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download WhatsApp Plus

Whatsapp Plus 2018 is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application. You can download WhatsApp Plus application to have the features which are not available on the official version of WhatsApp.  For example, you can hide the blue ticks, hide online status, hide is typing… and hide your last seen time on WhatsApp. You can also use WhatsApp Plus to add themes and colors to your WhatsApp account.
By downloading WhatsApp Plus latest version of Android and for iPhone, you can add automatic reply and direct site sharing, log status of more than 30 seconds, delete sent messages, and many other special features. Follow me through this article for the link to download WhatsApp Plus and find out more about the features of this application.

How to install WhatsApp Plus

After you download WhatsApp Plus latest version on your phone, you will need to take the following steps to install it on your device.

Before you download WhatsApp Plus and start installing it on your device, you must back up WhatsApp chats by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your original settings> Settings> Chats> Back up chats.
  2. Go to Application Manager> WhatsApp> Force stop> Clear cache.
  3. Download WhatsApp Plus latest version
  4. Open the WhatsApp Plus application> activate WhatsApp Plus with your phone number> restore the conversations on WhatsApp Plus.

First: If you have a version of WhatsApp + 2, go to “File Manager” or “My Files” on your mobile device and search for a file with the name WhatsApp2Plus.

Second: Long press on the file and then tap on rename.

Third: Name the file WhatsApp2 and then click on OK.

Fourth: Now delete the old version of Watts App 2 then download WhatsApp + 2 and install it and the previous conversations will be restored.

Features of WhatsApp Plus latest version

Here are all the great features you can have if you download WhatsApp Plus application:

  1. Hide online status: This feature is one of the best features you can have if you download WhatsApp Plus application. You can hide online status and also hide last seen date and time by using this application.
  2. Hide the blue ticks: The sender can not tell if you have read their messages, but in return you know that he has read the messages and only shows you the Blue Ticks.
  3. Hide the second received tick: The sender can not tell you that you received the message. If this option is activated on WhatsApp Plus, you can retrieve the messages you have deleted.
  4. Hide the is typing feature: You can also hide hiding the is typing for the other side of the conversation by using WhatsApp Plus.
  5. Hide is recording feature: When you record a track on WhatsApp, you can hide thr message “is recording” at the other end.
  6. Hide the played signal: Hide the sender that you have listened to the voice on WhatsApp Plus.
  7. Hide that you saw the status: You can hide that you have seen the status of friends, and thus you can watch the stories of your friends without their knowledge.
  8. Activate Undelete Messages: In WhatsApp Plus, you can activate the option not to delete messages sent by friends, so they will not be able to delete messages sent to you.

Download WhatsApp Plus application

If you would like to download WhatsApp Plus to use all its great features, you can use the link below to download it.

WhatsApp Plus APK

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial article. Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments section.

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WhatsApp Business

The US social networking giant Facebook announced today that it has launched a copy of the application from WhatsApp, which had purchased its rights almost three years ago at a cost of 16 billion US dollars, which is named WhatsApp Business, which is designed for business owners and small business activities.

This application enables businesses to easily interact with customers through the tools they provide, and to give companies a fairly formal presence, as well as no impact on ordinary users who use the application for social networking where the user will be able to fully have control on the messages they receives.

WhatsApp Business is a new application from WhatsApp that was released to share instant messages separately for small businesses through which it can communicate with its customers and employees.

The application is free and can be downloaded and used very easily, allowing companies to respond quickly to employees and provide them with messages free and unlimited, and allow them to know all the latest work and follow up the most important tasks and the latest decisions.

Features of WhatsApp Business

– WhatsApp Business can work on any desktop computer via WhatsApp Web, and can activate the business account through a fixed mobile number only.

– This app also features several tools such as a measurement that allows you to view important data such as the number of messages sent and delivered and successfully viewed.

– WhatsApp new application comes with smart messaging tools that help save time by providing quick answers to frequently asked questions.

– The application also comes with additional features that allow users to recognize the company’s business, e-mail, website and store address as well.

– Restoring  WhatsApp backup of chats from the official WhatsApp application to the WhatsApp Business application is also a prominent feature.

– The ability to install WhatsApp application for the work and apply the original WhatsApp on one mobile and activate each application with a number different from the other.

– By listing the company account as a business account, the business account will be distinguished from the personal account. Over time, some companies will have confirmed accounts after checking the mobile number of the business activity.

What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a new version of the traditional version or application of whatsApp messenger with a different logo than the traditional application logo. The version has the same general design for the application, with different business signal (B) from Business instead of the famous phone icon. You want to know the difference between a traditional WhatsApp account and WhatsApp Business account? Just go to the personal account within the application, and you will see the type of account you own and will show some differences.

But by activating the application of WhatsApp for business you find that its work does not differ significantly from the official application. But when you go to the profile, you will notice many differences in the presentation with a large picture or a large logo is tagged on behalf of your company and enable you to document this account with a mark to be identified as a commercial account.

In addition to the options in the preparation allows you to provide the identity of the company in a professional manner such as address and geographical location and means of communication and e-mail addresses and other commercial details of interest to you as an automated response to customer messages and scheduling promotional messages.

Potential dangers of WhatsApp Business

Before sending any personal information, you need to make sure that the identity of the account you are sending to it is really what it claims to be. It is possible in the new WhatsApp for Business application, many fraud groups take advantage of the opportunity to create fake accounts impersonating the characteristics of companies and it is enough to just go to the profile and will show you the type of Account.

You should also note that WhatsApp accounts will not in any way ask you about your bank account, email address or any of your personal information. In case you face a fake account which tries you to deceive you, all you have to do is ” Report inconvenience “, and then block the account by” blocking “.

WhatsApp Business for computer

Like WhatsApp, Wattasab Business supports the use of the computer via WhatsApp Web, which gives business owners great ease of communication, and requires the use of “WhatsApp Web” phone connection on which the application is installed on the Internet at the same time.

WhatsApp Business is now available for free download to Android devices through the Google Play Store in some countries around the world. The company said it will be available gradually globally over the next few weeks and for iOS devices as well in the near future.

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WhatsApp Cleaner

Is your phone memory always full? Does your phone battery dies too fast? Your phone is slow and heavy in use and looking for a solution to the problem? Many users suffer from problems they face while using the smart phone and the lack of memory space constantly and battery access and access to the mobile data because of social networking applications that consume the phone even if they are not open. Among this social networking applications is WhatsApp that can take up too much space on your mobile phone. But with the help of an app called WhatsApp Cleaner, you can get rid of all the files that you do not need and boost your phone performance.

How to clean up WhatsApp and clear unwanted files

Your phone may sometimes become unusually heavy, or your phone may have lost its normal capacity. Also you may experience some trouble with your phone battery. If you suffer from a full phone memory, or suffer from a slow phone, read along as I have the solution for you.

Tthe solution is to use and download the application called WhatsApp Cleaner for Android, as the application is used to cleanup and scan WhatsApp.  WhatsApp Cleaner shows all files related to WhatsApp application, whether it is voice or video or Photos.

The best tool for speeding up the phone and saving the battery

You must be aware that every time you send and receive images that are related to you, or audio or video clips, the WhatsApp application creates a folder for these media on the Android phone, in addition to the media is added to it and this continues until the folder space increases over time.

This is what slows down your Android phone, so you need to scan and delete files, which accumulate heavily over time on your Android phone and consume a very large amount of your Android phone.

The WhatsApp Cleaner application removes old media files, all kinds of audio, video files, and text files, which you will find stored by WhatsApp. The application also activates the option to delete all files or you can do Choose the type of file you want to delete, for example video files.

The WhatsApp File Remover is the best solution to get rid of the files that accumulate on your Android phone. The application also alerts you to duplicate files on your phone and manages the media files related to the WhatsApp application. Through the phone that concerns you.

However, the application performs the cleanup of the Android phone that is connected to you with the click of a button. In addition, the application provides a large amount of storage through your Android phone, so that the WhatsApp Cleaner application accelerates the Android phone which It concerns you, and removes the media and files that accumulate on the storage space of your phone.

How to prevent file download on WhatsApp without application

The feature of downloading images in Windows and all other media files will put you in an awkward position and store personal photos you shared with your friends. Not only that, it will slow down your connection to the Internet and take up space of memory and phone data.

You can turn off the automatic download of files and media sent to you on your computer. You can stop downloading them on your phone, stop the data and memory consumption of the device, and facilitate the task of scanning unnecessary things that occupy a large area of memory will allow you this feature From downloading just the thing you want to save in your phone.

In order to use this feature you must download the latest version of the 2018 WhatsApp application. On the Settings menu and choose the Data Menu and Storage Area, you will find a set of options about automatically downloading the media.

How to use WhatsApp Cleaner

WhatsApp cleaner lets you choose how long you want to delete the files you choose, and you can either choose to transfer those files to the external SD card or delete files.

The WhatsApp Cleaner application also provides many cleaning features for your Android phone, from the remnants of files you may have previously sent or received through the WhatsApp application.

In addition, the application allows you to retrieve the storage space that is related to you, which has been consumed by the images, media and videos that you no longer need in absolute.

You can also clean the incoming files to the Android phone that is connected to you, automatically and without any problems, either through the automatic cleaner or by choosing the length of time you wish to start by starting the process of cleaning the device.

Download Cleaner for WhatsApp


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HackingTor WhatsApp

WhatsApp is definitely one of the most popular messaging applications around the world. WhatsApp has over 1 billion users worldwide and there are many people who would want to hack WhatsApp account to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages. But is it really possible to hack a WhatsApp account? Is there a spy tool which can track WhatsApp messages? Are tools such as HackingTor WhatsApp real? In this article, I will provide you with a review of the HackingTor WhatsApp hack tool along with some other alternatives you can use if you want to hack WhatsApp. So read along if you are interested.

What is HackingTor WhatsApp?

People might have different reasons to be looking for a WhatsApp hack tool. Whether you are a worried parent or a concerned spouse, circumstances may have convinced you to look for a way to spy on WhatsApp. If it is so, you may have come across a tool called HackingTor which claims it can hack WhatsApp messages. But does this tool really work? Is it really possible to hack WhatsApp without access to the device and only by phone number?

The system used on HackingTor WhatsApp makes an independent check to each WhatsApp account, if the account is vulnerable to an SQL attack, it automatically proceeds to decipher conversations, multimedia files, and other data. The hacked information will be updated every 48 hours and you will receive new WhatsApp chat updates from the hacked device every 2 days. َAnother point about HackingTor WhatsApp is that it is 100% anonymous. Also, the connection between you and HackingTor servers are encrypted. In addition, no download of any sort is required. You can spy on  WhatsApp directly from HackingTor WhatsApp servers.

Does HackingTor WhatsApp really work?

The truth is, there is no such thing as hack WhatsApp by phone number. You need to be a professional hacker in order to hack someone remotely and without any sort of access to their account. There are many apps and tools on the internet which claim they can hack WhatsApp, but most of them are scams and they mainly try to steal your money or your information. The disadvantage about HackingTor WhatsApp is that there is no report of it actually working! On HackingTor website it is mentioned that this tool finds vulnerabilities on WhatsApp and attacks them. But the fact is that there are no known vulnerabilities on WhatsApp. If there were, WhatsApp would have resolved them.

But let’s say HackingTor WhatsApp really works. This tool is only able to monitor WhatsApp and nothing more. So are you looking for a reliable and genuine method to hack WhatsApp messages? Do you want to keep an eye on someone’s WhatsApp account remotely and anonymously? in what follows, I will provide you with a HackingTor WhatsApp alternative which is reliable and professional.

Hack WhatsApp with Underspy

If you are looking for a reliable method to hack WhatsApp, your best solution is definitely Underspy. Underspy is a monitoring tool which is designed for the ones who want to track WhatsApp messages with a WhatsApp spy on read someone’s WhatsApp messages. Here is how you can use Underspy:

  1. Create an account on the website and purchase a subscription.
  2. Download the app and install it on the target device.
  3. Start remote and anonymous monitoring from your control panel.

The great point about Underspy is that it is not just a tool to hack WhatsApp. In fact, there are a number of great features you can have with Underspy. Here are some of them:

  1. Track and record all the calls
  2. Monitor text messages
  3. Track GPS location
  4. Record ambient sounds
  5. Monitor messaging apps such as, Telegram, Viber, LINE, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc.
  6. View web browser history and block specific URLs
  7. Monitor installed application and block specific apps on the target device

In order to use Underspy, you need to purchase a subscription. But you can have a free trial account to see how the app works before you make the purchase.

Start Monitoring Now !


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