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Facebook vs Twitter

Facebook and Twitter deliver information in very different ways. Facebook is for communication and relationship. Facebook is a multi-purpose social network. It allows users to chat,  post photos and notes and play games. Twitter can post short messages or tweets. They are the two most popular networks in the world.This article looks at their comparison. Facebook vs Twitter differences are as follows.

Facebook vs Twitter: differences


Facebook was released in 2005. At the beginning, only Harvard students could use it. This site gradually supported other universities.  In September 2006, it became available to any user over 13. Twitter was founded in 2006. Twitter is secretive about the number of users.


Facebook lets users to use a wide range of privacy settings such as a completely visible profile.Furthermore, users can choose privacy settings which can’t be searched by anyone except  known friends. Twitter has just two privacy settings: public and private. Only user’s followers can read private messages. Individual messages cannot have different privacy settings.


Facebook supports adds. Facebook sells the user’s information . Twitter does not support adds.


Facebook users are more interested in communicating with friends and family. Facebook users are among seniors and women.  Twitter is most popular among African Americans and Latinos. Twitter users are between 18 and 29. Twitter is better for viral trends.


Twitter and Facebook can be integrated. You can post tweets to Facebook automatically. Many other websites can be integrated to Facebook. These include Good Reads and WordPress. Facebook can be integrated into other websites too. Twitter  can be added to a website and  can be integrated with Instagram.


Facebook has provoked some controversies , especially involving privacy concerns. Facebook prevented users from deleting their accounts until 2010. Whats more,  The site has been repeatedly criticized for removing photos of mothers and deleting their accounts.

How to spy on Facebook?

There are some ways to hack Facebook account easily. Some applications are used for parents to monitor . One of the best ways is under spy.

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