Telegram tips you need to know to become a pro user

telegram tips

Telegram as a private and group messaging application, is nowadays doing pretty well in the world of social applications. since it was created and officially released for the public, it shined as a great star among other social apps. Telegram has always did something great for its users and release updates each month. Telegram latest update was released on November 15 which includes several great abilities that made users fascinated. there are millions of users across the globe who use this application but not all of them know tips and tricks of Telegram. if you are reading this post and you are wondering how to use these Telegram tips, you can keep up with the rest of the text to get all necessary information about these tips.

Telegram tips to become a pro user

In this post we want to show you some Telegram tips and tricks that allows you to become a Telegram professional user. let’s have a deeper look at these tips.

disable message preview

There may have been several time when someone else wanted to look at your messages and you didn’t want this to happen. by turning off message preview, you may no longer have this concern, because the messages notifications which appears on your smartphone, only includes the name of the sender and no other extra information about that message.

to enable this option, head to Settings > Notification and Sounds and turn off Message Preview.

You can hide your last seen for specific people

This option is also available on Whatsapp messenger too, but in Telegram you can hide your last seen for some people you like while in Whatsapp you can hide your last seen only for everyone. when you hide your last seen for some specific users, they can only see the approximate last seen time of yours, like last seen recently, last seen within a week or last seen within a month.

Self destructing secret chats

This option can be the only advantage of Telegram over other social applications. this provides the feature of end-to-end encryption for Telegram users which means a high security environment. this option within Telegram will remove all of your chats in the specified time.

to enable this feature, hit the three dot button in a secret chat and tap Set self-destruct timer. now, select the time after which you want the messages to destruct. once you have done this, your chats within the specified time, will be omitted.

You can lock your chats

There may be an occasion when you want to lock your chat rooms. if you want to have this privacy feature, go to Settings>Privacy and Security->Pass-code Lock and enable it. by doing so, no one will ever access your chat history on Telegram.

Telegram security measures

Telegram, as mentioned above, has the ability of end-to-end encryption which means it can provide a high security for users, however hackers could spy on Telegram user accounts sometimes before and breach into those accounts. this is a bad news but there is a remedy for this. if you want to secure your lower age users from any online harms, you can download Underspy hacking tool to control your kids on Telegram.

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