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Android phone can be charged faster by these tips
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Android phone can be charged faster by these tips

android phone
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Each year android new updates are coming out and some of those updates are regarding to android security. there were sometimes when hackers breached into android based devices  and have stolen users personal data. they are also reports that hackers are searching for a method to spy on android phones this year. this may be one of the problems, but another considerable problem of android phones, is their battery life spam. most users are concerning that if their android phone battery can survive for a full day or not and if they can somehow charge their cellphones faster. however there are some ways by which you can make your android phone battery life longer. some tips below, have been provided for you to try and see whether you can have an android phone with a faster charging speed or not. let’s see what they are.

9 ways to making your android phone battery life, longer

Close unused apps

First thing’s first, closing all unused apps, will really help your android phone battery to survive more. whenever you need to charge your phone faster, try this way, as it will assist you a lot.

Do not use your android phone while charging

Another step for making your cellphone charge faster, is not using it while charging. this is often overlooked and most of people use their phone at the middle of its charging time. by doing so, you will make your cellphone charge a lot faster.

Turn on airplane mode

Network signals, is the most determining factor in your android phone battery draining. if your cellphone receives a poorer network, your cellphone’s battery will be drained faster. the easiest way to prevent this, is to simply enable your airplane mode. by this way, you are charging your android phone, by 25% faster. you can enable your airplane mode by swiping down the notification bar and select airplane mode icon. there is also an alternative way. you can hold power button of your device and by the time the airplane mode appeared, tap on it.

Use a powerbank

It may have sometimes happened to you that you must head to somewhere and your android phone needed charging. in this case, powerbank seems to be a nice assist. you can use that even when you are on your way to somewhere.

Enable power saving mode

Most Samsung devices have this mode and other cellphones as well. instead of turning on airplane mode, you can try this way, because turning airplane mode on, will disable all your networks and power saving mode is an advantage over airplane mode. do this method as it is a great way to speed up your android phone charging.

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