How to Record WhatsApp calls

record whatsapp calls

record whatsapp calls

The ability to record calls is something that many smartphone users are looking for. Nowadays, we do most of our communications via messaging apps like WhatsApp. Many of us now even make their calls via WhatsApp. But sometimes, you may want to record a call to be able to listen to it later. So how is it possible to record WhatsApp calls on smartphones? In this article, I will introduce an application which can enable to record regular calls or record calls on messaging apps. Read along to find out more about Real Call Recorder application.

In many cases we want to record everything that is going on in WhatsApp with complete confidentiality. There are a lot of call recording apps but most of them are designed to record regular calls only. You might be looking for an application which is able to record VoIP calls quickly and efficiently. Real Call Recorder provides the user with the best solution for accessing high quality voice call recording.

If you are looking for a way to record WhatsApp calls, Real Call Recorder application is a great choice for you.

Best app to record WhatsApp calls

It is worth mentioning that Real Call Recorder has achieved a lot of achievements in the recent period because of the high capabilities and the enormous technologies in it. Real Call Recorder application allows you to record calls pressing a button. The Real Call Recorder program is one of the most powerful programs that can be used accurately, as it supports all formats of sound of different types. This application is also able to record calls with high quality and clarity.

It is absolutely easy to use Real Call Recorder application to record WhatsApp calls. This application will not create any interference with your calls and you can even set it to record call automatically.

Features of the best app to record WhatsApp calls

You might be looking for a tool which enables you to record WhatsApp calls. If this is the case, you are in the right place (it rhymes!). Real Call Recorder is an application which allows you to easily record all your calls without too much effort. Here are some of the most significant features of Real Call Recorder application:

  • Record calls with high quality: Real Call Recorder allows you to record all the calls with maximum quality and clarity.
  • Free: Another important feature of Real Call Recorder is that you can use this application to record WhatsApp calls completely free of charge.
  • Save calls with the caller’s number: The program also helps to save the calls by the caller’s number and gives all the caller’s data of his name and all other data and allows options to save the recordings in many ways such as saving them in gallery or sending them by e-mail or within cloud storage
  • Set a timer for recording calls: Real Call Recorder allows you to set a timer and set a date and time for the calls to be recorded.
  • Maintain privacy and security: Real Call Recorder works to preserve the privacy of all files that are recorded so that no one can access them permanently because of the preservation and passwords you can put.
  • Create a call recording list: This application allows you create a list of friends and record all the calls make with them.
  • Remove the beep sound at the beginning of the recording: the program allows you to remove all sounds that appear at the beginning of the recording.

The best call recording software for WhatsApp, which is easy to use so that everyone can handle it conveniently and quickly as the important icons are located on the main interface of the program, and the program is one of the best programs for the field of recording calls on whatsApp.

Download Real Call Recorder to record WhatsApp calls

If you are looking for a tool to record WhatsApp calls, real call recorder is definitely your best option. You can download real call recorder easily from the link below.

Download Real Call Recorder

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