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mSpy application

mSpy application

Everybody knows spying as inappropriate activity in the virtual world. But it is not always like this if you are a careful parent. There are many spy applications like truth spy which are designed with the purpose of parents monitoring on their children. Also, there are many other users who install this application for other usages. One of the fans of these spy applications are couples who want to be aware of their husband or wife in order to prevent cheating. In better words, in order to be aware of cheating.  These applications can be a good option for the employers who are doubtful of some suspicious employees. Anyway misusing these application have its own consequences for the personal usages. In the following, we are going to study more about one of the top 10 spy apps named mSpy application.

How to use mSpy application?

Remember that using all kinds of spying applications needs a target phone to install the app on it. So first of all, you need to be alone with the target phone for a few minutes. After registering on the website and buying a license, you can download the files and install them on the target phone. The good news is that the app is going to be hidden after the installation. So there is no clue for the victim to understand that someone is spying his/her device. After the successful installation, you can monitor all the activities from your control panel. You can use any kind of web browser to access your mSpy panel. Another good feature of this application is that you can change the target device as many times as you want without buying a new license.

Features of mSpy application

Like many other spying applications, mSpy enables you to access all the sent and received messages with the exact time even if the victim have deleted them. This holds true about the calls. You can have the list of incoming and outgoing calls with the details such as the call duration, the number and the saved name. By using this application you have the option to block any items in the target phone. For example, if you have found a contact dangerous to your child, or you do not want your child to receive any messages and calls from the certain number, you can easily go through the setting  of your panel  and enter the number or any other items like application or website and finally block them.

Unlike underspy application that provides a complete package of equipment like recording the conversation or the surrounding voice, mSpy application lacks this option. But instead it benefits from another feature which can rarely be found in any other spy apps. This feature named keylogger which reports anything the victims type. Using this feature, you are all aware of all the privacy password of the phone. Cool, huh?

Another option that distinguish mSpy application from others is the “Keyword Alerts” feature. You can set some words that you are obsessive about like Sex, Drug, Drug dealer, gun and any other words you want. So anytime the victim types these words in a text or email or anywhere else, the alarm rings and determine in which part the victim uses that.

Just like other spy apps, mSpy benefits its users from tracking the browsers. The victim has no way to get rid of this feature. By using this feature, you can be ware of what your child search on the browser. Also, as mentioned above, you are able to block any website that considered harmful. In addition, you have complete access to the camera and gallery. This feature enables you to see the taken, sent and received pictures. The app also lets you monitor all the sent and received messages and calls on the social networks.



MSpy application is available on all kind of Android and IOS operating system and also on MAC and Linux. It is free to download and free to examine the app for seven days. But you have to pay for buying a license.

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