What is forest application good for?

forest application

forest application

Nowadays with the extension of the technology, people have got addicted to their smartphones. This may happen for everyone. People can not put their cellphones away even when they are with friends or the most important person of their life. This addiction made people less sociable and causes the extreme isolation. Many people have just one best friend which is their phone. This issue is going to be a disaster in the future. In addition to the isolation, it can stop people from doing the routine but necessary jobs they have to do. In this article we have provided you a method, forest application to prevent this bad habit from becoming an addiction.

What is forest application?

This application is free on android and needs a little payment for ios. Once you have purchase it is enough to use it for ever you want. As you download and install this app on your phone, you will have a little seed which you have to grow it by high concentration on what you do without phone. This app is somehow like the focus keeper, another application for iphon which makes you to focus on your job for a short time and rewards you with a break. On the other hand, forest wants you to keep your cellphone away and not to kill your daily time with checking social network and any other apps on your phone.

How does forest work?

As I mentioned above, you will have a small seed at the first you install the app. You have to set a time to do your daily jobs without any distraction from your phone. The default time of the app is thirty minutes which you can increase it. The application is open during the set time. If you check your phone to see how is the growth process, you will receive a message “go back to your work” or “don’t look at me”. Whenever you finish your time successfully, you will have one tree. Otherwise, if you exit the app to check any other app or to answer the message you receive, you will ruin your tree and the only thing remains is an only branch.

The other features

Forest application is a good motivation to plant lots of trees and make your own field. The more time you set, the more trees you plant. You can also share your tress with your friends and make a competition. After you have made a great field, this application gives you a credit for planting a real tree in a development country. This app can be a great reward for the ones who love nature.

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