with” is opened and asks you to “Choose the program you want to use to open this file”. Sometimes you will receive errors when you click on your drivers. It means that your system has virus and the name of this virus is Autorun.inf.

This virus will delete and remove the “folder option” and if you mark “Show hidden files and folders and Hide protected operating system files “, after some whiles this option won’t work and will back to the previous mode. This virus also deactivate Task Manage and Registry Editor. If you click on “command prompt” or “cmd”, your system won’t open it or show you “the command prompt has been disabled by your administrator”. Autorun virus is transferred by flash drivers, RAM readers and anything which you connect to your system.

How to remove virus?

When you connect flash drivers, USB or any cellphone to your computer, in fact you transfer the Autorun.inf virus. Because this virus is hidden and systematic, ordinary antivirus can’t recognize and remove it. In order to remove virus, you have to download and install professional one like NOD32. There are some other manual ways to remove Autorun.inf virus.

First way

In order to remove this virus, never double click on any driver or folder. because by double clicking on a driver, you will activate this virus. Before doing anything else, first of all install NOD32 antivirus to clean other viruses which are available on your system. Then connect the flash driver into your device. Go to “my computer”. Click on “tools” from the list of drivers and then select “folder options”. In the new tab click on “view” and then select “Show hidden files and folders” to bold its circle. At the bottom untick the “Hide Protected Operationg System Files”.

From now on until the virus will completely removed, you shouldn’t double click on any driver. You have to right click on them and select “open” to enter the driver. Now right click on DriverC, open that and delete the Autorun.inf. After that repeat this process for other drivers. Right after deleting all the Autorun.inf files, reset your device without any click on somewhere. If your flash memory or RAM has this virus, connect it to the computer and open the relevant driver by right clicking. Delete the Autorun file and reset the system while your flash or RAM is connected.

The second way

If you want to assure about the Autorun virus in your system, you have to make the hidden and super hidden files visible. Because this virus is hidden and systematic. Sometimes there are other viruses on your system which disable you to watch the hidden files. To watch the invisible files follow below:           Start->Run->cmd.exe . For accessing to the CMD, you have to click on the root and type  dir /ah. After that all your hidden files will be visible and you can see if your files has Autorun virus or not. In order to remove this virus, you can go to environment of CMD and go to the root of drivers and follow: del /a/f autorun.inf  to delete the virus from all the drivers. Just keep in mind that you have to delete from driver C first.

Sometimes after deleting this virus manually, Autorun will back after some whiles. This is because of the improvements of this virus. So there is not just a notepad by the name Autorun. There are some other attached exe files with that like 3o.exe , sxs.exe , semo2x.exe , system.exe , m88coaim.exe which are not removable manually. So in order to remove virus, at first you have to remove the attached ones. Download and install Avast antivirus which is able to remove exe files.

The third way

Another way to remove virus is to open the notepad. Copy the below command   [AutoRun]open=explorer.exe . and save by the name and suffix “Autorun.inf”. Go to the      [AutoRun]open=explorer.exe and untick ” hide extensions for known file types” to show the file suffixes. Make all the hidden and super hidden visible and copy the Autorun file in all the drivers. By coping this file if there were any other files with this name, system will ask you for the replacing the file. Then you have to press YES. Repeat this process for all the other drivers in order to replace the Autorun virus by the Autorun file you made.

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