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Etrade website

Trading involves many risks and most of the people lose their money through the risky businesses. In order to reduce the risk of trading, many inventors have created financial applications and services. These applications have different usages for different people like Acorns and Stash which are the best investment apps. Etrade website is a reliable stock brokerage service for traders. This service can be the best choice for highly educated traders who want to make money online.

What is Etrade?

Etrade online platform recommend investors to buy and sell securities like stock, future, options, mutual funds, bonds, forex and do online trading research without any interaction with a broker. This platform is really easy to use and help users to maximize their trading and business experience. This service presents many stocks that you can watch , monitor and trade them online. One of the feature of this service is that it can provide mobile trading applications such as Apple IOS, Apple Watch, Amazon Fire Phone and etc. This service is not free and the fees are on the average side for the online options trading industry. You have to pay about $10 for the standard trade fee in addition to $0.75 for each option contract. If you make more than 150 trades for in each calendar quarter, $10 will reduce to $8.

How to use Etrade website?

First of all you have to open an account with Etrade with a minimum of $500 in order to open a brokerage account. The service has a similar function like many other Brokerage firm that helps you to fund your account by an electronic transfer from your bank or other financial institutions. After that, you have to make a deposit into an Etrade branch or also you can send a check by snail mail. After a few days when you have made your initial deposit, you will be ready to start trading.

Advantages of Etrade website

Etrade has many different usages which has made this feature unique and worth to use. Here we want to mention to some of them.

Manage your account

The first feature that is so popular among the users is managing account. if you want to take your investment hands-off, The service will cover all your management needs. The platform offers you a financial expert to help you manage your portfolio. The purpose of the inventors is to create and maintain a balanced portfolio which secure and protects your goals , risk and tolerance. The point is that you have to have a minimum of $25.000 in order to use this option.

Platform and tools

This platform enables all the traders to have a real time streaming tool, interactive charts and even tax advice. As long as the traders are more active, they can automatically upgraded to the etrade pro platform. These pro platform comes with extending trading hours, additional tools like the ability to stream CNBC, customizable watch list and ETRADE 360 that integrates all your investments into one place.

Beginner friendly

One of the features of this service offers users an easy-to-navigate website with a great built-in education investor center. You can decide to do trading yourself or simply reach out to a broker. All this makes this platform an easy-to-use online trading platform for even the most novice of investors.


Everybody wants to sleep knowing their financial information is secure. This service have a security-conscious reputation with ETRADE’s Symantec Virtual Digital Security Token, where you can receive a key chain-sized device that generates a 6-digit new personal access code every 60 seconds. There is also a Symantec app available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows smartphones for individuals who have smartphones.

The length of services

This platform can be regarded as a one-stop shop for financial services because it offers an extended spectrum of investments. This ranges from stocks and bonds to mutual funds and providing banking services to maintain checking accounts and IRAs, and can even apply for a mortgage.

What is Etrade website good for?

Etrade website is a useful online trading platform for all kind of investors who want to open a long term and stable investment account. Etrade can be the best option if you plan to make trades and hold unto them even though the transaction fees are not very soft. The user friendly platform which was mentioned above, provides you with all necessary information and tools.

The website is

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Fortnite game

Today by the extension of technology, if you just surf on the internet you will face with a huge amount of new and interesting games. Some people are interested in horrible games and some others care about being action. If you be a game addict, you will prefer the most addictive ones. Many people who installed horrible games could not handle that. Some hurt themselves due to increase their game score and some could not have a relax sleep. Tow of the most scariest games are Mariam game and Night terror. But we are going to talk about these horrible ones. Fortnite game is another kind of game especially for the ones who are addicted to video games. A simple and safe game just addictive.

What is Fortnite game?

In fact Fortnite is a combination of tow other famous games. Minecraft and PUBG which are the most famous Apple games. As long as you start the game you see yourself in a large and huge island with one hundred players. In this deserted island the only thing you need to do to win is keep yourself alive and make yourself the last man on the earth. One of the greatest difference in comparison with PUBG is that you start the game with a pickaxe which you can use it as a weapon or also for harvest raw supplies in order to build walls, ramps and shelter.

Another option of this game is that if it is getting routine, it will add some layers of strategy to the format itself and create a perfect storm of addictive gaming action. Storm means that all the action of this game take place in the eye of the deadly electrical storm. It means that you can not hide out or hunker down the whole game. So you have to keep playing till the end which is death or victory. This game is one hundred percent enjoyable for the one who is playing and also for the ones who are watching it.

How to play Fortnite game?

As mentioned above, the goal and purpose of this game is to be the last man standing alive in competition with one hundred players. Fortnite is formed of some several other games and levels. At the beginning of each game, players jump out from the flying battle bus and parachuting down on a big and huge island. When the players land on the ground, you have to steal all the buildings which are near you to get free stuff like gun and ammo in order to defend yourself and attack others.

During the game you have a map which you have to keep an eye on it. Watching the map is necessary because you each few minutes, there will be a storm near the area of play. If suddenly you get caught in the storm, you will slowly die. So the map will help you about the coordinates of storm to be able to escape.

As you go further during the game, the play area will be tinier especially between the last players. Fortnite enables you to carry more than two guns but it limits you for carrying more items. One of the sweet feature of this game is the colorful guns. Of course, each color has a specific code. These colors start from grey which is so common and can be found easily from orange which is too rare and hard to get. The rarer gun shows how deadlier it is.

Amazing feature

Except fighting, Fortnite game has another amazing feature. As you start the game with a pickaxe, you can use it as a weapon or also use it to break down the trees and buildings to save raw structure for yourself. By using the aw resources, you are able to build your own building, a cover wall from advancing enemy or a watching tower to be aware of the coming of enemies. These resources have different strength. Steel is stronger than brick which is stronger than wood.

Download Fortnite

Fortnite game is available for IOS, PC, Xbox one and Play station 4. Already there is no Android version but soon the Android users will access this game.

Download Fortnite

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application pool

Application pool is a group of procedures of one or more websites which is performing in a form of unique procedure named W3WP.EXE. The only thing you need to do is to open “task manager” of server and watch a mass of procedures with the same name. This application creates an encapsulated process among the web software which helps all the procedures to perform without any interrelation with each other and any interference. By using this technology, there is a new qualification that enables you to open some websites in a form of pool. The point is you can not open one website in the form of many application pools.

What is an IIS application pool?

Application pools allow you to isolate your applications from one another, even if they are running on the same server. If there is an error in one app, it won’t take down other applications. Additionally, applications pools allow you to separate different apps which require different levels of security. IIS runs any website you configure in a process named w3wp.exe. IIS Application pool is feature in IIS which allows each website or a part of it to run under a corresponding w3wp.exe process. So you can run 100 websites all in a single w3wp.exe or 100 different w3wp.exe. E.g. run 3 websites in same application pool(same w3wp.exe) to save memory usage. Run 2 different websites in two different application pools so that each can run under separate user account(called application pool identity). run a website in one application pool and a sub site ‘website/app’ under a different application pool.

Function of private memory in application pool

Private memory is the most amounts of memory base on kilo bite which handler worker can devote it to any procedure in this application. A worker is a handler or an auxiliary force for web server who try for the procedures to be performed better. These workers try to perform more procedures in one unit by taking less time. Private memory limit the websites for using RAM. So if all the websites are opened in a form of the application, there will be more limitation for each website.

The usage of application pool

Application pools are used to separate sets of IIS worker processes that share the same configuration and application boundaries. This application is used to isolate our web application for better security, reliability, and availability and performance and keep running without impacting each other . The worker process serves as the process boundary that separates each application so that when one worker process or application is having an issue or recycles, other applications or worker processes are not affected. One of these applications can have multiple worker process Also.

We can simply say that, this application is a group of one or more URLs that are served by a worker process or set of worker processes. Any Web directory or virtual directory can be assigned to an application pool. So that one website cannot be affected by other, if u used separated application pool.

Communal application pool

Encapsulating is a factor for the communal feature of this application but this application becomes communal when it is used for many websites. In many communal hosting services of windows, service providers use communal application pool. The reason is obvious and that’s because of the saving of RAM. As mentioned above, for each pool there is a specific amount of private memory which is devoted. So less applications, the consumed RAM of server is less and the quality and speed of performing of websites decrease.

Proprietary application pool

This application is Proprietary when is devoted just to a website and the other websites do not affect it. In this method, the level of security of websites increases and also prevents the frequent problems like crashing under the effect of other websites activity. In this condition the application works more with more stability. It may happen a lot if you face with the “The service is unavailable” error while uploading the site. One of the most important and common reason of this problem is that the application is stopped because of crashing which this application decreases the happening of this error.

Advantages of proprietary pool

This kind of application causes the promotion of the sources which are available to the website and also helps the quality and speed of that.

If each website has a proprietary application, the operation of other websites will be unaffected in yours.

If the application of one website is stopped by an error, your website will continue to work without pause.

By separating the application, you can apply different setting for each website.
The proprietary application increases the security of your website.

Disadvantages of proprietary pool

Applying the proprietary application because of the needs of high RAM, provides a lot of expenses for service providers. So it is not performed on the communal services.

If you have found this article useful, it is better to visit this website to be informed about updates of this application


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remove chromium browser

Chromium browser is a web browser which provides the users with safe and convenient surfing environment. This browser helps the users to prevent the malicious websites by showing the alerts of possible risks. Chromium can be an alternative for google chrome and it may replace the chrome by itself by uninstalling the application because both have similar interface and shortcuts. In this case, we automatically know chromium as an unwanted program but you can not mention it as an malware. One of the harmful feature of this browser is that it generates advertisements on any page you open. Worse than this, it uses tracking cookies and collects important and valuable information about the users. By these problems, most of the users do not want to continue having this program. So they are looking for some ways to remove chromium in order to prevent the disadvantages and harms to the security system.

Why we have to remove chromium?

Chromium can open all the sources code on the internet. On the other hand, google chrome is more professional web browser base on this program. There are some differences between chromium and chrome, so chromium is not harmful itself and won’t be installed on your device without your permission. However, there are some annoying people who can open the source code in order to create fake chromium browser and deceive the users to install it on their PCs.

What does fake chromium do?

When the fake browser comes into your device, it pretends as the real one and will bring so much harms to your system that you never can stop it. Because this fake browser does not have any trait, it makes you enjoy the speed and facilities of that. When you use an unreliable web browser, you will get too many annoying commercial ads. Another feature of these fake browsers is that it may lead you into dangerous websites during browsing and surfing. Worse than this you may encounter identity theft. One the most famous theft is Fraud which is available everywhere and you have to be careful when surfing the internet.

The problems of fake chromium

In this part we have listed some of the main and important problems and errors you will face while using fake chromium browser.

Your default browser of your system is set as Chromium by itself and without any operation and even your permission.

The browser homepage that you have used to see it, may change into a different and strange website which is malicious website.

All the browsers have a specific search engine. By having a fake browser this engine will replace into weird search provider without your permission.

When you are going to search a specific website, the fake browser will direct you into random websites instead of your own web page.

While searching for the desired web page, you will face with constant pop up windows or new tabs opening on your browser.

While using the fake browser, you will get one or more unwanted programs, browser extensions and installation of plug ins silently.

You computer performance becomes worse and running extremely slow.

One of the common problems that may happen for everybody is the irritating and annoying advertisements keep showing up and there is no way to block them.

Each malicious website has a specific link. Using the fake browser will add the link into your browser shortcut.

PUP runs in the background and monitors your online behaviors.

When you are using the fake browser, it may collect your information and send them into third parties applications.

Fake update notification pops up within your browser enticing you to download malware.

These above issues can help you to be aware of the signs of the malware in your device. Keep in mind that fake chromium browser is not highly dangerous malware for sure but also it is not good to keep it on your device. In this case,you have to remove chromium as fast as you can but it can be hard.

How to remove chromium?

Fake chromium browser is always known as unwanted program or malware. The people who are informed about the existence of this program, want to remove chromium immediately. Generally, removing a legitimate web browser is something easy but the fake one is not.

Remove chromium automatically

The automatic removal means to use a tool to perform the removal automatically. This guide is for computer users at any level. Even though you are a novice user, you can easily remove the unwanted browser from your computer with an automatic tool. Besides, it is special for users who cannot find Chromium in the window of Add or Remove Programs/Programs and Features. Here we recommend using Express Uninstaller which is a professional uninstall tool that can effectively and thoroughly uninstall any program that standard Windows Add/Remove Programs can’t remove. It can clean up all the leftover files of the unwanted software with only a few clicks.

For performing this method, you have to first download and install “Download Express Uninstaller”. After the installation all your installed applications will be listed. Find chromium and click on Uninstall button. When you remove chromium by the program, Express Uninstaller continues to scan for the files and registry entries left by the uninstalled program. In order to clean all the left overs data of the chromium, you have to register on the application Express. Then you can remove chromium completely.

Remove chromium manually

If you are a novice user or you do not have any experience of malware removal, we do not recommend this method. An unexperienced and amatur user may delete some important and valuable files by mistake that it will result in unwanted system errors or program failure. Anyway, in order to remove the fake browser manually, first you have to end its related processes which are running in the system without permission. While you run the browser, move to taskbar, right click and then select “task manager”. When the Task Manager is open, click the Processes tab, and then scroll down to looking for the suspicious processes. Under the Image Name column, you may find several processes named by chrome.exe. You may mistakenly think that they are the processes of the Google Chrome browser; however, when you check the Description column on the right side, you will find that all of them are described as “Chromium”. These are the target processes we need to end from Task Manager. One by one, highlight these processes, and click on the End Process button.




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