Download Tutuapp VIP Free for iPhone without Jailbreak

download Tutuapp VIP

download Tutuapp VIP

Tutuapp VIP is the paid version of the Tutuapp application, which became the number one among the best Chinese stores to download paid applications and games for free. You can use this application to download apps such as Instagram Plus and Snapchat Plus and other plus applications. Tutuapp offers a paid or Vip version. You can download TuTuApp VIP for free from this article to download the most popular paid applications and games for free.

What is Tutuapp VIP?

TuTuApp has gained great fame after the launch of the Pokemon Go game, and as we all know Pokemon Go is not available to all countries so most of the game users who are not available to download it in their countries resort to the TuTuApp shop to catch up with Pokemon. iPhone users can download TutuApp VIP and use it without jailbreak.

There have been many improvements and modifications in the TutuApp store. This app has been updated and some changes have been made. The name of the store has been changed to TuTuHelper as well as improvements related to the main interface of the store.
TuTuHelper is compatible with all the latest versions of iOS. You can download many applications, and paid games for free if you download TutuApp VIP.

And one of the most important things that make it distinct from other stores is that you do not need to jailbreak to install it.

What is the difference between Tutuapp free and Tutuapp VIP?

Tutuapp VIP or Tutu helper VIP is a paid version of the Chinese Tutuapp shop offers some features that users resort to download Tutuapp VIP the paid version of this application store instead of the free version.

The difference between the paid version and the free version of the Tutuapp store is that the free version offers you the ability to use the apps and the games for a very short time and not more than two weeks, and after that time the shop stops and in this case the store must be deleted And downloaded again. In addition, the free version does not contain all programs and games. This is while the paid version of software certificates are long and up to two years and available for all programs and games which are paid in the App Store.

By downloading the paid version, you will find that the store offers the same features of the free version, such as downloading plus applications without jailbreak, but also is characterized by the lack of ads in the store and in the apps. carried by and after the download will be able Remove ads from programs in Windows completely.

And also the advantage you can have if you download Tutuapp VIP is that the process of downloading on the iPhone and iPad is easy and simple and do not need to use a computer. Just follow the steps below and follow the explanation in the pictures to be able to install the Tutuapp VIP version on your phone.

How to download Tutuapp VIP for iPhone and iPad

In this article, I will enable you to download the paid version of the Tutuapp VIP store but without paying any money by entering the download link below. You will be able to download Tutuapp VIP without paying any fees and without purchasing.


Step 1: Click on the download link below the explanation and open it through the Safari browser.

Step 2: You will see an ad on the screen, wait 5 seconds and skip it.

Step 3: After you skip the ad you will see a message. Click on install to download the paid version Tutuapp VIP.

Step 4: After you download TutuApp VIP shop on your phone, open it and you will be asked to verify it:

Go directly to Settings > then go to General > and then scroll down to Profiles & Device Management option and verify Tutuapp VIP.

Download TutuApp VIP free

If you would like to download TutuApp VIP for free, you can download this application for free from the link below.

TutuApp VIP free

I hope you found this tutorial article useful. If you have any questions or any trouble downloading the file, please don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments section.

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