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Microsoft edge

Microsoft the richest company ever set Internet explorer as a default for all the computers, laptops and all other devices. Now Internet explorer is remembered as a nostalgia for everyone that ‘s because there is almost nobody who uses this browser. One of the useful features of this explorer is downloading other browsers like google […]

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best Android games 2018

Today is the world of technology and the creative people like the Apple and Android owners have been using this technology to show their creativity and power to the world. Beside the owners, there is an intense competition among the fans of these two operating systems. This competition means a lot to the games addictions […]

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create GIF

Telegram is one of the most popular applications among the people in all over the world. By coming the new versions, it presents more and more interesting equipment. One of the last feature of this messenger was creating own stickers and own emojis which were going to meet by the users. Now there is another feature […]

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