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Telegram secret chat - All you need to know about secret chat feature
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All you need to know about Telegram secret chat

Telegram secret chat feature
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Telegram is an instant messenger which is gaining more and more popularity nowadays. Despite some security flaws, Telegram is considered to be one of the most secure instant messengers.  Telegram offers end to end encryption in a feature called Telegram secret chat in which all the chats are fully encrypted. This encryption eliminates chances of hack Telegram. There is no Telegram hack tool that can spy on secret chat.

What is Telegram secret chat

If you want be really sure that your messages are secure, secret chat is your best option. All secret chat messages use end-to-end encryption. This means that no one can read your messages except you and your recipient. Also, you can’t forward messages from secret chats. You can set a self-destruct timer for your messages so they will disappear after a while. Furthermore, secret chats are not stored in Telegram cloud. So you can be sure that your messages will never get out of your device.

How to start a secret chat

In order to start a secret chat you can tap on the message icon to start a new message. Then, tap on New Secret Chat and choose a contact.

You can also open a contact and then tap on Start Secret Chat.

when you start a secret chat with a friend, that chat is only available on that device and not your other devices. Also, if you log out of your Telegram account, you will loose all your secret chats on that device!

Secret chat only works when the person is online. So, if the person is offline the chat will wait until they are back online.

How to create self-destruct secret chat in Telegram

Self-destruct timer allows you to set a time for your messages. All your messages will be deleted in that certain amount of time.

To do so, tap on the three dots on top of the secret chat page and tap on set self-destruct timer and choose a time limit. Once a message is displayed on the recipient’s screen, the timer starts. The message will vanish from both screens as the timer ends.

Also, you will be notified when one of the sides take a screenshot from the chat.

How to cancel Telegram secret chat

If you have sent a secret chat invitation by mistake and you want to cancel it just tap on the three dots in the secret chat page and tap on Clear history. this will cancel the secret chat. Also if you want to close a secret chat with a friend, simply delete the conversation and tap on Delete and Exit and the secret chat will end.

Telegram desktop secret chat

unfortunately, secret chat feature is not supported in Telegram desktop. This feature may be offered in future Telegram updates.

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