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remove spyware - how to remove spy app from Android phone
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Underspy Application

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How to remove spyware from Android phone

how to remove spyware from Android phone
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There are many reasons why someone would use a spy application. Parents may need to supervise their kids’ internet usage by using a parental control form of a spyware. Employers may need a spy tool to monitor or track down employees. But what if someone uses a spyware with malicious intents? For example, an extremely jealous spouse would want to spy on husband or wife using a hack tool. Are you seeing signs of a spyware on your smartphone? If you know for a fact that someone has installed a spyware on your device, now you have to get rid of it. This guide will help you to remove spyware from your Android phone.

Change all your passwords

If you have detected a spy app on your phone, you probably need to change all the passwords to the synced accounts. This way you will ensure and maximize the safety of your personal data.

Disconnect your phone from the internet

The first thing you need to do if you are sure that some one is spying on you is to disconnect your phone from the internet. Once your phone is disconnected, it will no longer send information. Go back online only when you are sure you have got rid of the spyware.

Factory reset your phone to remove spyware

This is the most effective method that I can recommend any one. Factory reset will restore your device to its factory settings and all the apps will be removed except the default ones. It will remove spyware from your device as well.

Factory reset will wipe out all the data on your phone (images, videos, etc.) so make sure to backup your data before you reset your device.

To restore factory settings, go to Settings > Backup & reset and tap on Factory data reset.

Update your Android

By installing another version for your operating system, the spyware would probably stop working. If you want to update your Android, remember not to backup your applications. You may transfer the unwanted application to your new version of Android.

Install antivirus on your device

Use an effective antivirus for Android device to protect it from malware and spyware. Most of antivirus tools are able to detect a spyware. So using an antivirus to maximize your protection against spying tools.

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