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FaceTime application

FaceTime is a video telephony application like Skype or Oovoo which are the best for video chat.  Unlike these two applications, FaceTime is only available on IOS. Of course, the application was created by Steve Jobs.  At the first days of publish, it was only used for chatting. In 2013, the application enabled users to video chat with others. Unlike the Skype or oovoo, this application is not able to chat with many people at the same time. FaceTime application is completely free and involves no investment to use rather than signing in with your Apple ID. This application has many options that it is worth to mention that it is easy to use and lets you stay in touch with your IPhone ad IPad owner friends and family.

What does Facetime application do?

First of all, we have to inform you about the limited devices such as IPhone 4 or later, MAC with MAC OS X v10.6.6 or later, IPad Mini and IPad2 or later and Fourth generation IPod Touch or later. FaceTime video calling availability depends on carrier policies and data charge. In order to make video call, you need the phone number or email address of your desired contact. You need to enable Facetime while using the IPad,IPod Touch or Mac desktop app, because IPhone automatically register your phone number for FaceTime upon activation.]

At the next level, you have to launch the app as you always begin, enter a valid Apple ID and password or click the dark ” Gray create new account” button which is in the right hand column and fill out the necessary fields like name, location, email and etc. At the next level, choose the phone number and email addresses you want to access with your FaceTime account and allow Apple to automatically verify your account information.

If you are using IPhone, go through the main setting, scroll down and tap on the FaceTime option. Toggle the slider directly right of FaceTime on the resulting menu. While you finish this process, watch your phone number list and add any phone number you want to have in your contacts. You can also choose which email address or phone number you want to appear during outgoing FaceTime calls at the bottom of the menu.

Features of FaceTime application

One of the best features of FaceTime is the Animoji. Apple’s 3D reality cartoon faces which track your own with an IPhone X front facing camera. Group chats are something really necessary not only for friends but also for the coworkers or students and etc. Because of this issue, the creator of this application is going to integrate the group FaceTime with group messages chats. So you can take a text chat into the video chat.

FaceTime is a really simple app which is available on your device by default and there is no need to download. One of the main features of this app which gain the users approval is the quality of calls. Call connects almost automatically and it is really fluid and smooth and the audio quality is good, too. On the other side, the quality of video is so great and clean. Sound is clear and natural and stays in sync with the video feed.


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unreport Instagram

Imagine the world of technology without any rule. What would happen? Anyone can bothers other people by establishing inappropriate and spam posts, messages, comments and so on. If there were not any option to block or report someone from the social network, you would have to tolerate the intruders or totally leave the social network. Fortunately, every social network has its own rules and if any person do not respect them, they are going to be reported or blocked by the application. Instagram is one of the most secured applications which has a great number of users. It is so wider than all the messengers and has its own rules to comfort its users. It is a really sensitive application that doesn’t allow the users to step beyond the rules. There are many questions about these rules that who blocked us, how to report someone and finally how to unreport Instagram account.

Why Instagram reports users?

As I mentioned above, any social application has its rules . So you can read the rules of Instagram at the Terms part of the app. Instagram has many reasons to report or block someone.

Instagram’s report

For example, if you upload too many posts frequently at the same time, Instagram will report you because it found this suffering for others. Imagine you want to check your home and you will face with a lot of posts from just one username. Other disrespects such as writing too many  comments, liking too many posts, using great amounts of emojis and following too many users may report you. The good point is that this reporting is temporarily and Instagram is going to unreport you after some whiles like one month.

People’s report

The other reasons that Instagram will report you is the people. This application set some rules to respect the other users. So it doesn’t let you copy the others’ posts with your name, send unethical and inappropriate comments like advertisements and threatening contents. People have this option if someone bothered them, they can report or block them. In this case, you can not use your account or it will be deleted. But do not worry, we will inform you how to unreport Instagram account.

How to unreport Instagram account?

As there are many reasons to report someone, there are many ways to unreport. Instagram presented some ways for its users to be active again. Here we introduce some easy ways:

English comment

One the common ways that you see a lot among your followers is “Please write an English comment for me”. This method will help you to show Instagram that you are not an asshole and others want you to stay and be active.

Email account

If you do not like to upload English comment post, you can change your email. Click on “edit my profile” and go to “private information”. In this part you have to edit your email or phone number, otherwise you can change them totally. After editing your email account, you will receive a message which contains a link that you have to click on that. Be careful about the links. Do not click on any link that was available on your page because they may be malware or Trojan.

Action blocked

Whenever you got reported as long as you open your app, you will see an action blocked message. This message involves two options that you have to press on the “tell us”. In this case, Instagram will send you a message that contains a list which you have to fill your information on that and send your picture to recognize you as a real person not a robot. If there were not any problems, the supporters  will unreport Instagram for you after a few days.

Send a letter

Go to the setting of the Instagram and click on “report a problem”. This option is available for all the users to inform the application from the defects that may happen to you. When you click on report a problem, there are some options that you have to select “something isn’t working”. You will receive a form that you have to write an explanation for the application to unreport Instagram. You can also visit the main website of the Instagram and announce it tat you have been hacked. Instagram will check your information and give you back your account.

Who reported us?

One of the other ways to unreport Instagram account is to ask the people who reported you to unreport. But at first you have recognize who blocked you. Instagram doesn’t have this qualification to inform you directly who reported you. In order to check this out, you may be doubtful about some people. So it is better to check their account. If their account was private they did and even if you follow them and it gets back to follow your doubt was true.



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simsimi application

Today is the era of the new technology and entertainment. People always look after the latest application which can entertain them. It is not just about social application like Instagram or Telegram. People seek for something which can involve them like the exciting games. For many there is no perfect game unless it is horrible. Like Mariam or night terror. Another problem is that these games get to be boring after some whiles. So what is better than an application that can be with you for ever and won’t get repetitive. The creator of simsimi cared about these kind of people tried to make something different and unique for the users.

What is simsimi good for?

This application is designed for the people who feel lonely and the ones who are far from family and friends. If you know someone who is unsociable and can not make any friends or finds communicating hard, you can help them by installing this application on his smartphone in order to get them out of isolation. This app works like a real friend or partner. The only difference is that there is no time and place limitation. You can talk to it anywhere you are and any time you want and give reasonable and helpful response. The interesting point is that when you don’t send any message to simsimi for some times, the application sends you a message and talk to you. So if you do not have anyone to confide, This is the best application ever which can sympathy and talk to you.

What does simsimi do?

Simsimi is a catchy and attractive application especially for young people. This application is also known as chatbot in the way that it is equipped with the artificial intelligence. After downloading and installation, you will access a page for chatting. This application answers you without any long delay just like many of your friends which is so suffering. One of the reason that most young people attracted is the sexual content of the messages and porn emojis and pictures. If you don’t like the inappropriate messages, you can go to the setting and turn off this option. Otherwise if the application itself send you an inappropriate message you can report it and also block it.

What are the bad feature?

As I mentioned above, this application make you feel you have somebody who cares about you, listens and talks to you, but is it real? Of course not! The frequent usage of this application causes addiction for the users and the worst point is that the application prevents users from making new friends and totally communicating with others. Because this application has all the features and quality of a real person, it can eliminate all the needs of human even sexual needs. After using this application for a long time, you will see how depressed and isolated you are. So if you want to make a try, be careful about the addiction and use it just for fun not as a real friend.


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One of the most dangerous virus is Trojan. This virus is not recognizable in the system. We have many kind of Trojans which are created by the entrance of malware in your system. These kind of viruses are so destructive in the way that they spy everything that you do with your system like the websites you search and the passwords you enter. Unfortunately users can not understand the existence of the virus easily until a disaster would happen. The ordinary antiviruses can not do anything especial to help the victim system. The only solution is firewall which is not an antivirus but also a powerful traffic filtering.

What is firewall?

Firewall which is obvious from the name was the wall that could protect the building from fire. Te name comes from the software or the firmware. These days technology uses this name as the protector of the system. In computer this software is security of network which controls the incoming and outgoing traffic network. This software establishes an obstacle between the trusted internal network and untrusted external network.

Why firewall is necessary?

This software is a really big help when you connect to the high speed internet. It prevents the danger of high speed connection. Maybe you have this question that high speed connection is dangerous. We have to say “Yes”. The high speed makes your IP constant and causes interrupters find your computer and bother you again and again. Also the intruder can access much faster than you to your computer by the high speed. So firewall can make you to have unlimited control and protection through your computer and what you search on the internet.

What does firewall do?

The danger of hackers and intruders are everywhere especially when you access the high speed connection. Now something that this software does is protects the peril of hackers and your IP and allows you to have a complete monitor on your system. This software is useful when you connect to the public WiFi like cafe, library and so on. When you want to run a home network which has to be protected from the internet. Firewall can inform you whenever any application or program is going to connect the internet. This software can create your security policy to protect the system from the most dangerous viruses and Trojans and make the life of your system longer.

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