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Instagram vs Snapchat . which app is the better one?
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Instagram vs Snapchat. Which is the better app?

Instagram vs Snapchat
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Both Instagram and Snapchat are popular social messaging apps among people! They have lots of fans!Users who share moments of their daily life with their friends. These apps can also be used for other purposes like marketing! Here we are going to compare Instagram vs Snapchat from different aspects so you can decide which one is a better choice for your target.

 Instagram vs Snapchat


To know the winner of Instagram vs. Snapchat competition, We should consider the following information about both apps:


People tend to send posts with higher resolution on Instagram and unfiltered, raw  ones on Snapchat mostly because posts on Instagram can stay on  your profile but Snapchat posts disappear after 24 hours!But with Instagram having introduced the new story feature, people are also posting more unedited posts on this app so the option of having a temporary post is available on both Instagram(as stories) and Snapchat(as Snaps) and both apps are provided with high security which means it’s too hard to hack Instagram and Snapchat.

Instagram posts are public unless you make your profile private while snaps on Snapchat are usually between two accounts.


Another thing which could be important in choosing the better app in Instagram vs Snapchat contest is to know about the discoverability of people on these two applications. On snapchat only your friends can see your profile and little information is there to be seen while on Instagram you can have a public profile which shows the number of your followers,followings and the posts you have shared.


On Instagram you can like and comment the posts which can be seen by others you can also send direct messages to people which will be read only by the recipient while on Snapchat people can only view their friend’s snaps and  reply them and all this can just be viewed by the recipient(This also is available on Instagram story part )


Instagram has launched ads on its platform and these ads can be easily created by using the robust Facebook ads manager since this app is part of Facebook. Snapchat has also launched its self-serve Snapchat ad manager which makes it easier for businesses to run ads on this application.


Now you can decide whether the app you are using is appropriate for your purpose or not! Hope this was informative enough for you!



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