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Malware types

Malware is a word which is referred to any programs or files that is harmful for computer. These programs or files can come in different forms. For example, scripts, executable code, active content, or rogue security software. They can have a variety of functions. These functions include stealing, deleting or encrypting data. They can also monitor users’s activities without their permission. They can change or steal the main computing functions. This article aims to make you familiar with different Malware types.

Malware types


There are a wide range of viruses. There are over one million viruses in the world. Their main purpose is to destroy a system or data. They are able to infect files. They can also infect the boot section.


Spywares are programs that can record Whatever you do on your computer. Some of them are designed to help users. They can access and view other users’s computer screen. Most of Spywares are harmful and can capture logins and passwords. Moreover, they are able to record credit cards details.


Worms are programs which are independent and can replicate themselves. They can spread to other files. They are different with viruses. They do not need to attach themselves to an existing program.


It is the least harmful malware. It is able to download and show unwanted ads that direct users again to advertiser websites. There are two kinds of Adwares. One of them is called Benign Adware. The other one is malicious Adware. Benign Adware asks for users’s permission while malicious Adware does not ask for permission. There are two ways of infecting. One of them is via freeware. The other way is by an infected website.


It is one of the most harmful malwares. It can change its appearance and  act as a legitimate software. They are able to steal data.


These malwares are very hard to discover. They can hide certain activities and programs. Their purpose is to prevent malwares from being detected. They are very hard to remove.

Key loggers

They are able to record every keystroke. Their purpose is to gain access to logins and passwords. Sometimes companies use it to record employees’ activities . It is also useful for parents to monitor their children.


Ransomware is a kind of malicious software which is used for locking systems . It is also used for blocking access of users when they are online. If you don’t want it to show messages, you have to pay money. Sometimes it shows itself as a police or FBI.

Browser hijacker

It changes your browser setting. It redirects you to a different website. Its purpose is to put traffic to a special site.

There are other Malware types too which you will gradually become familiar with.

How to prevent malware attacks?

In order to prevent malware infection, You ought to use a good antivirus. An effective antivirus can be a good strategy for your  devices’ security.


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child phone monitoring

Nowadays every child and teenage is equipped with a cell phone and they spend most of their time playing games or chatting with their friends. The fact that children are more tech-savvy than their parents is undeniable. But should parents leave their children on their own and let them use the internet however they want? If your answer to this question is positive, you probably aren’t aware of the dangers of the virtual world. child phone monitoring is now a must and every wise parent should do that. But how is that possible?

This article will show you some of the dangers that lies in the world of smartphones. Being aware of them will help you to protect your kids against them. also, you will learn how child phone monitoring would be possible.

Dangers of mobile phones for kids

if you have decided that your kids have the right age for having a cell phone, now you need to monitor their mobile use. Spending too much time with mobile phone can turn into internet addiction and this sort of addiction can harm them physically and mentally. Teenage depression is now becoming so widespread and it is mostly caused by misuse of smartphones.

Teenagers might also get involved in sexting by uploading inappropriate photos or videos. The consequences of uploading selfies might not be evident to teenagers. But parents must be aware and warn their kids.

In addition, your kids might become a victim of cyber bullying and this is a real danger to their mental health and safety. Being aware of such dangers will allow you to safeguard your kids against them.

How is child phone monitoring possible

You might ask yourself that how is it possible to track kids cellphone and know where they are and what they do. Well the new technology has found a solution for this problem. Kids monitoring software allow you to track calls, track messages, spy on instant messengers such as imo, Telegram, or Whatsapp, track their location, etc.

Best child phone monitoring app

One of the most professional cell phone monitoring apps is Underspy. This advanced monitoring software allows you to take full control over your target device once you install it.

You will be able to:

  • Monitor calls and text message
  • Track location
  • spy on instant messengers
  • block inappropriate websites
  • listen to their phone conversations
  • and a lot more


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how to remove spyware from Android phone

There are many reasons why someone would use a spy application. Parents may need to supervise their kids’ internet usage by using a parental control form of a spyware. Employers may need a spy tool to monitor or track down employees. But what if someone uses a spyware with malicious intents? For example, an extremely jealous spouse would want to spy on husband or wife using a hack tool. Are you seeing signs of a spyware on your smartphone? If you know for a fact that someone has installed a spyware on your device, now you have to get rid of it. This guide will help you to remove spyware from your Android phone.

Change all your passwords

If you have detected a spy app on your phone, you probably need to change all the passwords to the synced accounts. This way you will ensure and maximize the safety of your personal data.

Disconnect your phone from the internet

The first thing you need to do if you are sure that some one is spying on you is to disconnect your phone from the internet. Once your phone is disconnected, it will no longer send information. Go back online only when you are sure you have got rid of the spyware.

Factory reset your phone to remove spyware

This is the most effective method that I can recommend any one. Factory reset will restore your device to its factory settings and all the apps will be removed except the default ones. It will remove spyware from your device as well.

Factory reset will wipe out all the data on your phone (images, videos, etc.) so make sure to backup your data before you reset your device.

To restore factory settings, go to Settings > Backup & reset and tap on Factory data reset.

Update your Android

By installing another version for your operating system, the spyware would probably stop working. If you want to update your Android, remember not to backup your applications. You may transfer the unwanted application to your new version of Android.

Install antivirus on your device

Use an effective antivirus for Android device to protect it from malware and spyware. Most of antivirus tools are able to detect a spyware. So using an antivirus to maximize your protection against spying tools.

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