What is Ccleaner and how does it work?

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how does ccleaner work

At the first days of technology because the equipment was not as wide as today, people did not face any problem with their computers. These days we use many applications and so many websites that can slow down the system. If you check your device after some whiles using, you will see how much useless apps and data you have. These caches do not show themselves just by filling the space and speed down the device. In this case, we recommend one of the popular application to get rid of the problems of your windows. Ccleaner which is the most used app, can help you to give your computer a longer life.

What is ccleaner?

Ccleaner is an application mostly for the devices which runs with Microsoft windows. It helps you to clean the bulky and useless files and make more space in your computer. Whenever you use or download any application, you will save the relevant files into your cache. In this case, ccleaner deletes the cache automatically even the cache from other browsers like Firefox, Chrome and so on. It also can be a good protector in the way which cleans the history of your browser. So it doesn’t keep any trail of where you have been and what you have searched.

How does ccleaner work?

Once you have installed the app, it has the default setting which erases the temporarily files and the full cache. Another feature of this application is that you can go to the setting and  specify your desired files to be cleaned. By once you have checked the files, this app will clean them later itself. Some windows devices run some applications as the systems startup. If you are the one who has this problem, ccleaner will help you to check your desired app in the startup.

Other features

Although this app can be a protector of your privacy, it can not be as antivirus. Because the application can recognize the useless files and the history, many people think that it can recognize the Trojan and the Malware but it cannot. Another thing that is necessary to know is that you do not need to install this application on your new device. Because ccleaner erase the cache frequently, it can be a little harmful to your device. Deleting cache for a long time slow down your browser. The another thing that can suffer users is deleting the history of browser. Many people want to keep the history for the next time, but this app won’t let them access the previous websites.

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