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whatsapp recent chats

Social networks are nowadays becoming the most important part of our lives and doing without them, is somehow impossible due to our daily communications. There are many of which you place international calls which include video call or voice call and you can also send text messages to anyone across the globe. As one of the leading social applications in the entire world, Whatsapp has become an ultimate choice for those who want to have all the mentioned characteristics of a standard social app. Whatsapp has drawn millions of users attention to itself by offering some fantastic options which have made it easy for them to have a very convenient experience when using the app. One of the greatest options available for this application is that you can see Whatsapp recent chats without opening the app.

When someone send you a message, the widget of the application shows you a profile picture of the contact who has send you a message. You will also receive the number of how many unread chats you had with that specific contact. Once you receive such thing, you can click on that chat, then you will be able to see that specific chat on Whatsapp.

There is actually a way that allows you to see your Whatsapp recent chats without going into the app. You may be wanting to watch your messages in a specific chat within Whatsapp without opening it, so in this post, we are to show you a very simple method for doing so. Notice that the method that we have provided below, is only applied to iOS based devices. So for getting more info, let’s get started.

A detailed walk-through to see Whatsapp recent chats without opening the app

On iOS, there is a detailed and not a difficult way of seeing your recent chats without opening the app. You should just follow the steps below, then you can do such a thing on Whatsapp. Follow the steps below:

  • In your iOS device homwscreen or lock screen, swipe from left to right
  • Scroll down to the Edit icon at the bottom
  • Add the WhatsApp Recent Chats icon
  • And finally,¬†Rearrange the order of your widgets

There you are. Now you are totally done with the method to see your Whatsapp recent chats without entering the app. This method can help you a lot in occasions when you are in an urge and you don’t have time to check all of your messages on Whatsapp. You can simple just answer someone quickly and as fast as possible to save your time.

There actually many other Whatsapp features and tricks which if you click on the link given to you, you will be able to see all of them at once and you will have a complete idea of how you can do them on your Whatsapp social messenger. It is actually a list of Whatsapp secret features and once you read that post, Whatsapp will be as the most convenient experience you have ever had.

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whatsapp sniff

If you are reading this article by now, it means that you may have Whatsapp installed on your mobile phone. The fame and popularity of the app, has caused a huge topward numbers of users for using Whatsapp. This user number increase, is quite a good thing, but we should also notice that there is a negative point with it as well. Many youngsters have become members of this social media, so parents should be on their toes to protect their children against online harms. This requires nothing but a cool Whatsapp sniff tool that can provide your kids with a safe environment on Whatsapp. Whatsapp sniff tool is a great monitoring application which allows you to spy on Whatsapp account of just anyone you desire.

There can also be other reasons to monitor Whatsapp account as well. For example, if you are suspecting your wives for the acts of cheating on you with someone else, then you can ultimately choose Whatsapp sniff tool to easily hack Whatsapp account of your wife or husband and see what he/she is doing and who is she/he contacting with. This spying tool is great to try and for getting to know about some of its features, we suggest you to follow alongside the rest of the text.

What is this sniff tool?

If you are searching for a way to monitor your kids or cheating wife on Whatsapp, then you must absolutely know this Whatsapp sniff tool. As a leading spy tool, Underspy hack tool, is the most trusted monitoring application which allows you do various things on your target device. You may want to spy on Whatspp account of your younsgters, so, we highly recommend you to use Whatsapp sniff tool of 2018. With this monitoring app, you will be able to do the following things:

  • You can have access to all data on the phone you want to spy on
  • There would be no sign of sniff tool on the target phone, because it runs in the background
  • You will be only required to install the app on the target phone once and for all and there wouldn’t be any twice installation
  • You will be provided with an access panel which you can control the target phone by that panel

What is Whatsapp sniff tool and how to use it?

There are thousands of methods and spy tools which allows you to monitor someone on Whatsapp. But which one should we trust? Underspy sniff tool, would absolutely be your best choice. It provides you with various features of monitoring and spying which are as below.

  • You can view all received and sent messages within Whatsapp account of target phone
  • You can see the date and the time that the messages were sent
  • Access all the personal data on the target mobile device

Does this sniff tool work for all other social applications?

As an undeniable fact, you should notice that Whatsapp sniff tool, does not only work for Whatsapp itself, but also for other social apps like Hike, imo, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook messenger and some others as well. As you can see in the picture above, you can have an access panel in which you are allowed to have multi access to every social app you have registered for, to spy on.

How to use Whatsapp sniff tool for hacking stuff?

There are a couple of steps to use Underspy sniff tool monitor Whatsapp account of someone. They are as follow:

  • Create a new account in Underspy official website and sign in
  • Buy a subscription
  • Download and install the app on the phone you want to monitor
  • Now, start your remote monitoring on the target device

In a nutshell

Underspy hack tool, with no doubt, is the greatest as many users have reported that are satisfied with the app. Not only this is a proof of being the best for this monitoring app, but other things are also involved. Things like: convenient use, simple interface and great support from Underspy employees. There would be no harm in using the app for monitoring someone on Whatsapp. You can also use it to spy on someone on the other platforms like: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so on.

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spy on whatsapp

To be fair, Whatsapp is one of the giants of social media world which many people have nowadays joined it. Whatsapp is almost the most easy-to-access social application that you can find no difficulties in working with it. Simple interface and being user-friendly, is a quite good reason for users to choose Whatsapp as their favorite messenger. Not only Whatsapp offers messaging, but voice call and video calls are in the category of its services. You can also find story feature within the app. Whatsapp is also a great application in terms of security matters. But there are some hidden secret tricks that take this high security under question. What if there is a way which allows you to spy on Whatsapp account of others? What if you can monitor Whatsapp account of someone remotely?

Whatsapp does not offer such feature directly, but there is a method that helps you to monitor Whatsapp account of someone remotely. This is a quite great fantastic ability which if you give it a try, you will be able to spy on Whatsapp accounts remotely. to know how you can do this, follow the steps below.

Spy on Whatsapp account of someone else

To spy on Whatsapp account of others, you should follow the section below:

  • Borrow the mobile device of the person you want to spy on, for just a minute
  • Head to Settings > About Phone > Status > WiFi Mac Address
  • Write the Mac address of the device you hold in your hand
  • Now, on your mobile pone, uninstall Whatsapp
  • Write the Mac address of the device you want to spy on, in your own Whatsapp account by spoofing Mac
  • Now, download and install Whatsapp on your phone. By doing this, Whatsapp will send a verification code to your friend’s Whatsapp account
  • At this moment, enter that verification code in your own Whatsapp
  • Now you have the copy of the device you want to spy on. From now on, whatever he/she does, you can track and monitor

This is a great and handy tip for parents and lovers. It will allow them to monitor who ever they want, for parents, their children and for lovers, their cheating or suspected partners.

There is also another way to spy on Whatsapp account of other people. You can easily spy on Whatsapp by using a functional monitoring app which will be further discussed.

A good monitoring app for hacking and spying

As you have face a good way of spying on ones Whatsapp account, now we want to introduce you to a new monitoring method. Underspy monitoring app, as a pioneer hacking application will allow you to monitor Whatsapp account of your kids or let’s say cheating partners and you can track them online. By this hacking tool, you will be able to provide a safe environment for your kids and a track your partner’s actions online. This is a great quality as no other application offers such ability to users. Just give it a try and you will see how useful it is!

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whatsapp gifs

If you own a smartphone, then you must be familiar with almost every social applications and if your smartphone, is an android based device, then, with no hesitation, you must also be familiar with Whatsapp. Whatsapp is Facebook owned social application that allows users to start a really convenient conversation with their loved ones. Whatsapp users are increasing nowadays across the world and its popularity is rising each day. We can’t deny the fact that, by the features that Whatsapp has provided us with, Whatsapp is a leading application in the world and most of the social network fans, have become the members of this popular social messenger. There are many great things on the app which has transfered Whatsapp to a practical iOS and android application. For instance, availability of a method that makes you able to create Whatsapp Gifs, is a one thing which makes Whatsapp more popular.

This is a cool option within Whatsapp that allows you to create your own Whatsapp Gifs. In fact, you can have another form of communication with your Whatsapp contacts using Whatsapp Gifs. If you want to know how you can use such a feature of Whatsapp, you should follow the text below.

How to create Whatsapp Gifs

There must have been situations in which you wanted to show your contact something very quickly and with a low size. Whatsapp Gifs have made it possible for you. Not only you can send Gifs within Whatsapp, but you can also create your own Whatsapp Gifs so easily. In below, we have mentioned a method by which you can create Whatsapp Gifs.

You can take a video and then convert it to Gifs. To do so, select the camera icon in a chat room and record a video that you want to show your contact. Then hit OK. Now, you see that the video trimming tool appears. You should now tap on the camera recorder on the upper right, then it will switch to a Gif icon. Finally, you can send your video as a Whatsapp Gifs. Bear in mind that the Gifs duration, would be only up to six seconds.

You can use this feature, when you want to send something funny or when you want to make someone aware of something in fast way and with a low sized media. This is really unique on Whatsapp, because no other social apps, offers this practical feature to its users.

If you are also fund of knowing other tips within Whatsapp, you can take a look at this Whatsapp features list. It’ll help you a lot with knowing much stuff on Whatsapp.

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back up whatsapp data

If you ever wanted to know which application to choose for your daily communications, then we absolutely suggets Whatsapp. Whatsapp is now a huge trend and millions of people around the world are using the app. You may need to send a voice chat or a text message, you may also want to call someone who is not in your region, now it’s time to choose Whatsapp for your own convenience for communication. Whatsapp has also various types of features and in this post, we have aimed one of these whatsapp features to explain. How to back up Whatsapp data, can be a serious question for everyone who use Whatsapp. There are some methods for doing so, but we have focused on the main method, which is absolutely going to help you.

You may were sometimes in the urge of leaving your Whatsapp and you needed to back up your Whatsapp data, but you didn’t know how to do that. Here is the right place for you and others who may stuck in how to backup their Whatsapp data.

How to back up Whatsapp data

There is a method that will help you with backing up your Whatsapp data. You can have the best Whatsapp experience if you follow the method below. Let’s see what exactly is that.

Before getting started, just bear in mind that this way of Whatsapp data backup, is only possible by using Google Drive.

  • Open settings and tap on chats
  • Inside Chats option, select chat backup
  • Then, simply click on Back up

You should also notice that, from “Account” section, choose that which one of your accounts you want to back up.

This was a way for those people who may have a problem with how they can back up Whatsapp data. This is also good for security reasons and it will protect you from any scamming or data stealing.

Is Underspy app a good choice for Whatsapp security?

As mentioned above, to back up Whatsapp data, is a nice way to increase your Whatsapp safety, when you want to change your phone. Because there some people, or let’s say hackers that are always waiting for such moments of users ignorance. Children are the most vulnerable group of Whatsapp users. Parents should take care of What they do on Whatsapp. For his/her own safety, you can download Underspy monitoring app which allows you to spy on Whatsapp profile of your kids and take care of their actions on this social messenger. This can be a good way for you to see if your youngsters have backed up their Whatsapp data or not. If no, then you can help them to do so.

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