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hide whatsapp online status

How do I hide online status on WhatsApp application? And how to hide the last seen time on WhatsApp for friends? These two are the two most asked questions with regard to the WhatsApp messaging application. There are many ways and programs that allow you to hide last seen time and online status on WhatsApp. here in this article, I will provide you a with a summary of how you can hide WhatsApp online status easily.

Hide WhatsApp online status

If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to hide WhatsApp online status and how to hide it without deleting the app or affecting the features or chat options and chat certainly you have more than one option to get the answer. I order to do so, you can get advantage of an application called WhatsApp Plus which allows you to easily hide online status on WhatsApp.

Hide WhatsApp online status with WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is the updated and modified version of WhatsApp original and built on the latest update from WhatsApp. It enables users to have some features which are not available on the original version of the WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp Plus provides you with great possibilities to maintain your privacy in the program where you can hide your activity completely on the Internet so that no one can see you are online. WhatsApp Plus allows you to hide your last seen time and hide is typing feature easily. Also, privacy can be modified so that no one can see your picture and other features and settings that you will discover yourself when you run WhatsApp Plus.

How to use WhatsApp offline mode

WhatsApp Offline Mode is a unique program that gives you the possibility to hide the online statuswithout any change in the application. and this application is different from the rest of the programs. this application does not hide your online status by disconnecting your app like what other apps do Other apps usually disconnect you from WiFi and from internet and in this way you can hide WhatsApp online status and appear offline to your friends. WhatsApp offline mode is able to make you appear offline on whatsApp without disconnecting your internet.

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download Viber

Viber is one of the most popular free applications among users of social networking applications. It allows all users to send messages, whether text or voice messages, pictures and videos. You can download Viber application to communicate with all your friends and relatives anywhere in the world. You only need to connect to the internet, either through phone data or WiFi, so you can enjoy the ease of communication by sending free text messages via Viber. Here is all you need to know about this application along with the link to download Viber.

History of Viber Application

The Viber application was first introduced in 2010 and its most powerful competitor was the popular Skype application. At first, Viber application was only launched for iPhone but it was later developed in 2011 for use with Android systems.

Viber application attracted the attention of a large number of users in a short time. In 2012, about 100 million users started to download Viber application on their mobile devices. This great number indicates how popular this application is.

Between a very large number of competing applications that offer almost the same features and services, Viber was able to get into the competition in a short period of time and got the attention of the users of the communication applications. Viber application is among the widespread messaging applications that people love to use.

The developer of the Viper application is Israeli-American developer Talmon Marco. The Viber development center is located in Israel and Belarus.

How to use Viber application

The first step in order to use Viber application is to download Viber and install it on your device. Here is how you can use Viber application.

Send messages via Viber

By downloading and using Viber application you can easily connect with all your friends around the world by sending and receiving text messages and enjoy easy communication. All you need is to download Viber application and your friends have the same application, and using the Internet, it can not be easier.

Just choose the number of a friend that you want to communicate with in the application, type the message you want and then click on the send icon on the right of the screen and easily enjoy communication with all your friends using Viber application.

Share photos with friends

With Viber application, you can send pictures to all your friends around the world who use Viber application on their smartphones, whether through phone data or Wi-Fi.

Click on phot icon and select all the photos you may want to share with your friends anywhere in the world and enjoy sharing your unique moments and photos with the free Viber application.

Use more than 1000 stickers

You can use many of the wonderful stickers available on the free application and send a lot of them to your friends. This stickers make communication between friends definitely more fun.

You can download Viber to choose your favourite sticker from more than 1000 stickers available on Viber application.

Use Viber group chats

You can create a group or join a chat group with up to 200 friends in one place, and easily connect with so many friends at the same time, share your photos and moments, and never forget to use Viber stickers as they are really wonderful.

Make Viber voice calls

With Viber you can make a lot of free calls and connect with all your friends easily. It is very simple to download Viber application and use to make a voice call with your friend. If your friend is not on Viber, you can still make a call with him or her but remember that the call will not be free.

If you want to make free calls via Viber application, you can do this easily by typing the number you want to communicate with or selecting from your friends list and then making the connection via the Viber application.

Make Viber video calls

By using the free Viber application, you can try to connect with your friends by making free video calls. Viber’s video calls are the most vivid and easy to use anywhere in the world.

To make free video calls in Viber, open the chat page with your friend you want to make a free video call with, then tap the call button and easily enjoy the free Viber connection.

Features of Viber application

All of the services provided by the Viber application for its users make this application really unique. In addition to free voice and video calls, the Viber application has a large number of features that make the application really enjoyable for users. Here are the most important features you can have if you download Viber application.

  • Simple design and easy to use: The application design is simple, elegant and easy to control enabling users to deal with it easily as soon as it is downloaded.
  • Compatibility: Viber application supports many operating systems such as Android and Windows. The application also works on Nokia, iPhone, BlackBerry and other devices. Smart phones of all kinds of these phones and various systems that work in the application can also be used on computers, laptops and others.
  • Multi-lingual: You can download Viber application in a large number of languages. This makes the process of communication between users in different countries and around the world an easy process and brings cultures closer so that language does not become a barrier between user.

Disadvantages of Viber application

Like any other application, Viber has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some negative points you need to consider if you want to download Viber application

  • Advertisements: Most users may be annoyed by the presence of ads in most free applications. They cause inconvenience to some who prefer to get these applications without ads appearing occasionally when using the application.
    However, most of these applications and similar applications contain ads so you can get over it and enjoy a large number of features provided for free.
  • Need for the Internet: When you download Viber and use it to connect with your friends, you definitely need to connect to the Internet by connecting via phone data or connecting to the Internet through your WiFi network.

Download Viber application

If you would like to download Viber application, you can do it from the direct links below.

Viber for Android

Viber for iPhone

Viber desktop

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One of the most popular messaging apps available on the market is definitely Viber. Viber is a great messaging app which offers free messages and calls for its users. Viber and other messaging apps have managed to make our communications much faster and simpler. But there are times when you feel you are done with a particular app and you no longer want to use it. In this case, you may want to delete your account on that particular application. So, do you want to find out how you can delete Viber account? If it is so, read this article for a tutorial on how you can do that.

Why is it important to delete Viber account if you don’t use it?

Viber is definitely one of the best messaging apps available. But you may feel that it is time to replace it with other brand new applications. In this case, you might assume that if you just remove the application from your phone, it would suffice. But the truth is, if you just uninstall the application, you account will remain out there. This will cause some problems. First of all, your friends will not know that you have removed the app and they might think you are not answering their messages. Also, if you leave your account unattended, it might be possible that someone would hack Viber account of yours or spy on your messages. Because of these reasons, it is essential that you delete Viber account if you no longer want to use it. After you have deleted your account, you can go on to uninstall the application from your device.

If you are thinking about deleting Viber temporarily and you think you may want to get back to your account some day, you definitely need to back up your chats before you delete your account.

How to back up Viber chats

If you want to delete Viber account, it is necessary that you first get a backup of your chats. Here are the steps you need to take if you want to back up Viber account:

  1. Launch Viber on your phone
  2. Tap on ‘More
  3. Select ‘Settings‘ to access more options
  4. Tap on ‘Calls and Messages
  5. Select ‘Email Message History

now you will be navigated to an email page. What you need to do is to type in your email address and send the attached backup file to your email.

Steps to delete Viber account

Now that you have created the backup from your Viber account, you can now proceed to delete your account. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Launch Viber on your phone
  2. Tap on ‘More
  3. Select ‘Settings‘ to access more options
  4. Tap on ‘Privacy
  5. Choose ‘Deactivate Account
  6. Now tap on ‘Deactivate‘ to proceed

These steps will delete your Viber account. When you are done with these steps, you can go on to remove the application from your phone.

I hope you found this tutorial useful. Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments section if you have any.

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viber hidden features

As Viber social messenger is becoming more popular each day, knowing some of the hidden features of the app is seriously required, specially for those who are heavy Viber users. If you have Viber messenger installed on your android device, then you must know some Viber hidden features. These Viber features allow you to have a better experience when communicating with someone on Viber. To understand how to use these Viber hidden features, continue with the post until the end.

What are the Viber hidden features?

You may know how to work with Viber, but you may not be familiar with some of the hidden features within Viber. Well, it should be said that knowing these Viber hidden features will be a great assist to anyone who seek for having a better communication with their friends on Viber. If you are eager to use these features, then let’s take a look at these Viber hidden features.

Turn on smart notifications

On Viber, you will get notified each time you receive a new message as usual. But what if you could combine all the notifications in one? You enable smart notifications to enjoy this feature. follow the steps below:

  • Open the chat you want to turn on smart notifications for
  • swipe to the left side
  • Now, turn on “Smart Notifications”

Switch between conversations as fast as possible

One of the greatest Viber hidden features, is the ability that allows you to switch between chats very fast. You can use this feature according to the steps below:

  • Slide to the right side in a chat-room, then you will see a list of conversations you can chat in
  • Select each one of those, that you want to chat in

You can hide your online status

It may have happened to you many times when you didn’t want anyone to know if you are online or not. Viber has made it possible for users to hide their online status and you can see how to do it in the steps below:

  • Open “Settings” and choose “Privacy”
  • Now, disable “Seen” option

Also for hiding your online status on Viber, you can follow these steps:

  • Open “Settings”
  • Tap on privacy, then disable “Share Online Status”

Hide your chats

There are many times when you don’t want other people to sneak into your private or group chats. You don’t need to be worry about this as Viber offers a great feature to you. You can hide your chats within Viber to prevent others from seeing your private chats. To know how to use this Viber hidden feature, act as following methods:

  • Open the chat you want to hide
  • Choose “Username”
  • Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the page
  • Select “Hide This Chat” and set your password

Viber hidden features have been told and now you can have a great Viber experience when communicating with your contacts online. Use these Viber tips if you are a Viber heavy user.


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