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WeChat is a Chinese social messaging app, the users of this application are able to do lots of things like sending texts , videos, photos, reading the news, order food, sending mobile payments, book a doctor’s appointment and etc. It has about 600 million active users monthly and that’s only 100 million less users than Facebook messenger, But the question is “Is it possible to hack WeChat account?”


Different ways to hack WeChat account

No application is 100% safe and hack proof  there are lots of applications which offer services to hack Wechat account. So if you are willing to find out who your partner or kids are talking to on WeChat we can help you to find the best way. The following apps are the most famous ones among available options.


Account hacker, WeChat spy software and Spyzie! All these apps try to help you keep an eye on people and hack WeChat account none of them are completely reliable.

The best way to hack WeChat account

Is there a totally trustworthy application to allow us spy on someone’s account on WeChat? The answer is for sure yes! There’s a professional monitoring software called Underspy which helps you track any account and control them! Before explaining about this app’s capabilities you should know that there’s absolutely no way that you can spy on someone’s account without having access to their device. Underspy has many useful features such as:

  • viewing all the incoming and outgoing conversations.
  • viewing all call logs
  • Having access to all data even if they are deleted directly from you personal control panel
  • seeing the exact date and time of chats.
  • recording all the voice calls and surrounding sounds
  • having access to GPS location
  • managing internet use
  • sending remote commands to do a variety of functions
  • And so much more!

This app is also very easy to use and you will have no difficulties installing and using it . You ca use it to check your employees, your children and spouse and you’d better know that to hack WeChat account is not all this app can do it can also track whatsap, Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram and … accounts!




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WeChat vs WhatsApp

WeChat is a social media software. It is a Chinese messaging app. It is one of the most powerful apps. It was released in 2011. WeChat provides text messaging, voice messaging, video conferencing. It also has video games and location sharing. WeChat has over 889 million users. WeChat supports different messaging methods. These are text message,  walkies talkie and stickers. Users can send saved or live pictures and videos. WhatsApp is an instant messaging app too. The application can send voice calls, text messages, video calls, images and other documents. In this article, I am going to explain WeChat vs WhatsApp features and compare similarities and differences.

What is the similarity between WhatsApp and WeChat?

Both of them use messaging. Another similarity is their simple interface.

What are the differences between WhatsApp and WeChat?

WeChat connects to everything. The different things you can do with WeChat include: reading news, playing games, booking a taxi and ordering food delivery.

WhatsApp has 1.3 billion users  in Europe, North and South America whereas WeChat has 963 million users in China.

WeChat has group messaging. WeChat users can add up to 40 users in each  chat.Furthermore,users can link WeChat to their Facebook account.

WeChat supports a complete video call function but media sharing is limited in WhatsApp.

Another WeChat vs WhatsApp feature is the way users locate folks.  WhatsApp users must understand the handle they enter but WeChat users can search people more easily.

WhatsApp has no gimmicks but WeChat users can use pictures and transfer them into emoticons.

Wechat vs WhatsApp: Other differences

WeChat has a net program which is the best aspect of the program. WhatsApp does not have this option.

WeChat requires no annual subscription while WhatsApp needs subscription after the first year. The subscription fee charged is $0.99 each year.

WhatsApp is less secure as compared to its counterpart. WeChat users need to send requests to their friends but WhatsApp does not offer this secured feature. Instead, the app user can send a message to other friends in his contact list.They do not need any approval.

Is WhatsApp better than We Chat?

WhatsApp is still number 1 in the world in terms of users while WeChat is the number 1 in china.

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wechat features

Wechat is in the category of some of the best online communication services that until now, it gathered hundreds of thousands of users and fans. by this messenger, you can send voice and text messages to your friends and contacts. it is available for iPhone, Android,windows phone and Symbian platform on online shops. this social application has over 600 million active users inside China and 70 million out of this country. also this application has got a lot of interesting and fantastic features that we want to take a closer look at. let’s see what are those Wechat features.

Important Wechat features you must know

Memorable moments

Imagine you took a journey across the Qanari Islands and you are eager to share your remarkable moments with your friends. you can simply do this thing by sharing your moments on Wechat story option. a good about this feature is that you can customize who can see your pictures and videos on Wechat story option. you can do this by selecting the name of contacts you want them to see your status.

Voice chat

WeChat also provides the voice chat feature,It turns your smartphone into a walkie-talkie which is brilliant .You can use that feature under the chat window by simply switch “send message” into “hold to talk.” When you finish a sentence, simply release the “hold to talk” button to send your voice chat message.

Video call

WeChat allows users to make face-to-face video calls by simply press “+” and select “video call” icon under the chat window. The process is just like dialing your contact in your cell phone’s contact book.Whereas no other social text app WhatsApp or Hike Providing yet.


Among all Wechat features, this feature is realy adorable because it allows user to chat with friends between smartphone and computers. According to the description on official website of WeChat, you can “click on the magic wand icon at upper right and select ‘Web WeChat’” to start cross-platform chatting.


The feature of customizing emoticons is one of our favorite feature in every Messaging App & it’s neccesary too.Besides a huge number of emoji collections that WeChat provides, users can also add their own emoticons by simply download from Website, or choosing you’re your own photo album.


Want to get some new friends on WeChat but don’t know where to start & how to start ??Here’s the proper guide for our lovely readers-: Shake your phone and see who are also shaking too at the moment locally and around the world. “Shake” is an interesting way to discover new users and corporate accounts by just few shake of your smartphone.

Look around

If you are a newbie in WeChat, you don’t necessarily need to use ‘Shake’ because maybe you feel uncomfortable talking to people globally. perhaps you want some local friends just like What Laddoo does.” That’s totally fine. this Wechat feature works like this that you need to first Select “Look Around” under the “Social” tab to see who are nearby, and then send your greetings by simply one click.

Social connectivity

As we all know that app created in China, it’s really cool that Tencent(Wechat’s company) has the vision to support the international social network giant – Facebook/Twitter. WeChat also integrates the biggest social network in China – QQ.

What about Wechat security

Aside from Wechat features, the security of this application is important too. according to what the developers has said, texts within this social application, are encrypted and you can have a safe conversation. however, you should always be on alert, because hackers are waiting for your want to experience a safe and secure environment on this online media, or if you are worried about your children security on Wechat, you can simply download Underspy hacking tool to make your account safe or spy on Wechat account of your children.

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