How to lock Telegram chats

lock telegram chats

Telegram messenger has gained much popularity since it offers various types of features and options to its users. You can do a great things with those features and you can also start fun and secure conversations within the app. There are many Telegram tips that makes users able to have convenient chats and easy phone calls. But have you ever thought that how can you have secure chats within Telegram? If you haven’t, then we offer a method that helps you to lock Telegram chats.

This is a great quality that Telegram offers such a security and privacy feature, since not many social applications offers such an option to users. If you are eager with knowing how to lock Telegram chats on your phone, this is the right place for you.

A method to lock Telegram chats on your device

There were many times when you didn’t want anyone to enter to your Telegram application. You may also doesn’t want anybody to sneak into your chats within Telegram. By the method below will be able to lock your Telegram chats and prevent strangers from seeing your personal chats in Telegram.

To lock Telegram chats, first you need to go to Telegram settings then hit privacy and security and enter to passcode area. From here, enable your passcode and lock Telegram chats on your android device. Then enter a passcode which is easy to remember and hard for others to guess.

Another thing that you can do, is that you can set an auto-lock time that will automatically lock Telegram chats when you are away for a specific time. You can also set a password manually by selecting the lock icon on the homepage of the app. you lock chats through tapping on the lock icon on Telegram’s homescreen as well.

How to experience a secure chat on Telegram?

You may have noticed that if you lock Telegram chats on your device, you will have more privacy on Telegram. But have you ever thought that do your kids have privacy on Telegram? or even are they safe on Telegram? well, we answer that if you install Underspy monitoring application, you can let your children experience a safe environment on Telegram. You can download and install this hacking tool to monitor Telegram account of your kids and track them online. You are also able to prevent any online harms from your youngsters. Use this tool, as it will be a way for parents to give care to their kids when they are using Telegram social messenger.

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