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GTA game

GTA game

There is no limited search for the latest games especially for games addicted. The wide taste of people force the creators to think about something new and unique which is totally different with each of the last games. All the new games are so unique in their types and are dedicated to especial users. The horror games like Night terror or mariam, Adventure games like Fortnite or Minecraft are all different kind of games for different people. Grand Theft Auto or GTA game is an action adventure video game series which takes players in different cities and estates.

This can be the best game for the ones who has not have this chance to travel american cities. If you always had a dream about America, your dream will come true. Of course most games in the series are in fictional cities. In this article, we are going to study about the game play and features of this game.

What is GTA game?

The game makes players to play in different cities base on the missions you receive. The first game encompasses three fictional cities. The game provides you some missions which you are able to choose any of them. Some of the missions are like engaging in the side activities, driving, third person shooting, occasional role playing, stealth and racing elements. In the game, there are many protagonists who try to rise through the criminal under world with different motivations in each game. On the other hand, there are some Antagonist characters who have cheated on the protagonists or their organization or the ones who are trying to prevent the protagonists from doing their progress.

How to play GTA game?

If you have ever thought about being a great criminal, you can make your dream comes true. This game will let you take a role of a criminal in a big city. During the game, the kings and idols give you some mission which you have to complete them in order to develop and progress through the story line. The game needs the players who are so brave and are not afraid of blood and killing. One of the main features of the game is which is so brilliant is terror and other violent crimes.

There are some other actions which are involved with the violence like taxi or bus driving, firefighting, street racing or learning how to fly a helicopter. During the game, you have a relationship with others characters. The missions that you choose determine your type of relationship. If you are going to be a friend or enemy.

Features of GTA game

The latest version of the game has more voice acting and radio station. So you can use them while driving a car listening to music, commercials, talk radio, pop music and get to know the American culture. The game use vehicle to make the working city similar to urban area by using the pedestrians who obey traffic signals.

The creators made the game more exciting by entering the smart police officers. So every illegal action you do will not be ignored by the police. When the player engages with illegal activities, they receive Wanted level which maximum of five or six stars will present it. The stars depend on how big the crime is. A small crime will create a one star wanted level situation. Bigger crimes like shooting a police may bring more stars. More stars, more police attacks. In one star situation, there are a few police cars chasing you. More stars, tank and attack helicopter will chase down the player. Players can avoid the police attacks by spending in-game money or avoiding detection in order to re paint the car in order to avoid the police.

Download the game

If you have enjoyed the game and its role play, download it without any doubt. This game is totally free to download and there is no need for in-game purchasing.

Download the game


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