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Download WhatsApp Plus Application Latest Version 2018
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Download WhatsApp Plus Application Latest Version 2018

download WhatsApp Plus
Download WhatsApp Plus Application Latest Version 2018
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Whatsapp Plus 2018 is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application. You can download WhatsApp Plus application to have the features which are not available on the official version of WhatsApp.  For example, you can hide the blue ticks, hide online status, hide is typing… and hide your last seen time on WhatsApp. You can also use WhatsApp Plus to add themes and colors to your WhatsApp account.
By downloading WhatsApp Plus latest version of Android and for iPhone, you can add automatic reply and direct site sharing, log status of more than 30 seconds, delete sent messages, and many other special features. Follow me through this article for the link to download WhatsApp Plus and find out more about the features of this application.

How to install WhatsApp Plus

After you download WhatsApp Plus latest version on your phone, you will need to take the following steps to install it on your device.

Before you download WhatsApp Plus and start installing it on your device, you must back up WhatsApp chats by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your original settings> Settings> Chats> Back up chats.
  2. Go to Application Manager> WhatsApp> Force stop> Clear cache.
  3. Download WhatsApp Plus latest version
  4. Open the WhatsApp Plus application> activate WhatsApp Plus with your phone number> restore the conversations on WhatsApp Plus.

First: If you have a version of WhatsApp + 2, go to “File Manager” or “My Files” on your mobile device and search for a file with the name WhatsApp2Plus.

Second: Long press on the file and then tap on rename.

Third: Name the file WhatsApp2 and then click on OK.

Fourth: Now delete the old version of Watts App 2 then download WhatsApp + 2 and install it and the previous conversations will be restored.

Features of WhatsApp Plus latest version

Here are all the great features you can have if you download WhatsApp Plus application:

  1. Hide online status: This feature is one of the best features you can have if you download WhatsApp Plus application. You can hide online status and also hide last seen date and time by using this application.
  2. Hide the blue ticks: The sender can not tell if you have read their messages, but in return you know that he has read the messages and only shows you the Blue Ticks.
  3. Hide the second received tick: The sender can not tell you that you received the message. If this option is activated on WhatsApp Plus, you can retrieve the messages you have deleted.
  4. Hide the is typing feature: You can also hide hiding the is typing for the other side of the conversation by using WhatsApp Plus.
  5. Hide is recording feature: When you record a track on WhatsApp, you can hide thr message “is recording” at the other end.
  6. Hide the played signal: Hide the sender that you have listened to the voice on WhatsApp Plus.
  7. Hide that you saw the status: You can hide that you have seen the status of friends, and thus you can watch the stories of your friends without their knowledge.
  8. Activate Undelete Messages: In WhatsApp Plus, you can activate the option not to delete messages sent by friends, so they will not be able to delete messages sent to you.

Download WhatsApp Plus application

If you would like to download WhatsApp Plus to use all its great features, you can use the link below to download it.

WhatsApp Plus APK

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial article. Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments section.

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