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Instagram direct messaging app is to be released soon
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Instagram direct messaging app is to be released soon

instagram direct messaging
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Instagram is a photo sharing social application which allows you to be in a big world of communication with thousands of contacts. you can make your picture beautiful with the tools within the app and share it to your friends. besides of photo sharing, the company released new update which makes you able to share videos and Gifs too. its newest update was that you can import your Instagram contacts to your Facebook messenger. the social application company has been always trying to launch new and fascinating updates to please its users. for this cause, it is now testing its latest update which is Instagram direct messaging app. in this post we are gong to elaborate on this matter more and give some information about this new release.

Instagram direct messaging app is great assist to you

It was assumed that Instagram was only created for photo, video and gif sharing. many people have thought that the only use of Instagram, is to make daily stories of yours and put inside Instagram story mode. but currently, Instagram direct messaging app has been released which can help you a lot with sending messages to your contacts.

the new application will let you to share stories, enjoy unique filters and use boomerang tool. your Instagram friends would be quickly added to Instagram direct messaging app.

Why Instagram has added an standalone direct messaging app?

Of course the question arises that why Instagram wants to release a separate direct messaging app while this feature is available within Instagram? the answer can be the continuous battle between Instagram and Snapchat social application. it’s been a long time that the contest between Instagram and Snapchat existed, so the creation of new standalone apps are expected by both sides.

Instagram has won the contest since Instagram story feature caused lower usage of Snapchat story option. based on this fact, by Instagram launches its direct messaging app, it will a damage to Snapchat direct messaging feature.

the only thing which both applications have in common is a low security. about months ago, there was a report of Instagram hacking and also Snapchat had the same thing with itself. hackers could spy on Instagram‘s contacts personal data and they did the same with Snapchat. so both of these social medias are vulnerable to threats, however you can experience a safer Instagram and Snapchat by doing some tips mentioned in previous posts.

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