improve iPhone security with these tips

improve iPhone security

improve iPhone security

It is beyond doubt that everyone needs to keep their personal data safe. On the other hand, we are always thinking of making it easier and faster to access our data. But this will in turn make it easier and faster for others to break in. So, there should be a balance between the ease of access and data security. iPhone and iPad devices create this balance for the users. But still there are ways through which you can improve iPhone security .Follow this article to find out some iPhone security tips.

The biggest security threat to any iPhone user is theft. So you need to consider security issues to prevent a disaster if your phone gets stolen or lost. These are some tips which help you to improve iPhone security before anything bad happens.

Set passcode and touch ID to improve iPhone security

If your iPhone is stolen, the first thing that prevents data theft is your passcode. iOS 9 has increased passcode from 4 digits to 6 digits. So try to choose a passcode which can’t be guessed easily.

Also, if your device supports Apple’s touch ID scanner (till now, it means iPhone 7 series, iPhone 6 series and 6S series, SE, and 5S, as well as both iPad Pro models, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 and 4), make sure to use it. Using a touch ID is more convenient as well as secure. You don’t need to enter a 6-digit passcode every time you want to use your device.

Enable Find My iPhone

If your iPhone gets stolen, Find My iPhone is a way which helps you to get it back. Find My iPhone is a built-in GPS tracker which helps you to improve iPhone security. You iPhone records your location history and this allows you to locate a lost or stolen device.

Find My iPhone allows you to ring your device even if it is on silent mode. You can remotely set a passcode for your phone with a message displaying on the screen. You can also remotely wipe out all you data using Find My iPhone.

Don’t jailbreak your iPhone

Antivirus software is the main way to maintain security for your computers. But do we need iPhone antivirus? Well the answer to this question is negative unless you jailbreak your device!

Jailbreaking allows you to customize your device and install apps which are not offered in App Store. This is not approved by Apple as it will put your device at risk. The only viruses and malware that were able to attack iPhone were only for jailbroken devices. So if you are concerned about your security, don’t jailbreak your device.

Encrypt your backups

When you sync your iPhone with your computer, your data will also be stored on your computer. This means that your data can be accessible to anyone other than you that uses the computer. Data encryption allows you to improve your data security.

When you sync your phone, open the Options section right under the picture of your device. Check the box next to Encrypt iPhone backup or Encrypt iPod backup.

This feature requires you to enter your password every time you need to access your data.

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